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"Ow!" Kat hissed in pain through the bloodied napkin clenched between her teeth as she injected herself in the arm with the Extremis process again.

What was this going to do? These little computers would now allow Katherine to directly interface with any computer system and satellite. Basically, the crucial circuitry for the Iron Girl, and some of the Iron Man, armor is now being stored inside the hollows of her bones.

Sure it'd make her more robot than mutant/human. But hey, you can't deny it's pretty cool.

The genius paused as her cell phone began to ring. Spitting out the dirty napkin from her mouth, Kat levitated the cell phone over and answered it as she started ejecting herself again.

"I got the ice cream and a couple of James Bond movies." Eri said the moment She answered. "Thanks." Kat muttered focusing on the injection she was doing. She hissed in pain as the machine went into her bones.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" the demigoddess asked, worry clearly showing in her voice. "I'm fine, Eri." Kat replied with a wince as she injected the last little machine into her arm. "Alright. I'll be there soon." Eri replied before hanging up.

"Alright!" Kat said letting her phone go back onto the table and wiping the blood off her arms with the same napkin "Let's try these bad boys out, shall we?"

The genius walked onto the platform as the recording camera zoomed in on her. "Camera?" Kat asked pointing a finger in its direction. The robot head nodded. "Suit?" The iron girl armor laid on top of the desk in its separate pieces. Another robot head spun in answer.

"Hit it JARVIS." Kat said snapping her fingers at the music player behind her.

Joe Williams "Jingle Bells" instantly started playing from speakers, blasting music around her.

Kat closed her eyes as the music started and waved her arms above her head as she shook her hips to the beat. The genius spun in a 360 while chanting "ha!" and sticking her right arm out towards the dismantled pieces of Iron Girl armor. Nothing.

"Oh, c'mon..." She muttered banging her arm with her free hand then thrusting it at the armor again.

This time the right glove turned on and rocketed itself at Kat latching itself onto her hand. "Ha! Yes!" She chanted as she watched the armor lock itself onto Kat's hand. Flicking her other arm the rest of arm pieces flew onto Kat's body while she spun in a 360.

Kat started dancing as each of the pieces of armor flew over and connected onto her body. Once her entire upper body, minus her face, was covered, Kat did a backwards flip and the Iron Girl boots flew on and latched onto her jeans. The boots connected themselves to the rest of the suit as her face mask flew into place.

Iron Girl landed on the platform on one knee with one arm in the air behind her and the other driven into the ground. She raised her head grinning.

"And that's how it's done." She said standing up.

The Iron Girl armor was pretty much exactly like her uncle's mock-47 armor, except smaller and had a more female-ish body structure.

"Miss. Odenson is calling, Miss. Peterson." JARVIS told her showing the photo of Eri she used as a contact. "Yello?" Kat asked as the suit answered her phone.

All she heard was a shriek and the sound of loud crashing and possibly an explosion in the background. "Eri?!" Kat asked just as the phone line went dead.

The armor opened up and Kat ran out of it sprinting out of the lab.

"Miss. Peterson-?" JARVIS asked. "Eri's in trouble!" Kat called running up the stairs. She had been so stuck in the lab she hadn't even noticed the thunder storm raging outside.

Running out onto her uncles take off platform, Kat flew up into the air and after her best friend.

It wasn't exactly hard to find her. All kat had to do was go the opposite direction all the by standers where running.

Eri was in bad shape. She was limping and her arm looked like it was torn out of its socket. She also may have broken some ribs by how uneven her breathing sounded.

Eri was able to summon a sword back to hand, similar to how her dad did with his hammer and then leapt into the air, she was able to strike her attacker in the eye, leaving him to roar in pain, and then backhanded Eri into the side of a car.

Whoever this guy was, he wasn't human. Heck, he wasn't even mutant. He had blood red eyes, and skin that made it look like he was made from stone. There was a broad sword over his back, a battle ax and dagger were strapped around his waist, and a shield was over his back as well.

Eri struggled to get out of the wreckage as the attacker moved in. Kat found the heaviest truck on the street and sent it soaring toward the stone guy, but it ended up getting split by his battle ax before it could reach him.

"Damn it..." Kat cursed as she levitated all the rubble and metal off the demigoddess. The genius practically grew up in blood and bruises, but the sight of beat up Eri made her stomach cringe a bit.

Eri smiled through a bloodied mouth and bruised face. "Kat, you came…" she said through a hiss of pain as the telepathic mutant tried to support her broken best friend.

"Let's get you out of here." Katherine replied more focused on leaving than staying.

The stone guy charged toward Kat and ripped her away from Eri, sending the genius flying down the street. Kat landed hard on the pavement several times before she rolled to a stop. Damn that guy had an arm!

She could feel bruises forming and broken bones cracking under her weight as she struggled to get back to her feet.

Thats when Kat noticed neither of her or Eri had any armor on; they were both fighting in t-shirts and jeans. She had to end this quick.

Kat tried to telepathically attack the stone man, but he only laughed. Damn it! Why isn't this working?!

While she was thinking, the attacker went to bash her in the head with his shield. The genius clenched her fists, hoping the small computers in her bones would be able to connect from this far way.

Before the shield could make contact, Kat felt her Iron girl armor began to surround her, leaving the shield to only clink against her head. "Nice try." She thought as she sent the shield into the sky with a repulser ray from her Iron Girl suit. The stone guy stumbled backwards as his weapon shattered to nothing.

"Thanks, JARVIS." She breathed a sigh of relief. She loved that robot sometimes.

"You are most welcome, Mrs. Peterson. I have called the Avengers, they are there way." JARVIS said.

Katherine let out another sigh, this time out of anger. she was so going to be in trouble once her uncle arrived.

She was about to try to hit the attacker with a powered up repulser ray when his ax hit her strait in the chest, tearing through the metal chest plate of her suit like tissue and cutting her skin.

Kat flew onto her back. She barely had time to scream before he crushed the air out of her lungs with his foot pushing down on his torso and some of her ribcage began to crack.

Kat struggled to lift him off with her telepathy, but before she could get enough strength, she went unconscious.


That wasn't the call Tony wanted to hear during an Avengers meeting.

He and Fury had just been discussing his "army of Iron Men" when JARVIS called in saying Kat and Eri where in trouble. While the others got onto a jet, Tony went strait for the battle in his suit. When he got there everything was silent.

"JARVIS scan for life forms. Find them." He instructed as he heard the sound of Thor flying in from behind.

"I've found Miss. Peterson." JARVIS replied showing Tony Kat's outline not to far away. Thank god she was still in one piece. Wait... Was she wearing... arch reactor technology?

Tony flew down to his niece in shock to see she was wearing a full set of Iron Armor he had never seen before.

Kneeling next to her Iron Man ran his fingers over the large cut across the suits chest plate. "JARVIS hack the suit and open it up." He instructed.

As soon as it opened, Tony regretted his choice.

Kat looked like someone had used her as a punching bag. Her face and pretty much entire body was smeared with blood and dirt.

"Why is she always covered in blood?" He thought sickly while brushing her hair out of her face. The large cut on her chest was still fresh and he wasn't a doctor but Tony knew her elbow was not supposed to be shaped that way. The same was with her leg and her ribs.

"God damn..." Tony muttered. Whoever did this must've been one supernova.

Hawkeye ran up to Katherine and gently placed his ear near her lips. "She's still breathing." He said. "Thanks, genius, my suit told me that while I was still air born." Tony smirked.

Clint glared at Iron Man as Kat started coughing and waking up. The red head started gasping rapidly as she panicked. Probably thought her attacker was still here.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey... Easy, kiddo easy. your ok." Tony said quickly trying to keep her calm while gentle running his ran over her blood covered forehead. "Your going to be perfectly ok."

"Where's Eri?" Katherine breathed as Tony tried to help her sit up. Tears fell down her cheeks from the pain and Iron man and Hawkeye instantly helped her lay back down.

Thor marched over to the nearly-fallen genius. He looked more beyond angry than she's ever seen him. "Who took her?" He demanded fighting to keep his voice under control.

"Some grey guy with laser beam eyes…" Kat muttered. She watched as Thor opened up a portal and vanish from sight just before she slipped back into unconsciousness.

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