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He parks the car outside of his house and the second he opens the door, he can hear screaming and shouting coming from behind the house. He draws his gun, and runs frantically towards the back yard, trying to block the crazy images of Wo Fat, Delano and every other criminal in the universe attacking her. When he reaches there, it takes him a while until he realizes what's going on. He stands there, with his gun drawn, and watches with amazement how she, her brothers, and a few more children, he can only assume are related to her, are running and yelling around the place.

"Kono?" he calls out "what the fuck is going on?"

"Oh, Steve" she stands for a minute, surprised to see him "the poor thing, I think he got scared."

"I think he's in the water" Kapali shouts from behind her.

"What do you mean think?" she turns around and runs towards her brother "either he's there, or he isn't."

"He's there, smartass" he hears Kapali calls back in annoyance, as the two siblings go towards the small bay, still arguing. The others are already there, splashing around in the water, and swimming towards the mysterious entity, they were all looking for.

"What's going on?" he asks again, coming to stand next to her, watching the five young men in the water, that for some reason keep shouting at one another. Apparently, there isn't a single activity they can do that doesn't involve them all talking together and making unnecessary noise.

"Kono..." he has that distinct warning tone in his voice, when he says it.

"He's beautiful, you'll love him" apparently she's already immune to his intimidations.

"What did you do, Kono?" he asks in growing alarm.

"I got us a dog, of course" she smiles at him happily "it's probably the best idea I've ever had."

"I sincerely doubt it, sweetheart" he mumbles.


They come back to shore dragging the obviously reluctant, still hyperactive and completely wet dog. She said dog, but a small white polar bear might be a better description. He is about 35 inches high, and looks like he weighs about 70 pounds. When he stops and shakes himself, to get rid of the excess water, spraying all the people around him with salty water in the process, he looks even larger. He has a big white heavy fur, that now is partially dry, and a long, heavy, wagging tail that hits Akela in the groin, making him to gasp. Before anyone has the time to react, he's already splashing around in the sand, making additional mess.

"Where the hell did you get that?" he looks mortified at the big creature.

"At the pound, where else?" she looks at him in confusion "they were about to put him down. Now he's ours."

"We are not having a dog!" he tells her, shaking his head and turning around walking towards the house "give him back!"

"You see?" Nohoki tells her, watching him go "I told you he wouldn't want him."

"Now what will we do?" Makaio asks.

"Dry him up, and show him his new home, of course" she says decisively, looking at Steve's retreating back.

"But Steve said..." Kale starts.

"Yeah... Steve likes to think he still has a say in this house... he'll catch up eventually..."


"I thought I told you to get rid of it" he's saying, standing with his arms crossed, watching the big dog lying exhaustingly on the living room floor.

"Yes, you did" she smiles at him sweetly, handing him a bowl with a sliced pineapple.

"Why do you even need a dog?" he cries in irritation "I've made you a baby, for god sakes."

"Children need to be raised around dogs" she tells him seriously "it's really important for their normal development."

"That's nonsense" he says exasperated "I never had a dog"

"I know" she nods gravely "and just look what happened..."


They have a new case, and it's somewhere in the outskirts of the city, which makes quite a long drive. He's so exhausted, he lets Danny drive, even though it's a bit weird, and uncomfortable. When he looks at his partner, he has a feeling it's even more weird and uncomfortable to Danny.

"So she brought a dog, what's wrong with that? it's nice. It's really good for the baby."

"I've heard this stupid argument already" he tells him "I really don't think that it's true."

"Well it makes Kono happy, and it's just a dog, I can't see what's your problem."

"It walked around the house the whole night, bumping into furniture and breaking a lamp, a framed picture and a bottle of wine with its enormous tail."

"He's getting used to the house. It'll be fine."

"It jumped on the kitchen counter and ate the fucking pie that was sitting there, breaking the fucking plate when it was done."

"This is actually your fault, you shouldn't have left it there, in the first place."

"It ate my sneakers..."

"You'd buy new ones, they were probably quite old, as it is."

"Oh no! He was very careful to eat only the new ones, and he made sure that he ate only one shoe of each separate pair. I'm going to have to buy at least three!"

"You're being ridiculous" Danny tells him "he probably did you a favor, why would you need more than one pair of sneakers?"

"It chased a cat up a tree and barked continuously for an hour and a half, starting at five in the morning. I had to apologize to Mrs. Yang next door, for hours, and have her cry her heart out on my shoulder."

"She cried because the dog was barking?" Danny looks at him with surprise.

"I'm not sure..." Steve says thoughtfully "I think it was because of the fucking dead cat!"

"It's a new dog. He'll get used to the house, and to you, it will be fine" Danny says, putting his hand on Steve's shoulder.

"I hope so" he grumbles "because she already loves it, and I'm not sure I can handle two undisciplined lunatics under my roof..."

There's an incoming text to Steve's phone, before Danny has the chance to answer.

"Oh shit. I can't believe it!" he sees Steve's mortified expression.


"My sister is coming to visit. I guess it's gonna be three undisciplined lunatics..."

"You can come stay with me if you want" Danny laughs at his partner's miserable expression. It's ridiculous, he knows, but he actually considers it for a few seconds...


She and Chin are in charge of processing the crime scene. It's a slow work, and it's not easy in this specific case, because the "murder scene" is practically a fucking Jungle. Apparently, it takes more than this to deter Chin from doing his job, and she herself, is anything but a quitter, so they get to work.

They walk together around the big clearing in the forest, looking for signs on the ground, like footprints or tire marks, and it takes hours, and she's so hungry, she thinks to ask for a break, when suddenly she spots a thin wire.

She calls her cousin, while she's taking a picture of the low hanging wire, that is partially obscured in the grass, and they follow its trail and expose it carefully, and slowly, until they realize it's circling the entire clearing. They spend quite a long time searching for anything else, but there isn't a trace of anything that might look like it's manmade, and they can't understand what the hell it's supposed to be.

"It looks like a tripwire" he tells her "but I'm not sure. It doesn't make any sense, there's nothing here."

"We looked everywhere" she sighs. She's really getting hungry, now.

"We can't just leave it like this" he says looking around them "we'll have to get HPD and maybe the bomb squad, although I have no idea what else they could find."

"Hmmm..." she raises her head up, smiling mischievously at him "I have a better way..."

"Oh no!" he laughs "there's no way I'm going to let you do this. Steve will freak out."

"Don't worry, cuz" she pulls his hand and drags him along with her "if he didn't kill me by now, he never will..."


They arrange themselves behind the car, and fasten their Kevlars. Well... at least Chin is able to do it properly... Weh they finally get themselves ready, she stands up, holding a heavy stone. She aims, and throws it on the wire, as they quickly duck behind the car again, but nothing happens.

"Did you miss it?" he asks, a second before a big explosion is heard, and the whole place is up in the air.

There's a long, big, deep quiet when they wait for something else to happen, just sitting there looking at each other, until they decide it is safe enough to come out from their hiding place and look at the wreckage around them. It's obvious their targets were protecting something. Everything is black with the subsiding smoke.

"I hope we have everything we need in the photos" Chin tells her, shaking his head at the mess around them "that was one big explosion. Bigger than I have expected."

"Yes it was" she says, giggling at his apparent astonishment "it was awesome."

"You're crazier than Steve, sometimes" he notifies her with a huff, and she laughs again.

"Nobody is crazier than Steve. Now let's go and have lunch."


They sit near the computer, going over the photos, and sorting all the data they have managed to collect, when Danny and Steve step in, and call everyone to gather around the smart table. Steve gives them the identity of the victim that they got from his finger prints, and sends Lori and Danny to search his house. He has the chief of the fire department calling him on his cell phone, so he lets them go on to continue with their assignment, as he steps into his office to accept the call. He's out of there after a few minutes.

"Ahh, Kono?"

"Yes, babe?"

"Did you, by any chance, happened to blow up the entire crime scene today?"

"Yes, babe." she says innocently.

"I see..." there's a long moment in which he just stands there looking at the two cousins, who seemed undisturbed by his question, still preoccupied with the computer "should I... emmm... expect a phone call from the governor about this? I mean... was it actually as big as the fire department says it was?"

"Yes, babe" she says, not even raising her head.

"OK. Fine. Just checking..." he sighs. Then he goes back to his office.


"He's amazing!" Mary Ann cries, as she drops next to the barking dog, patting his big white fur as he greets her at the door "what's his name?"

"Fleabag!" Steve says from behind her. "Kai" Kono says, rolling her eyes at her boyfriend.

"He's so beautiful" Mary says, dropping her bag on the floor beside her, and raises up in front of Kono, and touching her growing belly with a smile.

"I wish you've shown the same enthusiasm when I showed the ultrasound picture of the baby" Steve grumbles from behind her, lifting her bag, and carefully putting it against the wall.

"It's not the same, Steve" she turns towards him, "It's not my fault the kid looks like a fish."

"I have a better picture than what he has in his wallet. Come, I'll show you" Kono pulls her by the hand towards the living room "he's actually a real sweetie, the little peanut."


Kono gets abducted by Malia and her mother, who decides to take her shopping for maternity clothes for herself and also some clothes for the baby. She begs him not to let them take her, but her mother is very explicit, when she calls in the morning and threatens to take him too, so he tells her he can't, for obvious reasons, and makes his escape, taking Mary Ann with him.

"Look at you, you're happy" she smiles towards him when they sit to eat breakfast at a diner somewhere.

"I am" he confirms, focusing on his blueberry pancakes.

"You look good. She's good for you."

"Yes" he smiles back, sipping his coffee "she is."

"And the baby..."

"Yes" he smiles "the baby is good, too. You know, I never thought..."

"Neither did I" she looks at him lovingly "I wish they were here, to see this" her eyes are filled with unshed tears, suddenly, and he reaches his hand and takes hers, squeezing it in understanding.

"I'm glad that you are..." he tells her, looking sincere and serious all of a sudden.

"Oh stop it, I'm going to drive you so crazy in a few days..." she reminds him with a little smile, trying to go back to their usual banter.

"I'm not so sure" he says thoughtfully "I was able to face much bigger challenges, recently..."

He's wrong, of course. It takes about twelve hours until he wants to fucking kill her.


He stands under the current, and lets the water wash over him, giving in to the warm and relaxing sensation on his skin. He never has this experience in the shower, not with his three minutes rule and all, but she went right after him, and started talking, so he has no other choice but stay there and listen.

"They took me to six different stores" she cries "can you believe it?"

"Well, babe, they wanted to buy you nice things, right?"

"Six stores, Steve" she repeats "of maternity clothes and bras, and god knows what else" she opens the shower curtain "six!"

"I'm sorry, babe" he mumbles, because he'd learned how effective and time efficient it is to actually agreeing with her. "Did you find something nice?" he asks, even though he doesn't really care. She always look nice, if you ask him, no matter what she wears.

"These clothes are all so awful" she tells him miserably "they are hideous, and I'm so fat."

"You're not fat. You're pregnant" he reminds her.

"I look like a whale."

"You look beautiful" he smiles. It's the truth.

She looks doubtfully at him, running her eyes all over his naked body. "You're beautiful..." she says, licking her lips absentmindedly "I could just eat you..."

She takes off the floaty dress she is wearing, and kicks off her panties, and steps under the current with him, and his hand reaches automatically to encircle her shoulders, pressing her chest against his. He kisses her lips, and pins her back against the wall, and helps her position her leg around his hips. It's not simple with her quite large belly, at this point, but they are so practiced, they are able to find the right position, easily. When he feels her starting to move around him, and his tongue is already trailing along her jaw line, she grasps his wet hair, and sighs with the sensations and burning heat his touch incites inside her.

"Oh, baby" she cries, holding him against her, as he moves faster and faster.

"Oh, Kono" he hisses.

"Oh god!" Mary Ann shouts from the shower's door.


"What the fuck are you doing here?" he shouts with pure mortification.

"I wanted to take a shower, what do you think?" she shouts back "how the hell should I know you can't even restrain yourself for a three minutes Navy shower? don't you two have a room? I mean, this is a public area."

"You have your own bathroom in the lower floor, for god sakes" he cries in indignation, trying to recover his breath.

"Your dog is there, drinking from the toilet, and barking every time I get near him." she informs him calmly. The fucking dog.

Kono starts moving away from him, and tries to get to the towels, and cover herself up. It's not that she's shy or anything, but the water are getting cold, and it doesn't look like the two siblings are going to finish their argument any time soon. "Don't you dare move away from me" he holds her forcefully against him.

"Oh, give it a rest, Steve" Mary Ann rolls her eyes at him "you've seen me naked before, too..."

"Yes" he shouts angrily at her "when you were three!"

"It still counts" she declares. "Besides, I'm the real victim here, walking on my brother fucking his pregnant girlfriend in the shower... You probably ruined my sex life forever!"

"One can only hope..." he shouts after her, as she's walking away.


"No. She's staying right where she is. She's your only sister."


"No. She won't tell Danny, I promise."

"But I can't..."

"You're definitely can have sex with me. Even while she's still here."


"Unless you want me to tell him..."


"Who is this?" she whispers into Kono's ear when she comes to HQ to take her for lunch the next day.

"Who, Lori?" Kono asks looking to where Mary Ann's eyes are glued with curiosity. "She's the governor's pet. He put her in the team to monitor our actions and report on our more... questionable actions."

"You mean, to tell him whenever Steve is throwing people off roofs, drowning people in sharks infested water and throwing grenades inside pawn shops?"

"More or less" she mumbles. That's sound like an accurate collection.

"Oh... she must be very busy then..."

Kono smiles kindly at her. Mary Ann is the same age as her, but somehow she looks younger. Maybe it's because of the way Steve is treating her with such caution, always sure she's in trouble or in danger. He told her once, in a rare moment of candor, that he feels responsible for Mary's disorganized life and her inability to focus on anything for long periods of time. She thinks it's because when they were separated, as children, while he was sent to military school and then, to the Navy, she who was only a little child, found herself moving between distant relatives and old family friends, somewhere on the mainland. He's probably right, she had it quite rough then, and maybe this is why she can't easily handle the demands of the 'system'. At least, not as much as he can. They are different people because of this. She just wishes he could see how amazing his sister really is. She has to show him one day, what a feisty little creature she is, how smart and resourceful, and how she can always land on her feet, like a street cat. She is funny, and good natured, and she speaks her mind without any fear. She is probably more loyal to him than anyone else she can think of, too. She can see the way she looks at Steve sometimes, so lovingly and adoringly. If he only knew how she practically worships him. But he never notices.

"You'll be a wonderful aunt" she tells her suddenly "my son is going to be so lucky."

"Really?" Mary Ann blushes with the unexpected compliment.

"Yes, he definitely will" she says again, smiling "now let's go have some junk food, before Steve finds out."