Aya rolled quickly, instinctively checking for remaining ammo in her guns, but then remembered she didn't need ammo, not in this permanent state of Liberation.

She shot the reforming mess again, but the energy shot went straight through it. The mass of brown gloop shape-shifted often, though it mostly resembled the pools of mitochondrial waste Melissa-Eve left throughout New York in the Blockade incident.

At times she thought she could see faces in it, but that was more likely to be her never-ending loneliness fabricating them.

More often than not it resembled a hybrid of NMC and Twisted, the two memories of monster more etched in her mind, since mitochondrial monsters were mutated forms of regular animals.

The area she was in resembled Time Zero, but much, much bigger, and darker. The red orbs that reminded her so much of blood were no longer static, in fact they rose from the bottom of the abyss much like reversed rain. They were drawn to her, and went clean through her body, as if it wasn't there.

Which, technically, it wasn't. Her body was being inhabited by her sister, while she remained here. Limbo, she'd called it. She got little chance to rest, since anything from alternate timelines that weren't followed through ended up here, in this sloppy mess. At first, she might has well have been in New York, with the huge onslaught of Twisted, but now it consisted of split second decisions by scientists about new chemicals that would, in turn, re-create NMCs.

Anything that wasn't meant to exist ended up here.

At first she thought she belonged, but then she started fighting again- basic survival instincts kicking in. She had no time for rest and battle had no refrain, wave after endless wave of unsolved paradox, even deadlier branches of Twisted that were slowly decaying as the timeline corrected itself and her soul wasn't destroyed.

In the battles, if she did eliminate anything, she saw a glimpse of the time they came from- one was a world where the Ark wasn't stopped and NMCs ran amok, another, where a huge monster ravaged a city- her gut told her it was the Ultimate Being. Several others just showed the far future when Twisted had destroyed everything.

Other visions were more cruel than that- she'd seen several of her comrades dying in different operations, especially during the Sacrifice mission. She'd seen Eve seriously hurt after NMCs rebelled, of Kyle captured by the Ark and submitted to unspeakable horrors and tortures.

She questioned the point of these visions, for they were all events which didn't happen. Because of her, or because she didn't exist, she didn't know.

She'd also learned her mitochondria could 'talk' in her mind, and she asked them, too. She'd learnt a lot about the workings of the universe, about the area she remained in, even about Time Zero.

However, when she asked why she was here, they only fell silent as more enemies arrived.

Aya knew she had to keep fighting, nonetheless. She didn't know if she could ever escape here, or what would happen if the monstrosities weren't destroyed- but she knew that that had to be why she was here.

She had hope and people to fight for, people she wanted to see again, things she wanted to do but she knew that for as long as she existed she would be a protector, and a destroyer of anything that threatened her race.

It was in her DNA, after all.

A/N: Aya-centric oneshot, though I'd call it more of a drabble. Basically, my thoughts on what happened to her after she was killed, though it seems all I can write at the moment is angsty style.

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