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Katherine had hoped a shopping trip at the mall would make Eri feel better, but the demigoddess was to distressed to enjoy herself.

Through the entire car ride Eri sat silently, looking out the window lost in thought.

Kat glanced at her friend from the corner of her eye and sighed. Normally Kat respected people's private thoughts and kept out of they're heads, but Eri was seriously mentally troubled right now. And she wasn't exactly opening up to her.

Activating her mutation, Kat gently took a mental hold on Eri's mind. The demigoddess's thoughts exploded into her own mind.

'Sif wants me to call her mother? What if she leaves us like Jane? I don't want my father hurt again.'

As soon as she opened it, Kat shut off the connection. She was getting a raging headache from the sudden thoughts coming from Eri.

The genius piped up conversation about how her Irongirl suit was coming along, hoping to distract Eri from her stressful family life. The demigoddess hardly paid attention. She'd only give Kat a "cool" or "'That might be a little dangerous Kat." Whenever it seemed to fit.

"Come on." Kat said leading Eri into the electronics store. "I need some new parts for the bombs, my last ones -uh- exploded."

"Hey, it's my favorite customer!" The store owner called over from the counter. "Hey, Sam." Kat called back not looking up from the parts she was looking at. The genius gathered all the parts she would need and headed to ring up her purchases.

"What project are you doing now?" Sam asked while packaging another customers electronics. Kat winked. "That's for me to know and you to never find out." She smirked taking her place in line.

The earth started to shake like mad. Kat dropped all of her parts and looked at the door.

Eri was standing at the entrance, eyes shut tight and fists clenched. She looked like she was going to scream. To top it all off a giant portal opened opened above the sushi diner. "Well, son of a b*tch." Kat cursed while pulling out her cell phone.

Pitch black, horse sized beetles with blood red eyes crawled out of the portal and started to attack the shoppers.

Kat quickly sent to text messages, one to her uncle the other to Dan, both saying the same thing:

'Mall. Horse sized beetles. HELP.'

"LEAVE THEM ALONE!" Kat heard Eri scream.

She looked up just as the demigoddess sent a surge of lightning at one of the beetles sending it toppled over.

The mutant noticed the people Eri was so desperate to protect. It was a man trying to protect his wife with a toddler boy in her arms with a plastic garbage can lid and a broom.

"Obviously she didn't marry him for brains." Kat mumbled running out of the store.

Three other beetles stared at Eri and began to rush toward her making hissing and clicking noises. One of them lunged toward her but Kat intercepted it using her powers. with wave of a hand it began to float and thrash in the air before Kat flicked her wrist, throwing it into a clothing store window.

Katherine could feel her eyes glowing the familiar lime green color. The niece of iron man smiled and nodded. She had the demigoddess's back.

Eri kicked into the ground hard and grabbed the piece of concrete she had stomped loose and swung it at the one the beetles like a shot-put. It landed on the odd creature and flattened it; it began to ooze black juices which made the demigoddess look a little squeamish.

Kat took care of the last one using her telekinetic powers to squish another one with a rather heavy looking couch.

Both girls were exhausted by the end of it. Kat was about to whoop on victory when Eri sunk to her knees and broke down, literally sobbing.

Kat ran to her and hugged her best friend. Just as Jason and Daniel arrived with Iron Man, Sif, Thor, and Captain America. "About time." Kat told them all mentally.

Captain America and Iron Man went to look at the remains of the creatures while Thor approached his daughter, a look of worry on his face, Sif not far behind him.

Both Asgardians were armored and armed for battle, but that didn't matter to Thor right now. He knelt down by his daughter and gently placed his giant hand atop of her head.

Eri unattached herself from Kat and wrapped her arms around his neck while he held her to him almost like a child in his arms. "Hva er i veien min lille sky? Er saret" The God of Thunder asked gently.

Eri shook her head and sniffled loudly before replying, "Jeg er ikke vondt, Pappa. D-Det er Mor…" she gently lifted her head away from the crook of his neck and pointed toward the woman.

Kat hadn't paid her much attention till now. She looked familiar... Like really familiar.

Kat moved her lips wordlessly. "Kat?" Dan asked taking her hand. "Are you alright?" Kat pointed at Woman and her new son. "Dan...it's Jane." She thought. "Who?" Jason asked mentally. "Eri's mom." She answered. No wonder Eri had lost it. Her mother is remarried and has a new child.

"Pappa…jeg onsker a dra hjem…" Eri muttered from her fathers shoulder. "Yes, of course." Thor said in english while looked over at Katherine. "I thank you for aiding Eri in battle."

The young genius simply shrugged, knowing that her best friend was pretty overwhelmed by everything right now. "It wasn't a problem." Katherine looked over at Jason. He was staring at Eri with concern and love. She knew she defiantly had some explaining to do to, especially for the boys' sake.

Thor lifted up his hammer and swung in a large circle before the Norse dieties and demigoddess left to go back to their home.

Kat stood there with Dan and Jason while Captain America talked with the police and ironman took samples from the oversized creatures.

The mutant sighed and looked at her boyfriend and her best friend.

She hadn't realized it till now, probably because she never really thought about it till she saw Jane, but they had changed drastically since they all had met 8 years ago.

Dan's wavy blonde hair that swooped to one side was longer and messier than she remembered it. When they had first met they where the same height, now he towered over her by a good foot.

Jason was a whole lot taller than she was, like he has always been since they met. When he was younger his bright red hair used to be some what controllable, now it stuck up in every direction possible.

Then she got slapped across the face when realization reminded her not just how they've changed physically, but their relationships as well.

Now she had been calling Dan her boyfriend for 2 years. Jason and Eri are dating now, even though Thor didn't 100% approve. Even Trevor and Charlie were sailing into they're 3rd year of being a couple. To think... All of them had only met 8-9 years ago.

And to think, one-by-one, they where all slowly falling apart.

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