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The first week of senior year couldn't have come fast enough.

Daniel Rogers looked down at his class schedule again making sure he was heading to his right classroom. They had been back in school for 4 days and he still got lost.

He looked up from his schedule as he walked into the stairway and sighed.

High school was going alarmingly fast for Dan's liking. Soon enough he, Kat, and Charlie will be graduating and Jason and Trevor where already off into their first year college. And Eri will be a junior in high school.

Then with college comes separation. He and Kat would most likely go to different schools. The young genius was probably going to go to a large technology based school while he went to a smaller college for studying history.

He didn't want Kat to turn down her high ranked colleges and go to a small college because of him. Even though she denied it, Dan knew he was the only reason Kat didn't graduate college at the age of 13.

That another thought: what would he want to do after college?

Obviously work for S.H.I.E.L.D like his dad. Maybe try to settle down and get a house with Kat, saying he wasn't planning on breaking up with her anytime ever. Heck, maybe he'd want to start a family.


Kat walked down the school hallway with her friends Cari and Scott. Her bright red hair pulled back into its signature messy ponytail and wearing a orange t-shirt that said "Nerd? I Prefer the term: "intellectual badass"" in white blocky letters under a long sleeved shirt and jeans.

"Ugh I can't wait for school to be over already." Kat groaned shouldering her back pack. They still had two more classes before they where home free, and she just wanted to high-tail it out of there.

"We've only been back for 4 days." Scott laughed shaking his head. "Have fun surviving the rest of the year."

Kat rolled her eyes as the trio passed the stair way. The genius leaned backwards and took a few steps back, taking a double take when she saw Dan standing alone in the stairway obviously lost in thought.

"You guys go on with out me. Will you tell professor I won't make it." She suddenly said to her curly blonde haired friend. "Lucky you your a Stark." Cari said in her natural British accent. "Whiting favors you lot."

Kat sniggered and waved her friends goodbye.

Dan was still staring off into space. Taking advantage of the situation, the genius snuck up behind her boyfriend quietly. He still didn't notice her.

Once she was right behind him, Kat grabbed his arm and chanted: "WHO KNEW Daniel Rogers was so easy to sneak up on?"

Captain America's son jumped and looked down at his elbow where Kat's face was grinning. He laughed and re-shouldered his bag.

"Don't tease." He said while rapping his arm around her shoulders. "I have a lot on my mind. What class are you heading to?"

The genius smiled while she rapped her arm around his waist. "Actually I was playing with the idea of skipping for the rest of the afternoon. Join me?" She asked.

Dan pondered this for moment before grinning and resting his forehead on Kat's.

"I think I can afford to miss one math lesson."


Later after school Kat headed to the parking lot to meet Jason, Dan and Eri so they all could go home.

She looked down at her phone to see a text from Jason asking where she was. "I'm on my way, bird-brain." She replied and placed her phone back in her pocket.

Kat turned the corner just as a group of guys bumped into her. "Watch it." One of them snapped before following the others. "I believe the expression is "pardon me"." Kat shot back at him while wagging a finger.

The boys stopped and looked at Kat. Their leader walked ahead of the group causing the mutant to curse mentally. It was Edward Hammer, son of Justin Hammer, the idiot who tried to duplicate her uncles ironman suit and nearly destroyed the city.

What made it worse was that he looked a lot like his dad. Kinda like a mini-evil clone or something. Edward's dirty blonde hair was slicked black with at least a gallon of hair gel and his glasses sat rested on top of the brim of his nose.

"Now, now, Katherine." He said in his usual snobbish tone that she hated more than anything. Well, minus Sabertooth. "It's rude to use that tone with others."

"Gee, Maybe you should tell that to your whale-sized friends." Kat said nodding at the over sized group of boys. The smallest of them was Edward and he was at least 6 feet tall.

They all growled at Kat and cracked their knuckles as if they where trying to threaten her.

"Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to insult others Katherine?" Edward asked. The mutant smirked and turned away from them. "Oh that's right, she was dead before you where out of diapers."

Kat stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes wide. "And that pathetic excuse for an uncle you have had to do the job for her." He continued. Kat gripped her hands so tight she could feel her nails digging into her skin. If this kid knew what was good for him he would shut up.


Dan, Jason and Eri walked around the side of the school hoping to find Kat. "Where is she?" Jason asked looking at his watch. "We're going to be late for training."

Dan shrugged and looked ahead. "Oh god..." He muttered when he saw Kat.

Her back was facing Edward Hammer and her eyes where glowing bright red. "Kat!" He thought instantly hoping somehow she would hear him. "Kat calm down! He's not even worth the trouble!"

Thankfully, she had heard him, because Kat instantly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them again, her eyes where back to normal.

The trio sighed with relief. Kat not only would've reviled she's a mutant, but also get in a heap of trouble.

"But, then again, I guess it's a good thing that mutant freak of a father you had is dead as well." Edward continued. Kat's expression turned deadly. "I mean with all the freakish monsters that exist its a wonder the government doesn't put them out of their misery like your stupid dad-"

Kat whipped around and socked Edward in the face.

Eri gasped and clasped her hands over her mouth while Jason just stared at her just as dumbfound as Dan.

Edward got hit with such a force, he turned a 360 before land on his backside. Blood poured down his noes and his glasses where cracked.

"Didn't your daddy teach you it's rude to insult someone's parents?" Kat snapped at him. "Oh that's right, he's spent the past 10 years in prison!"

At that, Kat turned heel and stalked off, leaving everyone in shock.


The young genius spun around her uncles lab trying to rid herself of boredom. The school had called home saying what Kat had done and expected a punishment. Of course once Tony heard what had happened, he decided to let the situation go.

Ironman had to go to an Avengers meeting so Kat decided to take advantage of the time and put the finishing touches on her Irongirl armor.

"How much longer till the paints done, JARVIS?" Kat asked while twirling her uncles taser in her hand. "Another hour, Miss. Peterson." He replied.

Kat groaned as her phone buzzed. She picked it up to see she had gotten another text from Jason, Dan and Eri.

"Are you feeling alright? Do you want me to come over? Please respond to this I love you -Dan"

"Kat are you feeling alright? You almost lost your head today. I hope your not in to much trouble. -Jason"

"I'm coming over right now whether you want me to or not. -Eri"

Kat sighed and replied:

"No it's alright, Eri's already forcing her way inside. I love you too."

"Gee, thanks for caring so much bird-brain."

"Alright but you better bring ice cream."

The genius sighed and rolled around on her chair. Maybe a girls night in is what she really needs to get her mind off her parents.

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