As odd as it may make Kat seem, she had a habit of talking to people's graves.

Like right now for example. She was seated on the grass in front of Charles Xavier's grave pouring her heart out because she feels like he would listen. Which wasn't surprising. The Professor used to always listen to Kat when she needed to get things off her chest. It helped her keep her emotions and powers under control.

"-I mean, I'm happy Remy and Ivy are going to have their son and I'm beyond excited I'm finally getting Pepper as an official aunt, but... Everyone outside them seems to hate me." Kat said bluntly to the grave stone.

She was gladly reminded of this when she excitedly went to her bedroom to tell the others of her Uncle and soon-to-be Aunts engagement. After telling Dan, kat dialed Eri's number only to remember her best friend was being held captive by a god killer and also that Jason hated her guts for it.

"Ain't healthy to be talk'n to gravestones so much, Red."

Kat turned to see Logan walking up. He sat down next to her and light a cigar. "Not as unhealthy as smoking." She replied. "What are you doing out here?" Wolverine took a long smoke before replying: "Same as you, Red."

She smirked a little. Kat knew Logan was here to visit one of the small graves next to Professor Xavier's, who just so happened to be his killer. Jean Grey. That red headed telepath Remy told her about 8 years ago. Not only did she kill the professor, but she also killed her lover Scott Summers.

It crushed Kat to learn Scott had died. Whenever she came for her rare visits to the institute they and Kurt would play around outside. He also was someone she liked to talk to. Mostly because he had lost his parents when he was a kid as well.

Back to Logan, Kat knew he had loved Jean. He had never told her but her mind may have slipped and -uh- taken the information. To make his pain worse he had been the only one who could kill her. Which had to happen or the world would've been destroyed. None the less, she just nodded.

"So, how's Rouge and Laura doing?" Kat asked changing to a lighter subject. Rouge was Logan's current girlfriend, which had shocked Kat a little saying their age difference but hey she's 22. Rouge can make her own choices. And Laura was his 'clone'. To no ones surprise, Kat and Laura had a rough start but became good friends soon enough. Even though she's two years younger her, kat still sees her around her high school.

"Both do'n good. She's here if you want to talk to her. Laura I mean." Logan replied. Kat could tell by his expression he wanted some alone time. "Sure. I'll see you around." Kat said standing and wiping the grass of her jeans. "Later, Red." He grunted obviously deep in thought already.

Kat walked around to the back of the school while texting Pepper what color theme she thought would be best for the wedding. She closed her phone and slipped it into her pocket as she looked back up. The mutant felt her heart go into her throat.

Standing not even 5 feet from her was a tall, buff man with a shaved head. His back was to her and he was looking around the yard. "Creed." She said taking a step back.

Victor turned around and grinned showing his fangs. Then he pounced. Kat ducked and somersaulted away as Victor landed and launched himself at her again. Feeling her mutation kick in, Kat levitated Sabertooth in mid air and threw him into a large nearby statue. The entire structure crumbled on top of him but Kat was far from done.

Her scars on her shoulders and stomach started burn as rage filled her. Levitating him again, Kat flung Victor onto a wall causing a giant hole to form from the impact. Feeling her eyes turn red, Kat ran inside after him.

Victors broken bones healed quickly as he picked up the tv he had crashed into and chucked it at her. Kat raised her hand and the tv froze in midair. Flicking her wrist the tv was sent flying back at him. Victor jumped over it and tried to land on Kat.

She caught Victor telepathically in midair and threw him onto the wall and kept him pinned there. Sabertooth howled as he tried to escape Katherine's telepathic hold but all it did was make the wall crack around him. Feeling rage, Kat lowly closed her fingers into a fist, causing the pressure around Victor to slowly crush him.

"Not so fun when it's you, huh? Where's your 'Mate' to save your sorry ass now?" Kat sneered at him as Victor grunted with pain. The genius knew his healing factor was taking place, healing the bones she was crushing, but she didn't care. She just wanted him to experience as much pain as possible...


The mutant turned to see Storm, Hank, Logan and a small boy not even 10 years old run out into the room. They where stopped from going any further by the telepathic wall Kat had made. They all yelled her name and hit the field with their fists. Kat was to fixated on the boy to pay attention to them.

The kid looked exactly like a mini-Victor. Though his hair was longer with a slight wave to it and he had sea green eyes. Aster's eyes.

She tore her gaze away from the boy and back at Sabertooth who was still being crushed. Why does she suddenly feel guilty? This monster killed her parents and almost killed her as well as all the people she cared about. Why the hell would she care if his son saw this? It's not like he cared when she saw her parents die.

"Katherine!" Hank yelled. "Katherine don't! Your doing no more than what he did to you all those years ago! Don't you remember what it was like?"

Of course she remembered. The pain. The traumatization. The horror and discomfort. The helplessness of watching your dad die in front of you. Unknowingly, Kat starting shaking. She couldn't do this. Not to a kid. Whoevers kid it is.

Kat released her hold on Sabertooth and let him drop to the ground. He looked up at her, slightly confused. Anyone would be, it was her life goal to take him out. Kat glared down at him. "Let me make one thing clear: I'm sparing you for your son. And him only. Don't think I forgive you or have gone soft. You ever come near me or the people I care about again and I will fry your brain just like I did Zero's all those years ago." She growled. "Besides... I'm not a monster that hurts kids. I'm not you."

At that, Kat turned and left.


Katherine stood in Iron Man's lab behind her uncle as he worked on her, now renamed by the press, 'Iron Maiden' armor.

So far he hasn't lectured Kat about building her own suit but she knew it was only a matter of time. Especially saying Justin Hammer's constant ranting about how she was a 'danger to society'.

"I can't believe you told the government that it was your suit." She said as he welded the gaping cut closed. Tony turned off the machine and looked at her. "I can't believe you disobeyed me and built your own suit behind my back." He said. "Does my authority mean nothing to you?"

Kat looked away guiltily. She couldn't stand looking at Tony when she disappointed him.

Iron man sighed. "Look, I'm not mad at you for anything. If you hadn't made this suit, you'd be dead. So that cancels out most of the negatives." He said. "But you can't just go around and build things like this, Kat. Now the government is questioning if you should stay here."

Katherine sighed hid her face in her hand. As if she didn't have enough guilt already. Tony stood up and patted her on the back. "Don't worry about the government." He said in a much lighter tone. "Their always against me. And if they ask: your grounded. Got it?"

Kat looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "What's my punishment?" She asked. Tony shrugged and sat back down, "I don't know make it up. But it can't involve not doing your chores."

She grinned at him as Pepper came running downstairs. "Natasha just called." She said before either of them could speak. "Thor's back. And he brought Eri with him."


Kat practically sprinted through the hospital despite the nurses who told her to walk. She cursed the entire way up the elevator saying it was to slow while pacing back and forth. Once the doors opened wide enough, Kat continued her run till she sprinted right into Dan. Luckily he heard her coming and turned around so she just fell into his arms.

"Is Eri alright?!" She gasped as she stood up strait. "I don't know. I haven't seen or been told anything about her." He replied. That wasn't the answer she wanted. Kat hid her face in her hands and Dan rapped his arms around her. "I know, for a fact, Eri's going to be alright. She's small but tough." Dan continued to reassure Kat while rubbing her back.

God knows how long passed till she finally got the strength to come out from her hiding spot and look at what was happening around them.

Jason was asking Thor questions a mile a minute. The thunder god looked like he was trying his best to answer them calmly. Her Uncle had arrived and was walking around while talking on his cell phone trying to find the best doctors to treat Eri. Clint and Natasha where talking in hushed voices on the other end of the hall obviously keeping a look out just in case something else went wrong. One thing she noticed was the constant glares they where sending at one figure that hadn't caught Kat's gaze.

He was thin, pale and had shoulder length black hair. He was also wearing Asgardian armor and was reading a teen fashion magazine with quiet amusement.

So Thor had gone to Loki for help. Maybe he knows how Eri is... Forget it. After all this guy has done to try to enslave the Earth?Then again he did save Eri. And he seems more into that magazine then ruling their planet. Loki looked up from his newspaper and soon his gaze met hers. Well, here goes nothing.

Katherine walked over to the god and sat down next to him nervously. He only raised an eyebrow at her actions. Nervously she quietly asked: "I-is Eri okay?"

Loki scoffed. "Okay" was not the word he would use in this type of situation. "She is not dead, if that is what you are asking. You are all acting as if we should be preparing for her funeral, she will live through this. If she does not, then I see no reason that I should call her my niece."

The genius furrowed her eyebrows at him and decided to leave. Before Katherine could stand, the Trickster spoke up again. "You should feel lucky that Eri still even lives."

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