Galactik football Season 4

"On every planet in the galaxy you'll find the flux. A powerful magical energy, here on Akillian we call it the Breath. Flux is so strong that it had to be band, except in Galactik Football, the most spectacular sport in the universe. The Snow kids have made history by winning the Galactik football Cup for the third-time in a row but now they face a new threat from a masked man named Amon. The players of Galactik football are now on the brink...Galactik football"

Chapter I: The New Revolution

All the players of Galactik football are spending time out in Paradisia resort rebuilt by Magnus Blade and his newly hired robots. The council have decided for the cup matches to take place once every two years. On the other hand we have Micro-ice the clown of the Snow kid and Mei along with the Club Galactik kids still missing. The Snow kids are still missing a place in for Mei the defender but time is running out. Sonny has now been given the Job of Chief Inspector of Technoid Security Guards a team crew created to stabilize the universe ensuring its safety.

At Paradisia...

"This is so relaxing, just us on Paradisia..." said D'jok lying back

"Did you hear anything about Micro-ice or Mei?" worried Thran "I beginning to worry what happened to them". After a while back in the hotel the Holo-TV went blank making some squeaking noice then a masked man appeared on the screen. "Who is he?" claimed Tia. The masked man who introduced himself as the leader of the Anti-Flux Revolution the first time he spoke up interrupted most of the TV programs demanding the council to cancel the Galactik football Cup but this time he sounded more serious than ever. "Good morning Citizens, this is Amon I hope you all enjoyed the last cup matches because it will be definitely be the last. It's time that you stop worshiping players as if they were heroes I am calling for the council to shut down the Stadium or else there shall be some serious consequences" the screen faded away leaving them astonished of Amon's message.

"That guy has got some nerve" whispered Thran as if Amon could hear him if he spoke louder. The players were staring at each other wondering what the council would decide. Nork just apologised for the interruption caused and handed over to Callie who at the council conference.

"Hello there football fans, we are awaiting the response from the council on whether the next Season of matches will take place" San now the head of the Council stepped towards the micro-phone moving everyone to the edges of their seat. "As you all know we are now facing a threat from the this Revolution growing more each day but I decided with the help of the members of the council, the cup will commence I would like to hand over to Sonny" said San backing away from the stand allowing Sonny to come forward. "I have taken the responsibility to provide extra security during the matches and I would like to stay good luck to all of the participants"

"WHEW, I thought the council would give in" exclaimed Thran. "Well you heard that, get ready training in half-an-hour" shouted Rocket

At another planet never seen before, bodies were scattered in a desert windy and dusty in the middle of nowhere suddenly the dust began to clear away revealing that they were Micro-ice, Mei and the kids...

Back at Genesis Stadium in an under-ground basement the masked man surrounded by vast number of people also masked, all chanting "AMOM...AMON...AMON".

"Lieutenant what's the status"

"The council defiled your threat; they are keeping the stadium open"

"Perfect, everything is going according to plan alert everyone it's time to test these..."

What is Amon is going to do, what is going to happen to Micro-ice and Mei and the kids. Find out in Chapter II: Revelation