Chapter Nine

One Year Later

It was a breezy, sunny day and the leaves in trees within the cemetery could be heard blowing. Beneath an oak tree were two head stones in the ground. One said Mr. Turner, and the other said Mrs. Turner. Just above the graves was a little floating boy. Timmy Turner Cosma, the forgotten human turned fairy had come back to Dimsdale to visit his dead mother and father. Timmy had a small white daisy in his hand, and he gently placed it between the two graves.

"Hi mom, hi dad… I hope you guys still remember me. I mean, no one on Earth knows I exist since the Fairy Council wiped their minds, but your souls aren't on Earth so I'm sure you remember me… Anyways, I miss you guys… I'm okay though. I have Cosmo and Wanda as my new parents. Well they were always my godparents, but now I call them Mama and Daddy. Don't worry though. They haven't taken your places in my heart. It just got bigger you know?"

By this point, Timmy had already started to cry. He wiped at his eyes a bit, and started to talk again.

"They take good care of me, and I'm glad that they won't ever have to leave me. I wish you could have met them… well you met them twice, but I wish you could remember them. Mom, you'd really like Wanda. You two had a lot in common. Same goes for you and Cosmo, Dad. You were both idiots," Timmy laughed, "and you both knew how to make me laugh. You know, in a way I must be kinda lucky… Not a whole lot of kids get to say they had loving parents, but I have two pair. Yeah, you guys would neglect me sometimes, but I realize now that you only did that so you could work to take care of me. I'm sorry I couldn't have returned the favor by wishing you guys okay before you died… Wanda says there may not have been anything they could have done, but I think she just says that to make me feel better. I know I could have made a wish sooner and you would still be alive." Timmy continued to cry as he said this. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, and knew it was Wanda.

"Anyways, I hope you forgive me and know that I think of you every day. I love you, Mom and Dad."

"Ready to go, sport?" Wanda asked her son. He nodded his head and wiped away the few tears he had left. Timmy turned around to face his new mom, and saw that his father and baby brother were there as well.

"Thanks for bringing me here," The little fairy said, "I needed to get that stuff off my chest."

"Don't worry sweetie. Anytime you want to come back, all you have to do is ask," Wanda told him.

"Well I don't know about you, but I could go for some ice cream right now," Cosmo exclaimed.

"You know what, me too! What do you say Timmy? Are you up for getting some ice cream?" The pink-haired fairy asked.

"Yes. Let's go!" Timmy said happily.

All four fairies held up their magic wands and they disappeared to Fairy World, leaving the two head stones alone underneath the oak tree and the gentle breeze.

Author's Note: And there it is. The end is here. Hopefully you all cried at this point like I did. Well this is it for this story, but hopefully I will write some little stories here and there about what it is like for Timmy to grow up again, but as a fairy.

Special thanks to everyone who enjoyed this story and reviewed. I'm glad there were some people (besides me) who actually liked this.

So look forward to those possible stories about Timmy, and maybe even some CosmoxWanda ones. XD