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2 weeks couldn't have gone by quicker.

The large black and blue welt on the back of ironman's head from the Thunder god's rampage was finally almost healed. Not only, but Tony was finally allowed back on his feet, by Pepper's rule, and to walk around the lab again.

"Hey, Kat!" He called up to his niece, who was still asleep. Lately she had been up late a lot and didn't seem to sleep as much at night. But in the mornings, she slept till noon. "Kat?" He called again when she didn't reply.

Ironman sat down the spatula he was using to cook breakfast with and headed up to the young genius's bedroom. "Oh," he said to the robotic arm in the kitchen. "If you let that bacon burn, i'll sell you for scrap metal."

The robot whizzed it's claw for a head at Tony and made beeping noises before getting back to cooking the breakfast,

"Kat?" He asked knocking on the door. Still no reply. "Jeeze, kido, I know you like sleep but-" he said opening the door to an empty bedroom. Everything looked untouched and undisturbed for a good while.

Ironman closed the door and smirked. He didn't even have to ask JARVIS where Katherine was. There was only two places you could find Kat if she fell asleep.

Ironman walked down into his lab to see his niece fast asleep with her head resting on one arm and the other dangling while her jaw was left hanging open.

Tony smirked and walked over to Katherine. "Hey, Kat." He said shaking her shoulder. "Kat." He repeated when she didn't wake up. "Kat."

The young genius groaned and hid her face in her arm before falling asleep again.

Tony sighed and looked at the desk. The files Kat had been working on where closed and locked. She must've done the "I'll just set my head down for a minute..." thing.

Tony noticed next to the genius's hand was the small electric rod he liked to use to tease people. Kat had a habit of twirling it in one hand while she worked.

He picked up the electric rod and turned it over in his hand a few times as he smiled down at his niece.

"Hey kat, wake up." He said casually as he turned it on and jabbed the rod into her side.

The red head yelped and jumped up in her seat, banging her knees against the table. Katherine cursed rubbing her knees before scowling at her uncle.

"What the hell was that?!" She almost yelled at her uncle. "Your wake up call." He said tossing the electric rod back onto the table. "Come on up stairs. I'm making breakfast."

Kat rubbed her hip and followed her uncle out of the lab.

"Oh by the way your phone buzzed while you where asleep." Ironman told her while pointing at her cell phone with the Spatula.

Kat scowled a little at ironman. First he shocks her to wake her up, now he's reading her text messages. Wonderful parent figure.

"Hey I didn't read it." He said putting his hands up defensively. "I just heard the buzzing." Kat smirked and looked at the message. It was from Eri a little less than 20 minutes ago:

"The Wicked Witch is here! What do I do?"

"Well, son of a b*tch." Katherine cursed as she kidnapped a piece of bacon from her uncles fryer. "What is it?" He asked snatching another piece of bacon Kat had tried to levitate off the fryer.

"The thunder rod- I mean Thunder god is back." She said catching herself. Kat had been making an effort not to insult Thor recently, even if he wasn't around. "And he brought his new wife with him."

Ironman let this sink in for a moment before saying: "let's invite them for breakfast." Kat dropped her phone. She quickly caught it with her powers inches above the ground and the mobile device flew back into her hand.

"Are you crazy?!" The mutant almost yelled flying out of her seat and levitating in front of her uncle. "After what that mad man did to you? And- and he'll have his new wife with him! What happens if he attacks you again? I can't fight two full blooded Asgardians! Then again Eri might side with me but I doubt it-"

"Kat!" Ironman yelled stopping his niece in dead sentence. "I'm trying to put the prom incident behind us. Now text Eri back inviting them and go get dressed."

Katherine crossed her arms stubbornly. Obviously Thor had hit him harder than she had thought.

"Fine." She said flying up to her bedroom while texting Eri.

"Uncle Tony wants you guys to come over for breakfast."

Kat sighed and flopped onto her bed. Her phone buzzed in her hand with Eri's reply. The only thing the demigoddess had sent was a single "K". That was an obvious sign something was wrong.

Kat rested a hand over her eyes and sighed. 5 minutes... Then She'll get ready.

"Miss. Peterson, the Odensons have arrived." JARVIS's voice informed her. Kat blinked a few times and yawned. "What?" She asked. "The Odensons have arrived." the robot butler repeated.

Katherine cursed and scrambled off of her bed. She had fallen asleep again, damn it. Quickly she pulled on her old tattered jeans and her t-shirt that spelled "Nerdy" using the periodic elements Nitrogen, Erbium, and Dysprosium.

Katherine grabbed a random hair tie off her dresser and ran across the catwalk, or as her uncle called it the "kat-walk", while JARVIS greeted the Asgardians.

"Good Morning Asgardians. Mr. Stark is in the kitchen awaiting your arrival. Katherine is well…" Kat chanted out in an abrupt yelling "I'm awake, I'm awake!" As she ran down stairs.

Thor and Sif must've already headed into the kitchen, because when she jogged downstairs, only Eri was waiting for her in a navy blue and white plaid sun dress.

The demigoddess smirked and shook her head while Kat brushed her hair with her fingers and she quickly pulled it into a pony tail and slipped on her sandals.

The two teenagers walked into the kitchen to see Ironman, Thor and Sif already sitting at the dinning table.

The thunder god gave Katherine a nod in greeting and went back to discussing things with his future wife. Obviously they where still on "Hello, Mr. Odenson" "Greetings, Lady Peterson" terms.

Kat's jaw almost dropped when she saw Sif.

The warrior goddess was like a fashion model from Lòreal Paris magazines. She had ink black hair that was long enough to call her repunzel, blood red lips and bright ice blue eyes.

"When you said warrior goddess, I was thinking buff weight-lifting body and short hair. Not super model perfect." She whispered to the Demigoddess as they filled they're plates with food.

Eri was about to sit by Katherine when Sif gently grabbed her hand. "Why don't you sit beside me, Eri?"

Kat shrugged and sat next to her uncle instead. Besides, it'd be best if she did. So just in case he opened his big mouth, like he was famous for, Kat could kick him to shut up.

Eri forced a smile. "Of course, Lady Sif." She sat herself down beside the Warrior Goddess.

The fiancée of the Thunder God shook her head slightly. "You do not have to call me Lady. You may call me Mother. That is what I am soon to be to you, it only seems appropriate for you to call me such."

Even from across the table, Kat was getting waves of confusion and upset feelings coming from Eri. Especially every time Thor and Sif kissed.

Even Kat's sausage-egg-and-bacon-between-two-large-hash-browns-sandwich was all the appetizing as the soon-to-be married couple flirted with each other.

After the fiftieth kiss, Kat mimicked throwing up on her plate. Tony sniggered and Eri smiled a little but instantly looked sick again.

Kat stuffed the rest of her breakfast in her mouth and stood.

"Uncle Tony is it okay if Eri and I go shopping?"

Iron Man glanced up from his piece of bacon. They both knew she hated shopping for anything other than electronics, which was Eri's least favorite shopping trip, and would rather stay at home in the lab. Luckily, the situation seemed clear enough to him. "Sure, go ahead." He said returning to his breakfast.

Thor nodded his approval as well. The two teenage girls left the table and headed toward the elevator.

Kat hadn't noticed it before but a tiny fox kit was trailing after Eri. she gathered it into her arms, while it licked the bacon grease from her fingers. Eri smiled and placed a kiss to the top of its head.

"A present from your new Mother?" Katherine asked as they went into the elevator.

Eri nodded. "I think I'm gonna name him, Birgir. It means to protect." The fox kit licked her face.

Kat almost busted out laughing as she leaned against the side of the elevator. "It sounds more like you want to eat him." She said scratching behind Birgir's ears.

The Demigoddess stuck her tongue out at Iron Man's niece as they made their way to Katherine's shiny, black mustang. Hopefully shopping would be more fun then watching Thor get all romantic with The wicked witch.

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