It was something whispered about in the halls of public boarding schools. How a young boy might befriend an older man and afterward not be interested in girls.

Sherlock would never let such a thing happen to him, but when the dark haired man crawled into his secret hiding place after the other students had bullied him for the hundredth time, he couldn't help but fall into his arms and cry. When he said, "I'll never have a friend." the man objected.

"One day," he said,"You will find a man and you will live together for the rest of your days."

"No, that's not how it works," young Sherlock said. "You marry a girl and have children and send them to boarding school to cry. Men don't live with men."

The man had smiled stroking the boy's arm, and the next morning he heard a strange humming sound that he had never heard again, until now.

Sherlock glanced at the time machine in his bedroom. He stepped into it thinking of the boy he had been, and the man that he had become.

If Sherlock had never met that man, he could have had a more normal life, married, had kids perhaps. But he would never have met John. Sherlock set the coordinates and moved the lever to send him back.