The night was dark, the moon not even out to give the dark, splotchy ground its various shades of murky browns and greens. Despite the darkness the makings of a large, lush forest could be seen, tall, thick trees and dark bushes and various wild flowers making up the scenery over the grass-spotted ground. All seemed peaceful, all seemed quiet, but that wasn't true. The forests of Ancient China were in an uproar, birds screeching and ground animals fleeing.

Bright, honey eyes with slit pupils looked behind to see three, large dogs gaining ground. Looking forward just a bit too late the one holding those honey depths yelped as it's bare foot tripped on a root, tangerine-hued hair that fell over those eyes and went to shoulders clothed in an old, lavender Kimono falling and tangling in the mess of twigs and prickly grass the figure had fallen onto. A sharp twig cut into the slightly pale skin of the creature's cheek, causing large, orange ears tipped in an even darker orange to fold back and for a hiss to be emitted from a mouth that held sharp, elongated canines. Clawed hands scratched at the dirt as he tried to find purchase and push his small frame up from the ground, causing the kimono to snag on another sharp twig and tear. Those ears twitched in displeasure at the action before the creature took off again, an unusually long, orange tail swishing behind him.

The creature smiled when he saw a tree, tall enough to escape but short enough to climb. Jumping slightly when one of the dog's mouths snapped at his heels he made a running start for the tree, jumping and snagging the bark with his claws and sliding down a bit before scrambling up before the dog could bite him. He stared over the branch he had chosen safe enough he watched the massive, gray dogs bark and snap up at him. He hissed down at them, peeling some loose bark off of the tree and throwing it down at them, one piece hitting one square in the forehead.

Unfortunately that did not deter the dogs. Nor did it stop their masters from walking up behind them and looking up at him on his little branch in the tree. He knew the humans couldn't climb, and the dogs certainly couldn't either, but he couldn't stay up in the tree, especially since it would be morning soon. He hissed at them before digging his claws into the tree trunk and climbing up to the next branch, curling up on it and fidgeting with the tear on his kimono.

He didn't know how long he'd sat there, but soon the utter darkness of the night was turning a rosy red as the sun just started to peek out over the land. No matter how long he sat, the humans and their dogs just wouldn't leave! Hissing, he threw a twig down at them before jumping out of the tree. This time he made sure he didn't trip as he ran. Up ahead he could see a break in the trees, and growled at the thought of no cover. He could hear the dogs on him again.

He stumbled a little as he broke through the treeline, the bright light from the morning's sun blinding him momentarily, though he didn't stop running. Honey eyes widened when the creature saw what he had ran into. It was a noble's village, the likes of which were run by powerful families that had close contact with the emperor. Which meant they had power. And guards.

He didn't have time to think further on the sudden situation when two, heavy bodies slammed into his, forcing him to the ground. His ears folded back against his head from the loud yelling, hurting his ears and making him flinch. Of course, that didn't stop him from fighting. He managed to squirm enough to push the heavy bodies away from him, his claws lashing out and scoring vertically down the side of one's face.

He tried to push to his feet but the guard not holding his face grabbed his hair and forced his face into the dirt, making him whine and hiss at the same time. The guard's free hand grabbed both of his wrists and held them behind his back, avoiding his sharp claws. The creature's tail swished wildly, letting out a muffled huff into the ground as he squirmed. The only thing he could be thankful for at that point was that the dogs and hunters had stopped going after him at the villages border, an obvious 'off limits' place for them to hunt in.

It was that moment he realized his position, his rear high in the air while his face was being crushed against the ground, which he knew he was going to get a bruise from. It only made him squirm harder. "Quit squirming, you stupid demon!" the guard holding him growled.

The demon managed to turn his head enough to hiss at him, blinking and squinting against the harsh light as the guard's features came into view. Scarlet hair fell around the male's angular face, eyes the color of the darkest wine glaring down at him, which were framed by ancient tribal tattoos. He bared his teeth at him and hissed again. The crimson haired guard scowled and smacked the demon in the head. "Quiet!" he growled.

The smack had caused him to bite his tongue, his sharp fangs biting into the sensitive muscle. He whined at the pain as two small rivulets of blood ran down his tongue and out of his mouth, dripping onto the dirt. He stilled, realizing that he just couldn't overpower him.

The other guard, no longer holding his face got a piece of cloth and tied the creature's hands behind his back. He started to squirm again when he felt his legs being tied together with another piece, slowly opening his mouth so he could slip his fangs from his tongue. He winced at the pain it brought.

The demon hissed, realizing that more guards and the village's people were starting to gather around. They were all talking and yelling, and it hurt his ears even more. The hiss, of course, only got his face shoved into the ground even more.

"What are you gathering around here for? What happened?" a rough voice demanded as a figure pushed through the crowd.

The demon let out a muffled huff, trying to squirm away again. To be honest he rathered the dogs and their masters than this. His lips parted so he could pant, the one eye not shoved into the ground straining to look around he crowd, though all he could really see was the dirt and the humans' feet.

"Master Grimmjow, we simply caught a demon... it's nothing to worry about." the red haired guard stated.

"Really? Then why are the villagers gathering around?" the rough voice asked.

"It is a very... rare, demon." the other guard stated.

"Rare?" the rough voice asked. There was a soft crunching noise and there was a pair of sandal covered feet in front of the creature.

"Sir, don't get too close, it's a dangerous demon." one of the guards warned.

"Please wait till we have killed it if you want to look at it." the other guard added. The demon whined softly at the word 'killed', squirming around and flexing his owner of the rough voice ignored the guards, tilting the demon's head up. Honey colored eyes met a sharp, ocean blue color.

Eyes wide, the demon panicked, hissing and biting down on the hand tilting his head up, his fangs easily piercing flesh. The blue eyed human dropped the creature's head, shaking his hand slightly as blood streamed down from the bitemark. "Sir, are you okay?" the crimson haired guard asked.

The demon spat both his and the human's blood on the ground, his cut tongue coming out to lick at his lips repeatedly to try and get rid of the blood. The other guard was getting his sword out to kill the demon, to cut his head of. "Kill him." the red head guard nodded.

"Wait a moment. Don't kill the demon. I'm keeping it." the blue eyed human stated.

"But sir, it's a demon and-" the scarlet haired guard tried to argue.

"Quiet." the blue eyed human snapped. "I have been looking for a new pet. This demon is perfect." he stated. The demon growled, flicking his ears flat against his head and trying to bite him again when the human tilted his face up, but the human kept his hand just out of reach. The human smirked lightly at the demon. Then he lifted the demon and threw the creature onto his shoulder and started away, heading back to the main house in the middle of the village. The demon continued to hiss and squirm the entire time.

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