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Trevor Fury was currently at the Roger's house getting ready for prom along with Dan. Both boys where completely clueless to what they where doing.

"Am I doing this right?" Dan asked attempting to put on his tie. He wasn't a genius when it came to dressing up.

"Think so." Trevor replied getting his own ocean blue tie. He looked at it for a few minutes before looking at the son of captain America. "I think we should google it."

Dan sniggered before calling down stairs. "Hey mom! Do you know how to fix a tie?" He heard laughter before the sound of Peggy Rogers coming into the bedroom.

She shook her head at her son and helped him get his tie on. "You boys are practically grown men." She said with a strong British accent. "Who could snap a bloody neck if you needed. but you can't even figure out how to put on a tie." She mused aloud as she helped Trevor.

"There." She said pulling her chocolate brown curls out of her face. "Both of you look great. The limo should be here to pick you up and take you to stark tower any minute."

At that she headed down stairs. "Why do girls always get limos?" Dan asked as Trevor pulled a dark and light blue striped beanie over his head.

The son of Nick Fury shrugged. "Guess they want to leave a good impression or something." He suggested as they walked down stairs.

"Kat! Get your back side out of that lab and come get ready!" Charlie called down at her friend from the top of the stairs leading to the lab.

Katherine cursed as she placed the unpainted Pieces of the irongirl armor away. She had been hoping to get a few things done while Tony and Pepper left early to help prepare the school gym for the dance. But Charlie had other plans.

Charlie had insisted she help Kat get ready for the prom. Saying she had next to none experience with make up, Kat took the offer. Now she regretted it.

The red headed genius walked up stairs and wiped her hands off with a towel hoping for the best.

Kat had only just realized how long getting ready was going to take. Charlie had brought over, along with her dress and accessories, her entire make up kit as well as a trash bags worth of hair supplies. "Come on!" She said excitedly as they made their way up to Kat's room.

The dress Kat and Pepper had selected was currently hanging on her closet door. It was strapless and went just around Kat's ankles. it was Irish green along with a gold Band around her waist that grew into gold fabric that covered most of the the front.

Katherine moaned. The genius had never liked dressing up. She only did for public appearances she had to make with her uncle. None the less, She headed into her bathroom and changed.

After a few complications and Katherine using every swear word ironman had taught her, the genius finally got the dress on and walked out. "Well?" She asked holding out her arms.

Charlie cringed slightly. "You should've gotten something with sleeves." She mumbled.

Kat knew perfectly well why Charlie thought so.

Deep, thick white slash marks, now left as permanent scars on both of Kat's shoulders. Both sets ran down her chest to her ribs and stomach which was practically a giant white blob of separate scars.

"It's cool." Kat said rubbing her arms. She simply shifted her appearance so her skin was spotless, minus the freckles.

"Thank god for shape-shifting." Charlie joked as kat sat down on a stool.

Katherine had told Charlie about her powers not to long after her kidnapping. Much to Kat's surprise, Charlie didn't even freak out or panic. She actually was more angry about how Kat hadn't told her sooner.

"Charlotte, would you stop with the hairspray! You're gonna make me choke to death on the fumes!" Katherine bit out angrily.

the giggling "hair dresser" finally stopped spraying the hair spray, allowing the genius to breath.

Kat stared at herself in the mirror; was that really her own reflection?

Charlie had applied on forest green eye shadow that was trimmed with gold glitter to match her dress. plus just a touch of pink lip-gloss and blush. Her hair had been twisted up into a very curly bun, leaving two curls to frame her face.

"Geez, Charlie isn't this a little much?" Kat said turning to look at Charlotte, who was now busy fixing her already semi-curly hair in long gorgeous waves.

Charlie laughed little, as she swept ocean-blue eye shadow and mascara on. "Nothing is too much." She said applying on bright red lipstick.

Charlotte braided some of her hair toward the back of her head and sprayed it with what was left of the hairspray.

"Be right back." she said heading into the bathroom holding her dress.

When Charlie reemerged, she was wearing a one-shoulder, long-sleeved dress that went to the ground with a large slit for her left leg to peak out. The shade of ocean blue grew darker at her feet then lightened at her shoulders similar to the depths of an ocean.

Charlie quickly slipped on her sliver high heeled boots and helped Katherine with her Irish green high heels. Even though Charlie had insisted on getting solid heels, Kat got simple strapped ones. Saying their the only kind she knows how to walk in.

Finally ready, Charlie grabbed her silver purse and they left Stark Tower to they met their dates, who were currently waiting outside by the limo.

Daniel Rogers jaw would have hit the concrete if it wasn't attached to his head when he saw Katherine.

He straightened his gold and Irish green striped tie, and cleared his throat. "Wow…Kat…you look…"

"Ridiculous?" the niece of Iron Man offered rubbing her arm awkwardly.

Daniel took her hand and helped her into the limo. "No, you look perfect. Beautiful." He said smiling.

A blush deepened the pink twinge of Katherine's cheeks and she smiled. "Thanks, Drummer Boy…"

Before they got into the limo, Charlie sighed and tugged down Trevor Fury's hat, as he kissed the top of her head.

It had shocked Charlie that Trevor had even asked her to prom. It had been after he nearly knocked her down in the lunch line last week. Which was pretty messy saying he was probably a foot taller than her.

The limo stopped in front the school and the quartet made their way inside.

They found Eri and Jason already dancing. Eri was spun toward them by the young archer once the song ceased. the DJ started playing a different song that was much more upbeat and not fit for couples dancing.

Eri was wearing a flowing white dress that went to her knees, along with bright purple ballet flats that matched the flower in her hair and the band around her waist.

She hardly had any make up on. Just bright purple eye shadow along with mascara and bright pink lip gloss.

Jason was a near wreck. His tux was torn at the end and covered in smears of dirt. He must've given up on fixing his naturally messy hair and wore a black fedora with a purple band that matched his tie, instead. None the less he looked like he was having a great time.

"What happened to you?" Kat asked him activating her mutation. Jason rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Let's just say, I learned not cross Eri's dad when he has horse sized goats in reach."

"What did you do?" Kat ask interested in what the son of Hawkeye and Black Widow could've done to tick off the god of thunder. "I -uh- attempted to sneak into Eri's room through her window."

Kat snorted but hid it as a sneeze. "Nice, bird-brain." She joked before turning off the connection.

"What took you so long?" the Demigoddess asked as 4 of them made their way to the snack bar, leaving Trevor and Charlotte to dance.

"Kat's hair…" Daniel replied waving his hand around Kat's head, earning himself a smack on the back of the head from the redhead.

Eri shook her head, and went to grab some snacks with Jason. Kat and Dan had only danced for a few minutes when everything went pitch black.

At the snack table, Lightning surged around Eri illuminating the dark room.

Glass shards where everywhere and thick black robes were coming from the broken skylight. people dressed all in black with all types of deadly weapons slid down into the gym.

Everybody screamed and ran for the exists. Trevor punched one guy out with one hand while dragging Charlie out like a sack of potatoes with the other.

Charlie didn't resist, but she didn't go quietly. The burnet screamed in fury and hit one of the men holding a dagger with her purse.

Kat noticed Jason electrocuting several goons with his electrostatic arm bands. "You brought those things to prom?" Kat asked him raising an eye brow.

"Never leave home without them. First thing my mom taught me." Jason replied. "Right after never go to the bathroom without them..." Kat muttered rolling her eyes.

"Who are these guys?" Dan called while knocking out a guy with a deadly looking knife. "I got ya." Kat called back placing two fingers to the side of her forehead and closed her eyes.

She activated her mutation and read the minds of the attackers.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Their minds where blank as anything and she couldn't even knock them


"Nothing!" Kat retorted a loud, her eyes snapping open. "I got nothing?!"

There where far to many witnesses around for Kat to use her telekinses and her telepathy didn't have any affect. Instead the niece of iron man concentrated on the score board causing it to break off the ceiling and land on several assassins, crushing them.

Someone grabbed Katherine from behind. "Hey!" She yelled struggling. Two more goons attempted to restrain her, but Kat's training kicked in.

She did a full split, kicking to both assassins in the face while head-butting the one holding her in the face. He dropped the genius and Kat did a round house kick to knock him out.

Kat looked towards Eri. The demigoddess was surrounded by field of electricity. She sent several to the floor with shocks of lightning, while the ground rumbled beneath her feet.

One of the assassins was sneaking up behind her. The sound must've been to loud for Eri to hear.

Instinct taking over common sense, kat ripped off one of her heels a chucked it at the man's head.

Eri looked over at Katherine with surprise as the niece of Iron Man's pointy high heel impaled him in the head. Instead of blood and gore, wires and metal pieces went flying.

Kat placed a hand on her hip as she tossed her other shoe up and down. "Well, high heels have more of a purpose then I thought…" She said grinning.

Lightning exploded from the sky and into the gymnasium, leaving Eri worn and shaking. The demigoddess's knees gave way. Eri swayed on the spot just as Jason grabbed her before she hit the ground.

Other than the cut on Dan's forehead and Eri being knocked out, no one had seemed to have been hurt. "Who are they?" Dan asked. Kat kneeled next to the assassin her high heel had hit.

Small sparks and gears where sticking out of the side of the hole her heel had made. Kat ripped off the mask, showing instead of a bleeding human face, a robotic head.

Robots. they had been attacked by robots.

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