Title: A King's Heart

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst

Pairings: Permanent: Roiben/Kaye Temp: Luis/Kaye

Rating: M *Just to be safe*

Disclaimer: I do not own the Tithe sires or any of it's fantastic characters, Holly Black does, so please don't sue me. For I have no money.

A/N- And yes, for this story Luis will be straight... for now. So if any of you yaoi fans out there are sad about the Corny/Luis thing not happening, fear not, they will get their happy ending... together.


Roiben's p.o.v

I, Roiben, king of the Unseelie Court sit before my subjects on my throne staring off into nothingness thinking only of the night of my coronation. Kaye had made a declaration to me in order to become my consort. I gave her the impossible task of finding a faerie that can tell an untruth and until she completes this task she can not see or speak to me. I gave her this particular task knowing full well that she will never be able complete it. I did it to keep her safe. I knew from the very moment she stepped on to the dais and made the declaration that this would hurt her... that I was doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons, at least that's how I saw it anyway.

That all happened over three weeks ago and in this short period of time more females than I can count have tried seducing me in the hopes of becoming my consort. But I have turned them all away, for I will never find another women that will move my heart the way that Kaye dose. I have even went so far as to send a hob to watch over her and protect her seeing as how I can not. Once a week the hob comes to inform me of Kaye's well-being and I have the sickening suspicion the I am not going to like what it has to say in it's update today.

Finally I stand up and begin to leave the great hall with Ruddles and two other servants trailing after me. As I approach my chamber I can already sense that the hob is inside the room. I gave the hob special permission to enter my chamber should I not be there to allow it so. This way, none of the other servants will know I am keeping an eye on Kaye. When I make it to the door I quickly enter the room and shut the door before Ruddles and the two servants can see what is inside. When I turn around the hob was sitting on the floor across from me.

I speak after a few moments, "Tell me hob, how does the girl fair?" The hob looks down in fear, not making eye contact before speaking, "I am afraid my lord, that you will not like the answer to your question." the hob states in a quivering voice. I glare at the hob, "Unless you wish to lose your life you will tell me what I want to know." I growl out.

I already didn't like where this was going. The hob shrinks back in fear and then talks, "For the last few days the Pixie has been spending a great amount of time with a human boy, my lord." I am a little surprised to hear this, I thought that it was going to be much worse and I relax slightly, thinking that the hob was referring to Corny. That is until he spoke again. "The boy also has possession of The Sight in one of his eyes, my lord." says the hob.

I tense right back up again and look directly at the hob and state in a cold voice, "I want to know two things, what is the boy's name? And what have they been doing together?" The hob is now shaking in fear but none the less answers me, "The boy's name is Luis he is also known as The Fixer. And when they are alone together they... become extremely... intimate." By now I am seeing red. I glare at the hob again, "I want you to find out everything you can about this Luis boy, but continue to watch and protect the girl. Is that understood?!" The hob quickly agrees to everything and leaves the room.

Once the hob is gone I sit upon my bed and try to, unsuccessfully, get my anger under control. I knew the moment the hob said the boy had The Sight in one of his eyes who he was. He was the one that came to the Unseelie Court with a human girl in order to get back the heart of a troll that had been stolen by a faerie who was a spy for Selerial. (A/N- For those of you who have not read Valiant, you will not understand what I am talking about, so read it.) Now Kaye is with this boy in a relationship. 'Has she already forgotten me or is she using him as merely a distraction?' I ask myself.

I know that I had been the one to make her think that I cared nothing for her or her well-being when I gave her the quest, but I could not stop the flow of anger that seeped into me as I pictured my Kaye in the arms of some disgusting human male. 'Wait! My Kaye? What am I saying?' I think to myself. Kaye is no longer mine. I gave that wonderful thing up on the night of my coronation.

"But I can't just let her slip through my fingers. I have to find a way to fix this and win her back." I say out loud to myself. I know it's selfish and wrong to still want Kaye after everything I have done to her, and more importantly, after all she has done for me and my worthless existence. She has fought hard in the past for me and I will be damned if I lose her forever. I know now that it was a mistake to allow her to leave my side and I now know that I will do everything I can to rectify said mistake and get my lovely little pixie back.

A/N- So, what did you all think. I know that it's a bit OOC... or a lot. I was trying to make Roiben seem the same way he was in the book but it came out a bit to cheesy sounding and I apologies for that. On the other hand, cheese is going to be necessary for the plot of this story.

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