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Katherine learned a lot of unexpected things while in the hospital. Like how Jane apparently became a nurse and is now watching over Eri. Or how Thor is more like Zeus than she thought and has two other children (Torrna and Magni). And to top it all off, Loki the insane, murderous, god that tried to take over the planet Earth just so happened to have a wife and two sons (Narvi and Vali).

The genius continued the sit alone outside of Eri's hospital room. She was to nervous to go inside and see the demigoddess probably out of the fear that she'd be angry beyond meaning with her. Her thoughts broke at the sound of the room's door opening. Jane walked out and closed the door.

She gave Kat a small glance and turned to walk away but almost instantly turned around again to get a better look at her face. "Have we met?" She asked furrowing her eyebrows."Yeah, I'm childhood friends with your daughter whom you can't remember because of your shitty-mind-erasing-ex-husband." Kat thought. "Not that I know of." She replied out loud. Jane stared at her for a while longer before stating: "no... I've seen you somewhere before... You're Katherine Peterson, Tony Stark's niece."

The mutant sighed and activated her x-gene. Entering Jane's head, she alternated her best friend's mother's memories of her. Once she was done, Jane snapped out of the daze and started laughing. "Oh, that's right! I saw you on the television with your uncle! That's how I know you!" She said. Kat faked a smiled that said "Of course that's how you know me!" "Well, I have to run. Your friend is just laying in there awake if you want to see her." Jane said turning and leaving. "Take care." "You too." Kat said giving a small wave.

Sighing, the mutant leaned back in her chair. She hated messing with people's minds and memories like that. But, Thor didn't leave her much of a choice.

Kat looked over at the hospital door that lead to Eri's room. She hesitated, but stood up and walked to the front of the door. She was going to have to face her at one point... Might as well make it when she can't swing her sword Storm-Bringer.

Kat opened the door and walked inside. Eri was laying with her back facing her. The demigoddess rolled over the moment she heard the shuffling of Kat's sneakers. She waiting for the genius to sit down before forcing herself to sit up.

"Oh Kat…" she said as tears dripped down her face and she somehow found the strength to hug the redhead. "Thank you…" "Thank me for what? You almost died." Kat asked, guilt gnawing at her like a piranha. "You did your best to save me." Eri replied while laying back down. "I am so glad you're alive…" Kat gave one of her famous lopsided grins. "I'm glad you're alive too." She said. Eri sat up again slightly, "Sorry Jason was being a total donkey-butt." The demigoddess grinned a little. "Don't worry I chewed him out."

Katherine mentally laughed at Eri's excuse for 'colorful language'. Obviously they had different names in mind for the young archer. She shrugged. "He was really worried about you. He loves you." Eri's face grew red. "I know…" she was about to say something else when she was interrupted by the happy voices of her younger half-siblings Magni and Torran climbed onto the bed. Thor, Sif, and Loki with his family entered next. Katherine hugged the God of Thunder's daughter gently. "I'll see you later." She said before leaving the room, not wanting to ruin the family moment.

Kat closed the door and found herself being hugged by Daniel whom must've just returned from getting food with his parents. "I'm proud of you for finally talking to her." He said after his kissed her forehead. "Yeah, feels good to know she doesn't hate my guts." Kat replied as Dan hugged her again. Looking over the Son of Captain America's shoulder she spotted an embarrassed and ashamed Jason standing awkwardly.

After pulling away from Dan, Kat took a few steps closer to the young archer. He took a deep breath before apologizing. "I'm sorry, Kat…I shouldn't have blamed you." Jason said. The genius nodded at him and replied: "it's alright, Jason. Anyone would've reacted the same way." He nodded at Kat then Dan and then left the couple. They both watched at the archer went to go by his own parents.

"That wasn't a very sincere apology..." Dan mumbled, not impressed by Jason's attempt. Kat only sighed. "Because he's not truly sorry. Not yet anyway." She replied.


I'm leaving for Asgard. Not sure when I'll be back.

Kat read and reread this message over and over again even though she had already processed what it meant. Eri was going back to Asgard. The 'I don't know when I'll be back' part was an obvious cover up for 'I don't know if I'm coming back'. Still shocked by the lack of notification, Kat typed up a reply:

What? Why didn't you tell me, Dan, or Jason? What do you mean you're not sure when you'll be back?

After she sent the message, Kat grabbed her car keys and headed to the garage, not bothering with the mess of her broken mug and chocolate milk she left behind. She climbed into her black mustang and sped off. "JARVIS, call Dan and Jason." She told robot butler as she drove to the more suburban part of the city. "Yes, ." He replied.

After several hair-pulling minutes of static, the archer and the super soldier finally answered. "Did you get Eri's text?" She asked getting strait to the point. "Yeah. Did she ever tell either of you about this?" Dan asked. "No. She never told me a thing." Jason replied. "What about you Kat?" "Would I be calling if she did?" The genius asked as she took a right turn. "I'm heading to her place now cause i want answers and i'm going to get them even if i have to drag them out of her head kicking and screaming. Meet me there?" "Yeah, I'll see you there." Dan replied. "Same." Jason said. Kat hung up the call and drove in silence the rest of the way.

By the time she had pulled up to the Odenson's home, Jason and Dan both pulled up from different directions on each of their own motorcycles. (Jason on his red one and Dan on his black). They didn't even get a chance to knock on the door before it was opened by the demigoddess herself.

Kat was full of Mixed emotions and she knew it was showing. Walking past Eri, she made her way into the kitchen with Dan. Jason could be the first one to talk to her.

"You're leaving?" Jason whispered, he gingerly held Eri's fingers in his own hands. Eri could only nod as tears blurred her vision again. She kissed. "I thought it was for the best." "We're going to need more of explanation then that, Sparky." Jason said, plopping down onto the couch with a slight bounce.

"Spill, Eri." Kat demanded, she was scooping chocolate fudge ripple ice cream into bowls. What? whenever one of the four of them is depressed they eat ice cream. Daniel sat down on the arm of the chair, swirling his ice cream around with his spoon, before putting a spoonful of it into his mouth. "I'm going to Asgard. I-I need to go there. I-I-It's where I belong." Eri sighed, sinking herself down beside the Son of Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Katherine's sat down in the chair, Daniel had perched on. Her ice cream beginning to melt in the bowl that rested in her lap. Suddenly the frozen treat didn't look as appetizing. "You belong with us, Eri." She said.

The Demigoddess shook her head, her blond locks that was twisted back into twin braids slightly stinging her cheeks. "You and Dan are graduating. Jason is already off at college…I don't want to be left behind, so I am going with Papa to Asgard. I-I don't know how long I'll be there for. B-But I promise I'll come back."

Katherine lifted her spoon to her mouth and sucked the surgery dessert off of the utensil. "I still don't like the idea of you leaving. But if you really want too, I guess we can't stop you huh?" Eri got out of seat and hugged the mutant genius. "You'll still be my best friend, Kat." Kat stuck her tongue at the Demigoddess and returned the embracement. "After all the shit we've been through, I better be. And don't you dare go dying on us."

Eri grinned through the tears spilling down her cheeks and pulled away from the hug. "Cross my heart." She made the sign of an X over her chest. "Oh, Uncle Tony is throwing a "Farewell" party for you guys." Katherine muttered through bites of ice cream. Eri glanced over at Jason. the redheaded archer shrugged. "Sounds fun."

XXXXXX To stark tower! XXXXXXX

Stark Tower had never been so noisy. And then again it normally did not have all the Avengers, plus their families, and Loki in it all at once. Music was pounding throughout the Tower from the over head speakers. Tony was in the kitchen, busily cooking with help of Bruce Banner, talking about scientific stuff that went right over the Gods and goddess's heads. Torran, Magni, Vali, and Narfi had snuck off somewhere with Trevor's half-brother, T'wari. Natasha, Sif, Sigyn, and Ororo were crowded around Pepper, examining a rather large diamond ring on finger. And Jason and Daniel had wondered off somewhere with Trevor, probably daring each other to do stupid stuff or whatever it is boys do.

Kat had locked herself in the lab again working on the finishing touches of the new-and-improved Iron Maiden armor. She looked up to see Eri making her way down into the lab. She didn't say anything and just plopped down next to Kat and rested her cheek on the palm of her hand.

"You're mad at me aren't you?" Eri asked, watching as Kat levitated a screwdriver to her hand. The mutant genius looked up, but didn't remove the goggles she was wearing. "A little. Ya could have told me sooner, you know." She replied.

Eri and Kat both looked up as the mini-gods and the one mortal came flying down to the lab, riding on Tony's automatic Ironman suit. Eri summoned a bolt of static, as the spark hit the suit, and it clattered to the ground in pieces. Torran glared at Eri, her cheeks puffed out in anger. "You ruined our fun, you big meanie."

Eri rolled her eyes at her half-sister. "That isn't a toy…" Katherine glared at the gang of mischief makers, the screw driver had fallen to the floor and her arms were crossed over her chest. "You shouldn't mess with stuff that isn't yours." She snapped. Did they know just how much that suit costed?

Torran's reply was sticking out her tongue at Kat. Before the genius could reply, the second Daughter of Thor ran up the stairs, her brother trailing after her. The other youngsters quickly followed after.

The Demigoddess glanced over at her best friend. "So Pepper is going to be your Aunt now huh?"

Katherine grinned, as she took off her googles. "Yep." The two girls watched as the youngest of the Avenger clan bolted up the stairs, shouting something about dinner finally being ready. With a wave of her hand, the genius was able to put the suit back together, thanks to the chips in her arms and legs that connected her to it.

Eri went ahead and headed up stairs while the genius packed up her tools. She paused to the smell of Teriyaki steak and baked potatoes made her stomach grumble rather loudly. She quickly flew upstairs to see Eri and Jason standing together, both looking at her. The mutant genius smiled sadly, "Come on." She said rapping arm around each of their shoulders. "Let's get up there before there isn't any food left."

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