Galactik football Season 4

"On every planet in the galaxy you'll find the flux. A powerful magical energy, here on Akillian we call it the Breath. Flux is so strong that it had to be band, except in Galactik Football, the most spectacular sport in the universe. The Snow kids have made history by winning the Galactik football Cup for the third-time in a row but now they face a new threat from a masked man named Amon. The players of Galactik football are now on the brink...Galactik football"

Chapter I: The New Revolution

All the players of Galactik football are spending time out in Paradisia resort rebuilt by Magnus Blade and his newly hired robots. The council have decided for the cup matches to take place once every two years. On the other hand we have Micro-ice the clown of the Snow kid and Mei along with the Club Galactik kids still missing. The Snow kids are still missing a place in for Mei the defender but time is running out. Sonny has now been given the Job of Chief Inspector of Technoid Security Guards a team crew created to stabilize the universe ensuring its safety.

At Paradisia...

"This is so relaxing, just us on Paradisia..." said D'jok lying back

"Did you hear anything about Micro-ice or Mei?" worried Thran "I beginning to worry what happened to them". After a while back in the hotel the Holo-TV went blank making some squeaking noice then a masked man appeared on the screen. "Who is he?" claimed Tia. The masked man who introduced himself as the leader of the Anti-Flux Revolution the first time he spoke up interrupted most of the TV programs demanding the council to cancel the Galactik football Cup but this time he sounded more serious than ever. "Good morning Citizens, this is Amon I hope you all enjoyed the last cup matches because it will be definitely be the last. It's time that you stop worshiping players as if they were heroes I am calling for the council to shut down the Stadium or else there shall be some serious consequences" the screen faded away leaving them astonished of Amon's message.

"That guy has got some nerve" whispered Thran as if Amon could hear him if he spoke louder. The players were staring at each other wondering what the council would decide. Nork just apologised for the interruption caused and handed over to Callie who at the council conference.

"Hello there football fans, we are awaiting the response from the council on whether the next Season of matches will take place" San now the head of the Council stepped towards the micro-phone moving everyone to the edges of their seat. "As you all know we are now facing a threat from the this Revolution growing more each day but I decided with the help of the members of the council, the cup will commence I would like to hand over to Sonny" said San backing away from the stand allowing Sonny to come forward. "I have taken the responsibility to provide extra security during the matches and I would like to stay good luck to all of the participants"

"WHEW, I thought the council would give in" exclaimed Thran. "Well you heard that, get ready training in half-an-hour" shouted Rocket

At another planet never seen before, bodies were scattered in a desert windy and dusty in the middle of nowhere suddenly the dust began to clear away revealing that they were Micro-ice, Mei and the kids...

Back at Genesis Stadium in an under-ground basement the masked man surrounded by vast number of people also masked, all chanting "AMOM...AMON...AMON".

"Lieutenant what's the status"

"The council defiled your threat; they are keeping the stadium open"

"Perfect, everything is going according to plan alert everyone it's time to PUT THEM TO THE TEST..."

Chapter II: Revelation


Sonny in his old form as I 'son is talking to a figure on a cliff edge what seems to be Akillian, "I 'son, look at this micro-chip once implanted, it has the power to seize the person's flux from usage" The figure was insanely driven by his Invention.

"No Ike, the war is over we don't need it anymore, destroy it" I 'son to the figure

"You can stop me I 'son it will be one of the best inventions ever and I'll be famous for it and I ll be rich using it on anyone I please. Which makes me the Ruler over all"

I 'son quickly grabs the figure takes the micro-chip away from him and throws it, seeing this the figure tries to push I 'son of the edge. But while running at him he trips which sends him into the air and over the edge. Still hanging on the figure calls out to I `son.

"NOOOOOOOO" Sonny wakes up, drops of sweat fall from his face. Corso rushes in through the door. "What's wrong Sonny" asked Corso "It's nothing just same old memory of him"

Back at the stadium the guards were making checks around the stands and the pitch before the match was about to start. "All clear, Chief" "Good, place guards in the entrance and check every person"

"Hello there football fans, the time we all have been waiting for is now here" said Callie excited as always "That's right Callie, today the Rykers and the Red tigers face off two teams let's just hope the Rykers play fair"

"There they are both the teams are out on the pitch, let the best win" said Callie jumping up

The ball was launched into the air; the Ryker's striker got the ball and was heading towards the opposition goal. The Rykers got an early lead in the game, "1-0, the Rykers have made a great start" The Rykers pulled another goal in, making it 2-0 they were unstoppable before the Red tigers who finally managed to work as a team and score a goal. The red tigers were soon back at the other end of the pitch to strike again. A poor shot was made by the striker but it got passed Kernor who was too busy starring at the scoreboard which had now, Amon.

"It looks like you didn't take heed of my warning, now you will suffer the consequences" the screen returns back to the scoreboard. Everyone starts screaming, the ball is back in the middle but there is no-one to take it. Suddenly from all four corners of the pitch smoke is released and covers the whole pitch bringing everyone in the crowd to their feet. Flux explosions are seen in the smoke making different colours of smoke, blue and orange; the flux of the players on the pitch. Sonny orders his men to get on to the pitch, a group of guards disappear into the smoke and manage to clear out the smoke revealing they are the only ones on the pitch and the players have vanished...

"Oh my, the teams have just vanished of the pitch" shouted Callie

"The changing rooms are empty, and no one has left the stadium since" reports Officer Bor third in command after Sonny and Corso

Back at the other planet were Micro-ice, Mei and the kids were seen, they are lying on beds in an old hut. Micro-ice slowly opens his eyes and looks around to see Mei, the kids and also hush sharky all lying down. "Where am I?" murmured Micro-ice "You are on Acherin, my name is Garen me and my friends found you in the desert and we brought you into our hideout. Our planet resisted against the imperial forces and fought against them for several months in the flux war seeing that we were outnumbered, our leaders asked for a ceasefire but the Imperial Forces refused and initiated an orbital bombardment of the planet's surface killing the resistant leader Toma. The survivors were scattered on the face of the planet and later formed groups we are one of them" said Garen "And these are my friends Alba, Finnie, Blitz, Jet, Craig and Ferma she is the daughter of Toma" Micro-ice gets up "My name is Micro-ice we are from the planet Akillian...well you probably heard of me the best player in history" seeing the faces of the them he simply heads towards Mei and the others. The inhabitants of the planet were all identical and red with black strips like a tiger. Their flux the Sho-oln was left un-revived after the flux war their flux was powerful they can move super-quick and have good way to move around places also on four legs as well as two. Their flux enables a psycho power to be able to move things without having contact to it.

"Corso, send word to Duke Maddox and tell our men to resign their posts we are going to do this the old way...the pirates way" ordered Sonny

Chapter III: Deadly Newcomers.

A messenger burst through the door in Duke Maddox's private quarters. "Your majesty, Sonny and Corso have resigned as well as some other men" "arrr, cowards tell Bor to meet me in my office tomorrow" "As you wish, majesty". Back at the snow kid's hotel they were some replacement Dante and Corde two amazing players quoted by Rocket during their trial session. Corde played back as a replacement for Mei he knew every way to get the ball away from attackers as well as Dante who played up front as a replacement for micro-ice amazing at getting past players and also in style. Corde and Dante were in the halo-trainer while the snow kids were at the gym. Corde and Dante's session was simple and straight forward. Corde had to stop defenders while Dante had to get past defenders. Back at the gym everyone was present except Mark, who suddenly busts through the door and looked for Rocket.

"Rocket, the Paradisia Team...they have the breath" said Mark trying to catch back his breath

The snow kids just made their way as they heard Mark.

"Mmmm, we could do with extra players ask them to come in for training" said Rocket rubbing his beard

"Actually they are already here" said Mark pointing to the other side of the grand hall

"What do you think Warren?" Warren was now a retired athlete from GFC, and he helped out the snow kids as an assistant coach.

"Well, we saw them play but we have to consider that they could be different with the breath"

After few minutes, Rocket and Warren walked out the Aarch's office I mean Rocket's office; Aarch did make visits time to time. "We have made our decision the snow kids have now officially a second" The Paradisia team...the snow kids team cheered especially Mark. The joy and excitement did not last long much interrupted by the most horrific news ever. Nork on TV came on after Callie who almost broke down. "We have reports that other GFC players are missing, even full teams were none of the team members didn't turn up at all to training"

Just has Nork handed over to REG 21 the weather reporter, Sonny arrived at the hotel red hot. Sonny assures them and quickly leaves and also keeps men at the hotel.

"Ok, everyone into the Holo trainer simple training today the first team verses the second team" shouted Rocket signalling Warren and Simbai to their posts.

The ball is in the middle with two players on either side of it; D'jok and Nikki face off. The ball shoots up. D'jok uses the breath to get the ball before Nikki reaches it. As the breath hit the ball it gives a boost back into the air then dropping it back into the awaiting pitch. Mark receives the ball in style using Micro-ice's trick. And passes it back to D'jok up field. D'jok keeps the ball from the opponents as Tia and Dante run up. D'jok kicks the ball up to Tia who did a cart wheel and passes it to Dante who was in the penalty area. Dante looks back at Alica and Jane who were marking him and smirks he leaps up while flicking the ball and simply headers the ball at the goal. Alca dives rapidly and misses the ball by inches. "Nice Goal Dante, Thran change with Jane and Sinedd change with Kim and Tia change with Nina" said Rocket down the microphone. The players quickly change sides and the ball is back in the middle.

Back at the Society Head quarter the members of the council decided that all the matches of this year's GFC should be all postponed till proper safety is assured.

"Bor, I want every inch of Genesis checked and be mindful of Sonny and his men I don't want him involving in my business"

"Corso, we can be easily blamed for this I want every inch of Genesis checked and be careful, Technoid they will do anything to stop us"

"Yes, Sonny"

Sonny used the pirates to guard the Snowkids hotel. But a distress signal was received from one of the guards.

Chapter IV: Breaking Out & V: Imprisoned

"SONNNNYYYYYYY...we are under attack, a group of masked men appeared out of nowhere we need back up...arrrrggghhhhhh noooooo" Voice

"Nooooooo, quick to the snow kid's hotel" said Sonny rushing to the door.

Arriving at the hotel they find everything a mess, and only to find a note saying "This is only the beginning. Collapsing on the floor without a word to be said. Corso and the others scanned the place for any evidence. Finding nothing they leave the scene before Technoid joined in.

"Corso, activate Operation D and search all over Genesis there has to be something that to do with this" Said Sonny, Corso activates Operation D using the wire. All the pirates on fleets of spaceships each one to a planet to mingle in with the crowd each one separate from the other. All catching their transport from there to Genesis, arriving all separate to avoid suspicion. Sonny asks Clamp to jam all the cameras in Genesis making it easier for them. Stationed points in small alley ways around Genesis they were ready to provide them with the equipment needed such as guns and communication devices. The procedure was quick and unnoticed. Now each one had the message and were on their duty. Meanwhile Sonny and Corso wait in the black manta for any breakthroughs. Artie and Bennet together scanned near Genesis Gardens and Apollo Market.

Nix and Pavo are brothers of Artie who are also pirates; though they were only teenagers they were part of the pirates. "Why can't we have those gadgets the others received it's so unfair." Said Nix "Stop moaning and do something useful, maybe we will be regarded same as our brother Artie by Sonny". Replied Pavo to Nix who was too busy looking at a leaflet he picked up off the floor. "What you got there Nix" "Nothing it's just a map or a part of a map" Pavo tries to grab the map of his hand but Nix resists. Pavo and Nix fight over the map while Artie and Bennet arrived. "What are you two doing?" asked Artie frowning at them. Bennet grabs the map of them and stares at it for a good few minutes. "What sort of a map is this it's got absolute no detail or maybe it is a secret one?" "Artie you got that tasmo-light, use it on this map" Artie gets the light out his pocket and shines it on the map to show a secret message. "Meeting is held at Franco Street produce this map as invitation for the event. Let us unite to bring justice to the universe." "Artie, inform Sonny and Corso" Bennett and Artie quickly leave to the location.

"Sonny, we have a lead we have a suspicious meeting being held at Franco Street". Said Corso grabbing his gun

Sonny and group of his men quickly leave the black manta to the location of the meeting. On the other hand Bennet and Artie manage to get though security at the place. They notice Amon has vast number of followers. Lieutenant notices that Sonny and his men are entering the place on the Holo-camera. He sets the alarm and the followers leave the scene while Sonny and his men fight Amon and his men. In the intense battle Corso is seemingly wounded and Sonny draws his men back to protect Corso and Amon and his men manage to escape without a trace...

"This is Callie, and I extremely heartbroken to inform you that more players have gone missing this is a tragic event since the Flux war took place many years ago" said Callie hiding back her tears from the audience.

Back at Acherin, Micro-ice, Mei and the Kids are welcomed well by Garen and his friends. Seeing they were lacking in the quality of life and they didn't change because of their isolation from of the universe. They lived in a hideout in the forest. "So where are the other survivors of the war are?" asked Mei "They settled in their own groups around the main city which now is abandoned" answered Alba. Micro-ice, Mei and the kids were unable to use their flux as they were affected from the transmission and the flux appeared weakly. Micro-ice took charge to bring back unite into them. He urged them to find the others and rebuild their lives back to normal. Garen and his friends refused at first but gave in. They now had their own mission of bring the inhabitants back together to the city. Each one of them left in search for the people of Acherin.

Chapter VI: Danger awaits

In a dark cell the captured players are in there chatting to each other. Just then a darkened figure appears before them. The players start ranting against him and ask why they have been captured. The darkened figure leans forward letting the light to hit him to reveal his face the player step behind a step. "I promise not to hurt you if you all cooperate with me in this matter" and he walks away.

Micro-ice is leading a large group. In the distance they see a vivid image of the city. Garen declares that they have arrived at the city. The older ones go looking for the other inhabitants of the planet while the kids and Sparky clean up the place. Sparky sneaks out and stands out on a tower with his camera and takes snaps of the surrounding area. Sparky sees a huge coming down to the city he soon notices they are coming from all directions.

Now the whole of the inhabitants have been found but the Lord Cha Wan was not happy he was controlling of men who stole from these people now they were together it was not safe to steal from them. So he surrounds the city and orders the people not to return and go their own ways or else they will suffer. Little did they know that the people have now united to gether and did not want to separate again, Cha Wan and his men are attacked by the men and are driven away from the city. The people there then cleaned up the place and build new houses for themselves. Meanwhile Micro-ice builds a ball out of old straw and starts playing with it along with Mei and the kids.

Soon Garen and his friends join in as they were playing ball suddenly Alba is surrounded by a reddish fluid and manages to control the ball from far off and scores a goal. Dropping everyone's jaws almost touching the ground. The shaolin has revived.

"You guys would be one of the best players if you join the GFC" said Mei

"Yes you can join the GFC" suggested Micro-ice

"We cannot join we have work to do here" said sadly

"Sonny, you have a message from the society they want to you to check out planet Acherin its flux has been revived" said the informer on the holo-gram tv

"Bennet and Artie I want to take some men and go to the planet see if anything suspicious is going on" ordered Sonny

Back near the dark cell were the players are being kept Amon is discussing something with lieutenant. And he order the cell to be opened and leads out few players to another room nearby. The door was under the sign "DANGER".

Chapter VII: Bringing out

"Artie I think we have arrived, brace yourselves it's going to be a bumpy ride"

"We can't land here it will damage the shuttle"

"There is no shuttle park here we have to make the landing quickly or we will be blown by the storm"

"Hold on guys, I think I found the spot"

Bennett manages to land the shuttle on the plains the shuttle is damaged but was still in good condition to fly, by the state of the towns and villages they came to the conclusion that the planet was desolated. The minute the thought was spoken out they spot Wan's men who were heading for the city and have their revenge.

"We have company stay down, Artie take the team and follow the bikers, I will try fix the shuttle and inform me what you find I will be right behind you" Instructed Bennett

Artie followed the men trying to avoid they stick to the shadows, they notice that these men were trying to stick to the shadows. They notice they are planting bombs, they decide to confront them.

It starts a brawl between the pirates and Wan's men. This attracts the attention of the inhabitants of the city. They try to stop the brawl but Wan's men held them at gun point they back away. Though they were outnumbered they had the advantage now. Wan told they will kill every one holding up a detonator in his hand. Suddenly, he drops the detonator and screams in agony he is shot by Bennett. As the pirates were well equipped the men flee, leaving their Leader Wan in the hands of the Pirates.

"Artie is that you, I am glad to see you again so what are you doing here" asked Micro ice

"Well, we were directed by Sonny but the information came from the Society and we believe it because the Shaolin has been revived but we never thought we would find you here" said Artie

"I think the holo-trainer had a problem it transmitted us here" said Mei

"We are grateful you have captured Wan he has been a threat to us ever since the flux war" said Alba

"You don't have to worry about it anymore he is going to get locked up in prison the rest of his life and for the others we are going to leave some men here they will protect you" said Bennett

"Call for back up and inform Sonny that we found the kids"

"Finally we are saved" said Hush Sharky as he leaps from behind the crowd and sees Bennett and Artie "oh oh more kitchen chores"

Micro-ice and the others offered their gratitude to their new found friends and eventually persuaded them to join the GF Cup. They wave good bye and get in the shuttle which was now fixed by Bennett. As the shuttle heads back, Sonny pops up and tells them to land at the M3 Zone. The shuttle lands and they come out. Micro-ice is the first one to come out thinking he is going to receive a grand party for his return. It ended in despair, they were surrounded by Pirates all full armed.

"I don't understand this, I thought everyone is going to be here they were probably held up in training" said Mei

"I have some bad news for you, ok listen…"

The kids were horrified when Corso explained what was going on, Sonny orders the shuttle to be sent to Akillian. Around 20 men left with the kids on the shuttle to Akillian.

"Sonny, we have searched the whole of genesis not a trace of the players or of Amon"

"That cant be right they have to be a clue somewhere, they would not have left Genesis stadium, send the pirates back tell them they will be called very soon its too risky to have to have the operation active for a long time" commanded Sonny as he resided back to his chambers.

Sonny lies down to sleep, a group of masked men appear in his room. Sonny senses something and gets up he tries to reach his laser gun but is grabbed by one of the men slamming him against the wall…

What will happen to Sonny? Will the pirates be able to find Amon and the players? What will Amon do with the players? Find out in Finale I