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Kurt's pacing was driving Blaine mad, back and forth towards the door like a man possessed. Blaine tapped his pen absently, unknowingly driving his boyfriend just as mad as Blaine. The door went and Kurt flew to it, his face instantly fell in disappointment as he realised it was a visitor and not the postman.
"Is today the day?" Rachel asked bobbing on her heels at the doorway. Behind her stood Finn, holding onto their gorgeous little boy Liam. Kurt smiled weakly.
"The mail hasn't arrived yet." Kurt said breathlessly, hurrying inside to put the kettle on as Finn and Rachel removed their shoes.
"How's my main man?" Blaine said, thankful for the distraction and taking Liam from Finn. Liam laughed raucously and cuddled into his godfather.

Kurt poured everyone a coffee or tea depending on their preference with shaking hands, and made a hot chocolate for Liam. At 3 years old the small boy looked the spit of his mother, with olive skin and dark eyes and a traditional Jewish nose.
"I'm sure it won't be long." Finn encouraged his step brother. Kurt smiled shakily and passed the mugs around, Liam sipped at his cocoa through a straw whilst sat on Blaine's lap.
"I'm just so nervous." He admitted, drinking whilst standing up because he couldn't sit still.
"He's on his fourth cup of the morning." Blaine said, looking at Kurt who was beyond jittery. He too was nervous about the impending letter.
"They'll say yes." Rachel smiled widely. "How could they not!?"
"Because we're a gay couple in Lima, Ohio." Kurt spoke softly. "We're not exactly prime candidates for adoption."

There was a moment of silence and then 'clap' the sound of the letterbox going made Blaine and Kurt's ears prick and Kurt hurried to the door.
"Bill… bill… trying to sell us cable… bill…" Kurt said flicking through each letter. Then. "It's here." He whispered.
"Well… open it!" Finn urged, and Kurt shakily sat down beside his boyfriend. His hands shook as he tore open the envelope and flicked the letter out. Blaine read over Kurt's shoulder, and their faces fell in unison. Tears pricked the back of Kurt's eyes.
"No. They said no." He whimpered, putting the letter down and burying his head in his hands.
"Don't cry Uncle Kurt!" Liam chirped but Kurt couldn't help himself. Sobs wracked his body, and Blaine rubbed his back gently. Finn and Rachel suddenly felt as though they were intruding on a very private moment.

"It's not over… we can fight it." Blaine said. "The panel have been known to change their minds about…"
"Oh what's the use, they've made up their minds." Kurt sobbed. "Excuse me." He said, rising from the table and taking himself off to bed.

"I feel so bad for them." Rachel muttered, tucking Liam into his bed and kissing him on the forehead.
"They'll never have what we have." She stroked her son's dark brown hair and smiled softly, grateful for what she had. Sure she'd had dreams of Broadway and stardom, but two years in New York had shown her what mattered most - family. She still planned on being a star, but she intended to balance that with motherhood, just as Britney Spears had done before her.
"They have each other."
"It's not the same." Rachel said shaking her head. "You're a guy… Liam just happened." She explained. "I know you love him but you've never had that…. Urge to be a parent."
"When did that urge happen for you?" Finn asked, as the two crept out of Liam's room to avoid waking him.
"The minute that stick turned blue." Rachel said. "I was overwhelmed with this desire to love something unconditionally, to see my face in my child and to know I'd created a perfect little person." Finn nodded. He had felt the urge to protect his child, the love of a father and son but Rachel was right. He had never known the burning ache of needing to be a parent.

All he knew was that Kurt and Blaine would make brilliant parents and it didn't seem fair that some adoption panel could decide that they never would be.

Blaine sat on the edge of the bed where Kurt lay, struck down with grief for a child they'd never had. It physically hurt Blaine to see Kurt this upset, so he stroked his boyfriend's hand, subconsciously rubbing against Kurt's bare ring finger.
"It's not the end of the world."
"Yes it is Blaine!" Kurt cried out. "We can't have kids. Ever. That stupid adoption panel…"
"Didn't count on you and me. I'm going to fight this decision Kurt, and I'll do it for you." He said. Kurt just sighed and rolled over, breaking the fleeting connections between their hands.
"Just leave me alone." He whispered. Blaine sighed and headed downstairs, he raked his eyes over the rejection letter a thousand times to see if they'd given a reason for rejecting their application. There was none. There was no damn reason he couldn't have a child. Apart from his sexuality. It just wasn't fair.

"Kurt's really down." He admitted on the phone that evening with Rachel. Even though they only lived across the street they often spoke on the phone.
"Understandable… how're you holding up?"
"I'm miserable." Blaine sighed. "But I'm keeping it together. Thanks for asking. Hey do you think you could take Kurt shopping tomorrow, shopping always cheers him up, and I haven't even been able to get him out of bed."
"Sure, I'll pick him up at 10am." Rachel promised. "I'll bring Finn round so you have some company too."
"Thanks Rachel. Kurt really needs a friend right now."
"And so do you."

The next morning as promised Rachel showed up with her bewildered husband and sleeping son.
"I don't get why I have to be here. Blaine's cool and everything but he's a dude… dude's don't talk about their feelings." Finn mumbled embarrassedly.
"Just watch sports with him or something, take his mind off of the adoption." Rachel said as the door opened.
"He's upstairs." Blaine sighed. "Languishing in his designer pjs." Rachel nodded and shot off upstairs, so familiar with the Anderson-Hummel household she often treated it as though it were her own. Sure enough Kurt was laid in bed staring at the ceiling.

"Come on Kurt we're going shopping."
"I have nothing to live for," Kurt moaned dramatically.
"Come on." She said grabbing her best friend's hands and pulling him up from his laying down position. "Shopping is like crack to you."
"My kryptonite." Kurt said taking the clothes Rachel flung at him. "Fine but we're going by the pet store. If I have to spend my life childless I'll at least own some cats to keep me company." He said melodramatically. Rachel turned her back while Kurt changed (into an outfit he chose himself, disliking Rachel's choice of colour combinations)

So obediently Rachel followed Kurt to the pet store, leaving Liam in Finn and Blaine's capable hands. Kurt cuddled a kitten.
"She's so cute but it's just not the same." He sighed, handing the calico back to a very disgruntled shop employee. Kurt had cradled and stroked nearly every pet in the store and was beginning to frustrate the young man.
"Have you thought of surrogacy?" Rachel suggested helpfully.
"We thought about it." Kurt admitted. "But to do it through all the proper channels costs thousands of dollars we don't have, and the law is on the mother's side, she could change her mind and keep the baby at any time." He sighed.
"You could put an ad in the paper like my dads did."
"We don't have the money to pay a stranger to do that sort of thing for us. Your dads paid Shelby enough cash to live in New York. Plus it seems so impersonal… I had naïve ideas of going to the hospital and picking up a gorgeous little baby to help out a teenage trollop like Quinn and realise mine and Blaine's dreams at the same time." Kurt sniffed. "May I see a tabby?" Rachel's brain worked overtime. She continued standing by Kurt's side as he fondled every animal in the store and eventually came to one conclusion: that a cat was no substitute for a baby.

Something clicked in Rachel's brain. The idea was so simple she couldn't believe she'd never thought of it before.

Meanwhile Blaine sat on the couch beside Finn, Sports Direct was on but neither of them were really watching it, in an awkward silence, broken occasionally by Liam's snores. Blaine couldn't take his eyes off of Liam.
"He's so… perfect."
"He's a monster." Finn said with a small smile. "But I wouldn't trade him for the world." Blaine's usually warm smile faltered, and Finn quickly noticed. "I'm not so good with talking about… y'know feelings and stuff but… if you wanna…"
"It's just not fair!" Blame fumed. "Kurt and I work so well together… why can't we have a family like everyone else?"
"If I could help you out man I would." Finn said sympathetically, patting his friend on the back. "Let me know when you start the campaign against the decision." Blaine nodded furiously, the idea of a petition forming in his brain.

A week later, Rachel crept out of the house after Liam had been sung to sleep, and knocked on the door of the house across the street from her humble yet spacious dwelling.

"Rachel!" Kurt said in surprise when he answered the door. "What brings you here so late?" He asked, inviting her in. She sat down on the couch opposite Blaine and Kurt and looked them in the eye.
"I've been doing a lot of thinking."
"Well that's dangerous." Kurt quipped playfully.
"And as you know I'm a generous and loving person."
"Cut the crap Rach." Kurt said bluntly. "This is us you're talking to." Blaine stared at Kurt for his lack of manners, the two had been friends so long however Rachel was used to it.
"No, I mean I know I've been selfish in the past but… I'm a mother now! I've had to learn to put other people first and…" She stopped babbling and looked at the two people opposite her, so full of love for one another, it truly confirmed her decision.

"I want to be your surrogate." She blurted.

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