Grimmjow was trying to drag Ichigo down the hall towards the bath house but Ichigo didn't seem interested in going there. They both needed a quick bath before they went to the festival but Ichigo was being difficult. Grimmjow had both of their new more festival-like kimonos in one hand and the other holding Ichigo's shoulder. Ichigo was desperately trying to get away, absolutely hating the hot springs. "Ichigo!" Grimmjow growled. The demon whined loudly, not giving up in trying to get away. Grimmjow sighed as he continued to the spring. Once they reached the rocks, he set Ichigo down but didn't release the demon's arms. Ichigo growled, trying to pull away. Grimmjow put down their kimonos before dragging Ichigo closer to the water. He started to strip Ichigo first. The demon tried to scratch his arms again, but Grimmjow had a good grip on his wrists. Grimmjow successfully stripped Ichigo, dropping him in the water before undressing himself.

The demon yowled, trying to climb out of the water. Grimmjow slid into the water and tugged Ichigo into his arms. He whined, pouting and holding onto the ledge of the springs. Grimmjow ran his fingers through Ichigo's hair, trying to calm the demon. Ichigo folded his ears back, refusing to relax. The blue haired human sighed. He lifted Ichigo a bit so the demon's head leaned against his shoulder as he stood in the water. Ichigo huffed, growling but he didn't try to move. Grimmjow gently washed Ichigo's hair and ears in the water before he started to wash himself.

Right when Grimmjow let him go Ichigo was out of the water, scrambling to get the white kimono he had been wearing and pulling it on. "No!" Grimmjow called. He got out of the water and undressed Ichigo before giving the demon his new kimono. It was a light pink, the color of sakura blossoms with light blue flowers, had longer sleeves, and was a bit shorter to cover less of Ichigo's legs. Grimmjow sighed before dressing in his new kimono. His was black with a blood red dragon curling around his chest and left arm and it hung to about his knees with the sleeves hanging to his elbows.

Ichigo scowled down at the kimono in his hands. He knew it must have been from that short girl that he had gotten his kimono from last time. "Get dressed." Grimmjow stated as he walked over to Ichigo. The demon huffed and started to pull it on. "Good Ichigo." Grimmjow chuckled, petting Ichigo's head. Then he took Ichigo's hand and started to guide the demon to the festival. Ichigo held onto his hand tightly.

Grimmjow took Ichigo down to the festival, making a quick stop at the food market to get Ichigo some of that grilled fish he had loved so much the day before. He let Ichigo have one as they walked around the festival. Ichigo seemed a little more comfortable as he ate, though that was probably only because he was more focused on his treat than the surrounding area.

Grimmjow guided Ichigo around the festival. Ichigo seemed to be mildly interested though he liked his treat better. Ichigo glanced up at him before nuzzling into his side. Grimmjow patted Ichigo's head and continued to walk around with the demon. After a while Ichigo started to purr, seeming far more relaxed than he had the day prior. Grimmjow was glad for that, having Ichigo run wild probably wasn't good today. He had heard even the emperor was supposed to be here for the festival.

Ichigo looked around, his eyes wide. "Ichigo?" Grimmjow blinked. Ichigo suddenly released Grimmjow's arm and ran off, disappearing into the crowd. "HEY!" Grimmjow yelled before following the demon. The people moved aside as the noble raced through. Grimmjow would assume Ichigo saw some sort of fish and wanted some, that seemed to be the only thing that would make Ichigo leave his side, well other than the whole bath thing.

The man with the squid cart had just rounded around a corner of some festival stands. He was very surprised when a demon suddenly appeared in front of him, wanting some of his squid. Instead of doing what the humans would do, Ichigo just grabbed a bunch of the sticks holding the treat and ran, scaling up the wall of one of the buildings with his claws while holding the ends of the sticks in his teeth. He sat down on the ledge, his tail swishing as he started to bite at the tough flesh of the saw the scene and growled under his breath. He went over to the furious man with the cart, paying for the squid and a bit extra for the trouble his pet caused. Then he turned and went over to where Ichigo was sitting on the wall. "Ichigo, get down here right now!" he growled. He didn't feel like trying to climb the wall to get his pet.

Ichigo stared down at him, only seeming curious before he went back to chewing at his treat, finally managing to tear a chunk off. Grimmjow glared up at Ichigo before he turned to leave. He refused to climb up that wall for the demon.

For a few moments Ichigo didn't seem to notice, but when he looked up, he quickly pushed to his feet. "Grimm!" He called before placing the sticks holding his treats in his mouth and starting to quickly crawl back down the wall, sliding a few times because his claws didn't get a good grip in the wood. Grimmjow stopped, waiting for a moment. Ichigo nearly knocked him over when he decided to just jump at him when he was nearly halfway down. Grimmjow started to scratch Ichigo's head as he sighed. He made sure to keep a close eye on the demon and a tight grip. Ichigo started to purr as he started to chew at his treat, still working on the first one. Grimmjow was guiding Ichigo through the festival, going to take Ichigo somewhere quiet so the demon could eat.

"Why do you have a demon with you?" a monotone voice asked, surprising Grimmjow.

The blue haired human glanced over at the person who had spoken. It was a pale man with raven colored hair and bright green eyes. From how he was dressed, he was obviously a servant of the emperor. Grimmjow sighed before replying. "He's my pet." Ichigo tilted his head, staring at the raven-haired male for a few seconds before shifting closer to Grimmjow and growling. "Ichigo, don't growl!" Grimmjow scolded. The demon's ears folded back and he huffed, scowling but his growl had faded away.

The black haired servant stared at them for a moment. "You successfully tamed a demon?" he asked.

"Yeah, wasn't that hard..." Grimmjow blinked. Ichigo went back to eating, though he kept one eye on the servant.

The servant stared for a bit longer. Then he spoke again. "Please follow me. This will be of interest to our lord." He turned and started to walk away.

Grimmjow sighed, following him. Ichigo huffed, trying to tug Grimmjow back in the other direction where there were animals doing tricks that he wanted to see. "Grimm!" he whined. Grimmjow sighed as he scratched Ichigo's ears. He flicked them out of reach and pouted, tugging at his sleeve still. Grimmjow ignored Ichigo's whines, he would make up to his pet later.

They walked for a few minutes before arriving at a tent. Inside sat the emperor of their country with his brown hair and cool brown eyes. Ichigo was practically throwing a fit, pouting and whining at Grimmjow the entire time. Grimmjow gave Ichigo a glare that told him to be quiet and still or else. The demon flinched a little before huffing and hugging his arm, nuzzling it quietly. Grimmjow smirked for a moment before wiping it from his face as he started to pet the demon's head, looking over at Aizen.

The man stared at them quietly for a few moments before looking to the black-haired servant. "Why did you bring the Noble's son to me?" he questioned.

"He was able to tame a demon." the servant replied.

"Again, it's not that hard." Grimmjow stated.

"You find it easy?" The Emperor asked.

"It's not that hard." Grimmjow repeated. Ichigo started to purr quietly.

Aizen seemed to think for a few moments. "How easy was it for you?"

"He was pretty much listening to me by the end of the first day," Grimmjow shrugged.

"Well then, if it was so easy for you, I think I'll test that ability on another demon. Tomorrow you will come to the palace." Aizen said, smirking ever-so-slightly.

"Whatever you say, my lord." Grimmjow replied.

Ichigo tilted his head a little, turning to stare up at Grimmjow. He tugged on his sleeve. Grimmjow glanced away from Aizen and looked down at Ichigo. "Grimm?" Ichigo asked, his ears twitching. Grimmjow just pat Ichigo's head with a soft chuckle.

"You may leave," Aizen said, gesturing to the opening of the large tent, "Be at my palace by dawn."

Grimmjow looked up at Aizen, bowing his head slightly. "As you wish, my lord." he stated. Then he turned and left with Ichigo, taking Ichigo to see the performing animals he wanted to look at earlier. The demon smiled happily at him, though he frowned when he couldn't see over the crowd. Grimmjow picked Ichigo up so his pet could see the animals. Ichigo blushed, squirming a little as he watched the animals. Grimmjow simply sat Ichigo on his shoulders. He was making up for the glare he had given Ichigo earlier. The demon blushed but held onto him tightly after getting comfortable.

Grimmjow was heading to dinner with Ichigo close at his side. He went in the dining room, his family already all sitting down. Grimmjow went and sat down, Ichigo sitting behind him, clinging to him. The demon started to purr. Grimmjow started to eat after he gave Ichigo some grilled fish and a bit of squid in a bowl. Ichigo nuzzled him before starting to eat. "You took Ichigo to the festival earlier today, right?" Rukia asked.

"Yeah." Grimmjow glanced at her.

"Did he enjoy it?" she asked.

"Pretty sure he did." Grimmjow stated.

"Anything interesting happen while you were there?" their mother asked.
"I'm supposed to be at the palace by dawn." Grimmjow shrugged. Ichigo tilted his head.

His green-haired sister gasped. "Why? What did you do wrong?" She asked, seeming to panic.

"Nothing. They were simply interested in the fact that Ichigo was tamed...ish." Grimmjow sighed.

"... Okay." His sister went back to eating. Ichigo pushed his now-empty bowl over to Grimmjow, tugging at the larger male's sleeve. Grimmjow glanced at Ichigo, petting the demon's head.

"So the emperor asked for you?" Grimmjow's father questioned, not looking up from his plate. Ichigo tugged at Grimmjow's sleeve again, tapping at his bowl.

"Yeah, it seemed like they had a demon they wanted me to tame or something." Grimmjow shrugged. He took the bowl from Ichigo, setting it on the table next to him. The demon's ears folded back and he tried to grab a piece of fish off of Grimmjow's plate. Grimmjow glared at Ichigo. He gently smacked Ichigo's hand away.

Ichigo whined softly and shrunk back behind him, curling up into a little ball and huffing. "Grimmjow! Be nice to him, give him the fish." Rukia scolded.

"He already ate a bunch of fish and squid today." Grimmjow growled.

"He's just hungry, and he's your pet so you have to feed him." Rukia scolded.

"But then he'll get fat," their sister said, pointing a chopstick at her. "Then he won't be as cute!"

"But he's so skinny, he's pretty much skin and bones." Rukia whined.

"I'm not feeding him anymore. He's had enough." Grimmjow sighed.

Rukia pouted, before she got an idea. She picked up one of her fish. "Ichigo, come here! I will give you some fish." she cooed. The demon's ears twitched and he looked up, purring loudly when he saw what was in her hand and crawled over to her, nuzzling her side before curling up next to her with the fish. Grimmjow rolled his eyes but didn't argue against her. Rukia smiled as she started to pet Ichigo as he ate his treat. Grimmjow glanced at his father who was stoic as ever. Ichigo continued to purr. Rukia continued to pet the demon. Grimmjow rolled his eyes and finished his dinner. Grimmjow excused himself to prepare for the short trip to the palace and to sleep before he and Ichigo left a little before dawn. He stood up and headed towards the door. Ichigo blinked, watching him for a few moments before pushing to his feet and following after him. Rukia pouted.

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