"OUCH!" Michelangelo rubbed his head.

He blinked. He was engulfed in darkness. Where am I? He held his arms out in front of him and bumped into a panel. He frowned and tried again to his left- same result. Whatever this was it did not look good. Plus there was also the question as to where his brothers were- not to mention Ligh. This whole place just kept getting weirder by the second.

Mikey had to admit that this had been the most fun they had in a while. After the Winters battle things became quiet. He felt a lurch and fell on his rearend. The platform he was on began to rise. All too soon was he blinded by a bright light. A loud clapping noise drifted into his senses as he blinked away the many black blur of dots.

His vision started to become clear again and found himself on, yet another, stage. There was a huge cage with tiny chihuahuas and poodles. He looked around to find Ligh standing on the other side. In the middle of the stage stood his brothers and each had on a strange looking dog callor.

Mikey touched his neck and felt the cool metal of his own callor. What the shell?

"And we're back to Dog Pound! America's number one hit game show- where if you get the answer wrong you either get shocked by the dog callor or put in the dog house with angry dogs knawing at your ankles for five minutes!" Two men dressed in matching yellow polka dotted suits appeared out of no where on stage.

"I'm Eatsman!"

"And I'm Laird!"

Raph face palmed."Lord just kill me now!"

Eastman slung an arm around Raph's shoulder."Never fear green one! We have a medical crew on stand by behind stage!"

A screen appears and shows a couple of monkeys dressed as doctors eating bannanas.

~~~~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0 Meanwhile o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alex rubbed her chin and frowned."Is it just me or do those names sound familar?"

Ashton and Emma shared a glance."Nope."

"Never heard of them."

Alex continued to stare at the screen."Hmm..."

Ashton leaned closer to Emma and wishpered,"Think we should tell her?"

Alex stared at the screen.

"Nah, she'll figure it out sooner or later."

~~~~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0 Game Twist o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ligh smirked and crossed his arms."Get ready to lose turtles."

Mikey glared."Oh no! You need to be the one that...needs to prepare to be losed?"

Don rolled his eyes."You really got him on that one Mike."

"Hey! It's not my fault! I'm under alot of pressure!"

Laird smiled at the crowd, which were creepy smiling manikins."We have small problem." All eys were on the co-host."We have way too many particpants! The rules clearly state that there should be only teams of two- not four."

The turtles looked over at Ligh.

He shrugged a shoulder."I already have a plan."

He took out the remote and pressed a button. A read beam shot out from it and suddenly Emma materialized out of thin air.

She blinked."What just happend?"

Leo frowned."What!? You can't use her! She's with us!"

Ligh smirked."Wanna bet?" He snapped his fingers and Eastman was at his side."Read the rules to our friends."

A large, opened, book was lowered by faulty wireing. Eastman and Laird both hovered over the book and started wishpering to each other. Every now and then they would glance over at Emma and nod; all before turning towards Leo with a smile. Laird made a heart with his hands while Eastman laughed. Leo raised an eyeridge.

The hosts clapped their hands at once and shouted,"Break!"

The book slowly began to rise back up from the stage.

Laird smiled broadly."According to sub-sectionC-"

Eastman chimed in,"Order form XYZ-"

"Under code number 8.999999999999994."

They both chorused,"The contestants may choose to pick who or whatever to be their partner."

Emma crossed her arms over her chest."I did not sign up for this..."

Ligh smirked and slung an arm over her shoulder."Aw don't worry babe. Just relax. Ligh's got this."

She rolled her eyes."My hero."

Raph smiled."I'll lay out of dis one."

Leo was about to tell Donatello that they were going to be a team when Mikey butted in,"Come on Donnie let's get the show on the road!"

"Mike...no offense but you're not the trivia king."

Don chuckled,"You need to relax." Leo raised an eyeridge."Let's just say Mike can come in handy."

Michelangelo grinned."We got this!"

Raph sighed and clapped his brother's back."Come on dere's no arguein' wit 'em...plus we have one more round left so da worse dat could happen is if we lost big time."

~~~~~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 Game on o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ligh and Emma stood in front of a podium alongside Mike and Donnie.

Laird smiled at them."Alright! let's start with team turtle! McOrange can go first in the Dog House round!"

Mikey was pushed onto the middle of the stage and stood in front of Eastman.

The host smiled."Okie-dokie then! You have fifteen seconds to answer a question right or else you get put in the dog house with the dogs!"

Mikey's eyes widend at the sight of the cute puppies."Um...mybe Don should-"

"Start now!" A timer started to count down."What's the capitol of Liechtenstein?"

He gulped."Uh..."

"WRONG! When did Hanibal cross the Alps?"

Don groaned when Mikey yelled,"Never! He was only in New York!"

"Wrong Hanibal kid! Who is burried in Grant's tomb?"

Don smiled. Too easy."Mark!"

He face palmed. We're doomed!

"A rooster lays an egg ontop of the barn roof. Which way did it roll off?"

Leo leaned forward from his spot."Come on Mike! They practicly gave you the answer!"

Mikey snapped his fingers."The answer is simple. If the wind is heading East and the egg faces the West and it's a Tuesday? I say the answer is to the right!"

Ligh bursted out laughing as the host declared the answer wrong."Roosters don't lay eggs."

"Wrong again! How many atoms in one kilograms of oxygen?"

Raph sighed,"Might as well throw in da towel."

Mikey smiled."Oh! Three point seven six four times ten to the twenty fifth!"

All mouths dropped. Don went pale."H-He was-"


Emma gaped."How?"

Ligh rubbed his chin."How indedd."

Mikey was currently sticking his tongue out and dancing across the floor.

Ashton and Alex stared at the screen in disbelief."What!?"

Mikey gave Donatello a fist bumped as ten points were shown on their score board.

Eastman jumped up and spun out Emma to the stage."Alright little lady answer a question right you get ten points! Answer wrong then you get 5,000 volts zapped into your system!"

She gulped.

"Question one: Which chemical element has the shortest name?"



"Sculpter Federic Auguste Boltholdi based the face of the statue of liberty off of who?"

She frowned."Um..I'll go out on a limb here and say his mother?"


Raph growled,"I can' believe she's helpin' him!"

Leo rolled his eyes."It's not like she has a choice in the matter."

"Alrightie next question! What word do we use to describe the asexual reproduction of a plant or animal?"

The clock seemed to be ticking louder."Clone!"


"Which president was nick named after the teddy bear?"

"Theodore Roosevelt."

"Correct!" The timer went off. The host grinned."And that's the end of round one!"

Laird jumped in,"Team Ligh is in the lead with forty points leaving Team Green behind with a total of ten points."

Suddenly Mikey was lifted up by a harness and was flung into the cage with dogs. He let out a girlish scream as the dogs tackled him.

Donatello's eyes widend as Eastman aproached him."Alright time for the complicated challenge!"

A board was wheeled in and Ligh was given a black marker along with Don.

Laird grinned at them."Alright! So all you have to do is beat yourself at tick-tack-toe, walk backwards towards a pit of jelly beans whilst performing a hand-stand."

Eastman grinned and pushed a button to reveal a huge obstical course with an army of clowns on the other side."Then run through the flaming hoops and swinging spikes and the tunnel of laughing gas to meet three-haundred clowns in an epic feather-sword battle!"

Eastman jumped up and declared,"All under one minute!"

~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Any ways 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alex sighed,"Well it was nice knowin' ya Don."

Ashton nervously chewed the inside of her cheek."This is not good."

~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0o0o Hit me up 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Don scratched his head."I'm going to need an asprine when we get home."

I've been afraid of big words

since I was a kid

Eastman smiled,"GO!"

Donatello and Ligh ran towards the boards and started the game. Mikey panted and looked up from the cage to see them started. With a deep gulp of air he shouted,"Win Don! I don't think I can handle my ego being bruised as well!"

I thought I'd get over it

Somehow I never did

The dogs pounced on him again. Ligh laughed as he put down the marker and ran towards the starting point to begin the backward hand-stand. Donnie growled and stared at his work.

"How the shell did that happen?!"

The board presented negative results of being a winner. Quickly, he erased it and tried again.

Usually it's no big deal

But every now

and then

Second time was the charm. He turned around and went to the check point and began the hand stand. Ligh was already half way to the coarse. Don managed to catch up to be right beside of him. There were five hoops placed on the ground. They ignited on fire causing both contestants to hesitate.

Ligh swallowed."Here goes nothin'!"

He jumped over two hoops and landed in the third. Don managed to jump three and ended up in the fourth hoop.

It kicks in again

I went to a speacialists and asked

what was wrong with me

Based upon your test results it's not hard to see

Donatello was about to make a break for the swinging spikes when Laird stopped him.

"Sorry but you did not follow up with a turkey hand spring!"

Don frowned,"What!? You said nothing about-"

Ligh cut in with a loud turkey call as he back springed towards the spikes.

You're afraid of lengthy words

You're not the only one

Here's what your condition's called

but it wont be much fun

Donnie growled as he was pushed into the spikes while performing the degrading turkey call. Ligh laughed carefully manuvering through the field of swinging spikes.



Don managed to tuck and roll over towards the middle and dodge a few spikes. Ligh tumbled and sprang upwards to get a better footing.

Raph sighed,"Da sooner we get outta' dis nut-house da betta'."

Mikey gasped out of the cage for air- looking bruised and his mask was on torn a little. Slowly he staggered towards them."Tell me about it..." Then he promptly passed out.

If you're afriad of big long words

here's one you should knowa

Now the two were head to head through the tunnel of laughing gas. Ligh held his breah and ran through- pushing Don out of the way. Don got back into focus and sprinted onwards. Halfway through he felt a slight tickle on his beak. A feather popped out of no where and started tickleing his nostrol region.

He gasped quickly holding his breathe again. He just could not hold it in any more. He wheezed as he let out a frustrated sneeze. Suddenly a tingle overcame through his stomach. His mouth quircked upwards and his sides started to hurt as a chuckle escaoed him.

Don gulped and started laughing like a maniac."Oh n-no! I-I can't st-stop-" His laughter continued as he ran through the remainder of the gas.


I'm not even joking

Believe it or not

There's one thing Iknow for sure

So listen if you please

Whoever came up with the word

did not have the disease

Ligh was tossed a black feather sword and charged through the menacing crowd of clowns.



If you're afraid of big long words

here's one you should knowa


I was in my science class when I started screaming

It was becouse of a video my teacher was streaming

Leo winced when Don missed the feather sword and went into a laughing fit as the hord of clowns attacted him. Raph held his sides and shaked his head in slight disgust. Mikey was still passed out and had drool dripping at his mouth.

It was about a lung diseas

I hope they all get better

But whoever named it gave it too many letters

Don held his side and gasped out."I-I c-can't..." He was soon swallowed up into the large mess of clowns.

Ligh laughed few times but managed to get through by tickleing the crap out of most of the clown foes.

I mean really who would name a diseas


Not very sensitive to people who have


Emma had her eyes covered with her hands. She had enough of this nonsense.


If you're afriad of big long words

here's one you should knowa




Don growled as his sides started to hurt from all of the laughing. Slowly he got up on all fours and started to crawl out of the big maze of reds and blues and whites of clown get up.

If you're afraid of big long words

here's one you should knowa




Ligh jumped over the last few clowns and made a mad dash towards the finish line. Donatello just made it out as the clowns turned to tickleing themselves.

If you're afraid of big long words

here's one you should knowa



Don used the remainder of his energy to run the rest of the way only to be beaten by Ligh.

Raph face palmed."Well...dis was embarressin'."

Emma rolled her eyes as Ligh winked at her."Nothing but a big cheat!"

Leo looked like he was about to kill something. Next game is our win! We tie and then end this foolishness.

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