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It was official and we were all completely utterly shocked. My baby brother, the once who had murdering psychological problems, had fallen in love. Except for Kankuro who claimed to have noticed the signs since the very beginning and was especially supportive of him. Not that I wasn't or anyone else by that matter considering the fact that the Kazekage had bothered to show any romantic interest. It was just quite unexpected but in a good way.

Who could have blamed Gaara though, he had fallen for the most pure hearted girl I could have ever met. This is were the shocking part came to me. The kazekage, had fallen in love with none other than the heiress of the Hyuga clan, Hinata Hyuga.

She was the Leaf's ambassador for the past three years because someone very lazy if I may add thought the job was too troublesome. We took turns her and I, we would travel to each others village every other month. Discussed liaisons amongst the council, strategies, and upcoming projects. Making our ties stronger than ever before by creating such trust.

Kankuro said that for the first few months they were both very awkward and that Gaara visited him a lot late at night right after he would walk the Hyuga to her dormitory and attack him with questions. Poor boy he didn't yet understand love and to be honest neither did I.

My brother said he thought Gaara was going through a stage of finally noticing the opposite sex. With the war over and all Uchiha's gone what else was there to do? It was true. Missions were too simple and boring for a while so I blew Kankuro off. Hormones, he called it. Until a few months in that I started to notice changes in him. Whenever Hinata came Gaara made sure that he was the one to greet her at the Sand's entrance and he never gave her an escort unlike mine, the slacker. He would guide her himself around the village, take her out to eat, take late night walks, and discuss for hours in his office. Not that I thought bad of Gaara no, my brother was respectful and Hyuga was far too innocent.

Little things I began to notice, Gaara for once smiled more often when she was around or when he received letters from her atleast once a weak. He was easier to talk to especially around the villagers and children. What a change Hinata had made in my brother and I had to praise her for my brother the once whom never made any facial expression couldn't stop smiling.

After, that's when it got complicated, it was a known fact that the feelings were mutual but the barrier was there. The three day walk to arrive to each others village, she was from the Land of Fire and him the Land of Wind. He wished to marry her but how could he when she was far away. He was Kazekage, the people of our village depended on him, he couldn't just up and leave the place even if it was for the sake of his own love. Hinata was from an old clan of generations, had the kekkei genkai, was heiress to her clan, and an important jonin of the Leaf Village. How could they be together?

Negotiations were set and Kankuro, who believed that there was hope in this more than me, was sent off to try to convince first the Hyuga's own family member especially the head of the clan. It didn't take even a week to convince Hiashi Hyuga for he was more than flattered that the great Kazekage was interested in his eldest daughter. I don't think it was that that had convinced him but the word from her dearest cousin who had witnessed their love progress. Maybe it was guilt from a father who raised his daughter too harshly and now only wished for her happiness because although Hinata was older she was not to become heir. I suppose we'll never know maybe it was truly a father's love for his daughter's happiness.

Next part now that was difficult and it had consisted not only of Kankuro but the help of Baki as well. They asked for a meeting with the Leaf's council, the Hokage, and the Fire Lord. All in one place discussing and analyzing the dilemma. It was not that they were against the union in fact they welcomed it but the fact of the matter was that Hinata was a strong ninja and losing her would be a terrible loss. One needed a special visa to stay in another's village let alone live in. Plus it had only been three years since the fourth war and half of the villages ninjas had died in battle, such a short time still hadn't made up for those numbers. It was by far impossible without getting much discrimination and being looked down by the other nations. The rules were against them.

It wasn't until a month after I had visited the Leaf for ambassador meetings that news came. How could I forget my visit there that week. Everyone kept pestering me and asking me question which did not make me feel any better. Until some pineapple head finally got it out from me on what was really wrong. I told him, he always broke through my walls so easily, and told him that Gaara was not looking well. He hardly ate or slept, not that he did sleep much anyways. Everyone was off looking for some way to let them be but it seemed that the odds were against them.

So after three whole years and one month to be exact the appearance of a rather tired looking Neji Hyuga appeared at our front entrance very early one morning. Demanded to see the Kazekage and for the next few hours not a noise was made from his office. As the hours passed first Kankuro was asked to join then later Baki was called. It wasn't until hours late in the afternoon that they decided to call upon me which made me curious to all the secrecy.

I wasn't sure whether the news was good or bad because Neji had a small smile on his face while the rest well I wasn't sure if it was relief or concern in their eyes.

" We have found a loophole." Gaara said in the lowest voice I could barely manage to hear.

" Okay? What is it?" I asked.

" Take a seat Temari.", and I did. As the rest stood Gaara on his own seat, Kankuro on one side, Baki on the other, and Neji next to me.

Gaara began to speak. " About a few decades ago right after the first world war something similar happened. The daughter of the first Fire Lord fell in love with the an ANBU member from Iwagakure but he was far too good of a ninja to be let go. His council fought by no means to let such a strong ninja go. Until a decision was finally made by one of the guards of the fire lord to go and talk to the Earth council. He offered himself as replacement to the ninja they were to lose for his young sister's happiness was all that mattered to him at the moment. Thus an old rule was passed it was so old that it was forgotten and found in the library of the Leaf. A ninja for a ninja that's what they called it."

I stared blankly at him I still didn't quite understand but then he continued, " They want someone of equal status as Hinata. She is a member of a prestigious clan with the kekkei genkai and jonin. In the sand village we don't have many clans and the ones that we do are too small and unappealing to the council's eye. So they set their eyes on someone else…"

" Being by far the best female jonin in our records and as part of the council. Temari they want you."

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I hardly moved from my seat, made any noise, or speak. As soon as he finished though and before I could notice he was kneeling in front of me and took my hands in his. As I tried to form words to come out from my mouth Gaara spoke. " That's not all that they want." There was more? What could they possibly want already? Isn't it enough for me to leave my village, my home.

As Gaara spoke he did not look at me. " They want you to enter the village by an arranged marriage the same way that Hinata would enter into ours." Yes, that had done the trick. My mind was utterly and completely blank. Me, married? As if I could be someone's wife. I had no patience for men they were all the same, sex was all that went through their heads, how could I marry a pig?

I hadn't noticed but my hands were beginning to shake and Gaara took a stronger grip to them and spoke to me in the most lovingly way. " I could never ask you to do such a thing even if I do have the ability to force you, you are after all my sister…"

What he said afterwards I'll never know because at that moment every memory that I saw Gaara with Hinata flashed through my very eyes and heart. I wanted to cry, which I don't do very often, at the thought of the misery and pain that my brother had gone through these past few months. How could I kill his dream of having a family? No I could not because for the first twelve years of his life I never once bothered to care but now things had changed. I loved both my brothers very much, enough to move oceans for them. This was a chance so that they both could live happy and make their own little families. Oh yes, Kankuro was already married for a year to none other than Matsuri, but that was another story.

"To whom?" I interrupted.

The only ones that looked as shocked right at this moment were Gaara and Baki. Kankuro and Neji on the other hand were smirking by now.

"Temari you don't have to I promise I'll find another way." Gaara managed to say and so I repeated my question.

My baby brother sighed with defeat and took back his seat but it was not him who talked first. Neji was the first to speak, " He is a jonin of our village, and part of an old clan that goes back to sixteen generations, he is by far a great ninja. Our council thinks so and it appears that so does yours because Lord Baki is here representing them."

At this point I was just extremely irritated and blurted, " Alright I get it but I think I have the right to know, so I'm going to ask one more time! To whom?" I finished venomously.

It was Kankuro who answered me with a smile plastered on his face.

"Shikamaru Nara."

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