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It's was a cool evening that June. Families and teens roamed around the area, care free and not a thought in the world. Though one family of 3 seemed troubled. The man, tall with red hair and freckles, tapped his knee Impatiently as he sat next to his wife who was playing with their 3 year old daughter. She was braiding her mothers long dark hair, when a car drove up in front of them.

"finally..." the man mumbled under his breath. "come on, Katherine." the woman said "but mommy!" Katherine whimpered "you can finish in the car" her mother said. "Lindsey let's go!" the man called from the back seat. "coming John! She called back as she picked up Katherine.

It was a long car ride. The sky had just started to turn dark black from the setting sun as the BMW pulled up to a large two story house that had white marble and lots of steps. Looking around quickly, John and Lindsey hurried inside.

The entrance hall was huge. It had a large stair case that took up most of the room. Several doorways where at the bottom. Only a small table and mirror where left. "stay here for a minute, ok Katherine?" "ok"

it didn't take long for Katherine to get bored. She started by twisting her own dark red hair then started counting her many freckles. Soon enough she just looked in the mirror. She had the Same mossy green eyes her mother had. The rest of her, the red hair and the freckles, came from her dad. She started studying her clothes. Nothing special. A white t-shirt, black jacket, and blue jeans.

A clock rang somewhere off in the distance saying it was past Midnight. Katherine walked to the steps and sat down. Her family had been traveling so much she lost track of the date. Kat thought for a moment. It was 12 o'clock at night on the 20th of june. It hit Her to realize it was her 4th birthday. "happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..." she hummed under her breath as she sat on the large stairs.

Few minutes later her parents walked back out. "daddy what's going on?" katherine asked as her father picked her up. His brown eyes look troubled. "nothing, sweetheart. We're going to be staying here for a while now, ok?" "ok." he took her into the sitting room. It was large room with windows that looked out onto the front lawn. a coffee table sat in the middle of the room surrounded by chairs and a love seat. A large flat screenTV, that needed serious dusting, hung in the corner.

John sat Katherine down on the love seat as he kneeled on the other side of the coffee table. "prepare," he said in a loud disguised voice, "to be amazed!" with that his eyes glowed and brilliant red and red flames surrounded his hands and wrists. With the flick of the wrist, small figures started dancing around Katherine. A small red puppy, a red otter, and so many more flew around her. She giggled and swatted at them. With another flick of the wrist the figures disappeared and a giant red letters appeared out of no where above her father which read: "HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, KATHERINE!" Lindsey, who was standing in the door way, laughed. "you out do yourself every year, John." she said. "only the best for my little pumpkin." he said as he threw Katherine up and down. She shrieked with joy, laughing uncontrollably.

John caught katherine and held her in one arm as he turned towards Lindsey. Something caught his eye in the window. "son of b-" he growled. "John!" Lindsey demanded. "Lindsey it's them!" he said panicking as he confirmed what what he saw. Lindsey's eyes grew wide. Katherine looked out the window. Two men where walking up to the house. One was huge with giant claws for hands. His face was hidden underneath a hat and he had on a long trench coat. The second man was long and thin, much smaller that the first. He two was hidden under a hat and coat.

"come on!" he grabbed her by the arm and lead them out of the room. Cursing he thrusted Katherine into Lindsey's arms and pushed her towards the stairs. "take Katherine and run! Call S.H.E.I.L.D, call Tony, do whatever you need to! I'll hold them back as long as I can!" Lindsey looked at him at shock. "John.." Lindsey sputtered "GO!" he bellowed just as the door started to crack.

Lindsey ran as fast as she could all the way to the farthest room of the house. She closed the door shut. Their was nothing In the room but a closet and a window. Lindsey opened the closet door and set Katherine down "I want you to stay here ok? Do not leave under any reason ok?" she was talking fast as she held her daughters head in her hands. Katherine nodded. "you have to be strong for all of us ok?" lindsey paused and looked at her daughter. "Be brave, sweet heart. I love you." she kissed her daughter on the forehead and ushered her into the closet.

It was one of those closets that had blinds you could see through. Katherine watched as her mother bundled up her jacket and threw it through the window. Murmuring "go...go..." Cracks appeared in the door just before it exploded. Katherine held her breath. Sitting on the floor she found an old teddy bear. She hugged it. It may have smelled horrible, but she needed the comfort.

"where is she?!" the man barked. He no longer had his hat or coat on. Many deep gashes were in his arms and chest. His face looked beat up and most of his hair was gone. His clothes where torn up. His grey eyes looked insane. "gone." Lindsey said in a strong voice. His eyes flashed. "your lying." he said raising two guns-both aimed at her heart. "wheres the brat?" Lindsey's eyes looked like icy slits. She didn't even budge. She remained silent. "I'll make you a deal," he said giving her an almost toothless grin. "I'll spare you and you tell me where the kid is." Lindsey sneered. "you think I'm a heartless monster like you?" the man growled. "tell me now!" he barked. "you'll have to kill me first..." lindsey looked at the closet. Their eyes met, just before she watch her mother get shot.

Katherine opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. Her mother fell to the ground as a huge splatter of blood hit the window behind her. He put his guns away and grinned at his mess. "I warned ya." he said in an icy tone. The man walked towards the closet and threw the door off. "you" he said in a greedy voice. His insane grey eyes locked onto katherine's horrified green. He pulled both his guns out and aimed them at katherine. "night night, kitten." Katherine closed her eyes. A large thumping hurt her head. She gripped her head, wishing it'd stop.

What happened next, Katherine couldn't explain. Her eyes shot open just in time to see A bright lime green light erupted from behind her and hit the man square in the face. The force was so strong he was thrown back and hit the other wall. Somehow she had gotten on her knees, but it didn't last. Katherine's eyes closed and she fell on all fours. She stayed that way, to scared to look, or even open her eyes. One thought hit katherine: why didnt he get back up and shoot her? Was he out cold? Did he run away? Where did that light come from? Curiosity took over. Slowly, eyes still closed, katherine nudged her way up onto her knees. Still nothing happened.

When she finally opened her eyes, she gasped. The man was crippled against the wall, moaning. His eyes unfocused, drool dripping from his mouth. No longer paying attention to him, Katherine ran to her mother. "mommy!" she said "mommy please-" hot tears left her eyes as she shook her mothers lifeless body. She dropped the teddy bear and used both hands. "MOMMY PLEASE! DON'T LEAVE ME!" she sobbed gripping her mothers bloody shirt.

"Katherine..." she jumped and turned to find an Africa american man wearing a trench coat and had an eye patch over his right eye standing in the doorway. Katherine wedged away slowly. "I'm nick. I work for S.H.E.I.L.D. I'm also friends with you parents." he added. This calmed Katherine slightly. "your dad is downstairs. He wants to see you." Katherine sniffed and nodded, but didn't move. Her eyes fixed on her mother.

Nick picked her up and carried her downstairs. Katherine felt her eyes go wide. The whole room was a reck. Holes, burn marks, cracks, and broken chunks of wall and furniture where everywhere. But what got katherine- "DADDY!" John was laying across a table medics had set up. They had a whole camp. They had placed bandages around his chest but they where slowly turning red.

"hey sweetheart..." he said In a weak voice. Nick placed Katherine down and she ran to his side. She sat on her knees holding the edge of the table. She just now realized her hands had blood on them. He started stroking her head. "where's lindsey?" he demanded looking a nick. Nick sighed and rubbed his bald head. "gone. We didn't get there in time." John closed his eyes and sighed. He started coughing loudly unexpectedly. "don't worry about us... You have to stay strong...for the three of us.." he said breathing heavily. "your going to be the greatest hero..." Katherine felt tears come from her eyes. "I love you, Kat-" he stopped short of her name. His eyes slid out of focus. His hand dropped. "no...daddy..." Katherine grabbed his hand and held it to the side of her face. "don't go..." she whispered. Nick knelt next to Kat and put his hand on her shoulder. "Come on Katherine where going to take you to your uncles." he said. "just- call me Kat." she said wiping away tears from her eyes. "come on, Kat." nick said standing up. "it's time to go."

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