Okay, so I've read some of the middle stories on here and loved them. But I was inspired to write my own so here it is. It's such a shame that there isn't all that many on here so I'm hoping that I may be able to help fill it up a bit, or a lot, depending on if people like this.

Chapter One

I walked into school feeling very nervous, it was my first day. My parents had been involved in some sort of important business deal and had to move and so here I was, staring at the doors as kids swarmed towards them. Hearing the bell ring I took a deep breath, closed my eyes briefly before walking inside with a confidence that I didn't feel.

I was surprised when a few people gave me smiles, returning them hesitantly made one of them came over to me.

"Hi, hi!" She chirped, her cheerleader outfitted swishing behind her as she came over, eyes followed her as she made her progress, probably attempting to see what kind of judgement was going to be made about me.

"Hi." I smiled nervously, she apparently didn't notice and looped her arm with mine walking me down the corridor.

"My name's Kacy and I'm head cheerleader here at Orson Wells High school. So anyways," here she stopped to glare at a guy in a football shirt who was leering at her. "I thought you looked totally awesome and just had to come say hi." She said this all very fast.

"Oh that was very nice of you. I'm Samantha" I said smiling, stopping us both as we came across what I believed to be my locker. "I think this is mine." I attempted to open it using the code I had received in the mail with no success.

"Here." She spun the dial expertly and the door swung open, I looked at her in awe for a few seconds.

"You have to teach me how to do that." I reached in to put my bag away only taking what I needed. Shutting the locker once more I jumped back as a face appeared close to mine.

"Well hey there." He drawled, tilting his head so that his black curls covered his eyes. He was leaning against the locker beside mine, arms folded across his chest which was covered with a Letterman jacket.

I raised my eyebrows at him. "Hi." Kacy tapped me on the shoulder, mouthed something about meeting me later and sauntered off, leaving me with this new guy.

"I'm Axl." He stopped leaning against the locker and moved closer to me, backing me into my own locker. "I see you're new here. Thought maybe you'd need someone to show you around." He brought both his arms either side of me to keep me from going anyway and flashed me a beautiful smile. White teeth were outlined by lovely pink lips.

"That would be great." I smiled back. "I'm Samantha." I added as I nudged his arms away from me, he stepped back allowing me to readjust the books that I was holding.

"Here." He took them from me, smiling while at the same time seemingly not liking holding them. I got the feeling that he didn't like school that much.

"Where are yours?" I asked, starting to walk to my first class which was Science.


I gave him a strange look. "Books?"

He laughed. "Good one."

The bell rang and we still hadn't made it to the lab and I was beginning to get worried. "Um Axl?"

He flicked his eyes towards me "Yeah."

"Where are we going?"

"To class..."

"Are we even in the same class?" He looked towards the ceiling and stopped walking, apparently thinking hard. I sighed and gave him my timetable. His eyes flew across the paper, a slight smirk forming on his lips.

"Looks like we're both juniors. And we're both late for science." He grabbed my hand and pulled me along back in the direction we came.

"Do you mean to tell me that we weren't even walking towards class for the last ten minutes?" He shrugged lazily, continuing to shuffle me along. He stopped suddenly, causing me to run into his back staggering backwards slightly.

"Tardy Sweep!" My eyes widened as a man came around the corner but before he could see us Axl pushed me into the closest room which turned out to be a janitor's closet complete with mops and buckets.

"We're late." He said.

My forehead wrinkled. "I know." I said slowly.

"We can't go to class now." I sighed and leaned on the wall behind me.

"This is a great start to my first day. The teachers are gonna hate me." I groaned, rubbing my face. A hand grabbed my own and pulled it down, I opened my eyes to see Axl was standing right in front of me.

"They're not gonna hate you." He assured me. "They'll be too busy hating me, to even think about hating you." I chuckled, looking down at our hands.

"Thanks. But what are we supposed to do for an hour?" He suddenly grinned, the motion lighting up his entire face.

I narrowed my eyes "What?"

"Well we could..." He trailed off, moving closer and looking at my lips, smirking. I glared at him and pushed him away.

"In your dreams." I moved away from the wall to get some space between us.

"Oh I assure you, you will be." I scoffed at him, opening the door and stepping out.

"You're disgusting." His eyes widened when he realised that I was actually leaving him.

"Oh come on." He hurried over to me, picking my books up from where he'd rested them. "I was joking." I didn't believe him but allowed him to lead me outside where we spent the rest of the period in a somewhat forced conversation, mainly him telling me all the do's and dont's here until the bell rang and he led me to my class, which he happened to share.

I sat down nearer the back, not liking to participate and not really wanting to be dragged up and introduced. Kacy slipped into the seat next to me, grinning at me and waggling her eyebrows.

"So you and Axl? Boy you work fast." She smirked, shaking her long blonde hair out of her face, dazing some poor boy behind her. I rolled my eyes.

"Me and Axl nothing, he was just being nice."

She laughed, "Axl's not nice to anyone without wanting something."

"Well what does he want?" She stared at me as if I'd just asked something incredibly dense. "What?"

She shook her head. "I'll leave you to figure it out." She annoyed me for the rest of the lesson by ignoring my questions and talking to everyone who was sitting around us, I just noticed that I was surrounded by cheerleaders and jocks, nerds were at the front and random other people were in the middle.

I lazily stared around the room, ignoring basically everything the teacher was saying and accidentally catching Axl's eye. One of his friends who had been talking to him noticed the lack of attention he was now receiving and turned around to see who he was looking at. I could feel my face heat up as I turned back to the front, desperately trying to ignore the high five I could see Axl being given.

Kacy shot up as the bell rang, jerking me out of my daze that had fell as I actually tuned into the teacher who was now shouting at us what our homework was, giving up when everyone poured out of the room. She had grabbed my arm, barely giving me time to put my stuff away and walked me to my locker.

She gave me a look. I sighed. "What?" She said nothing. "If you're not gonna tell me, I'll just-"

"You're so oblivious." I snapped my head round to look at her, she was shaking her head at me.

"What do you mean?"

She raised her eyebrows. "Did you not see the looks you were getting back there?" She gestured down the corridor.

I looked down, seeing a few people looking at me curiously but one or two boys were giving me appraising looks. I scoffed. "So what? It's probably cause I'm new, and they haven't know me through their awkward stages."

"Hunny, some of these boys didn't have an awkward stage." It was convenient that Axl walked past with two of his friends at this point, I avoided eye contact after our first period awkwardness. Kacy nudged me and sighed when I ignored her.

She nudged me again. "Don't do this to me." She begged, I grinned knowing already that she was one of those people that thrived off attention, who else would be made head cheerleader?

"Ok fine, he's hot. So? That doesn't mean I have to like him." I shut my locker, unable to find an excuse that would take me this long to find something.

"So you admit you like him?"

I gave her a look. "Not what I said."

"It's what you meant." I started to walk away from her, feeling slightly annoyed when I heard her walk faster to catch up with me. "Ok, I'll stop talking about you crush and introduce you to the cheer squad."

"Yay." I deadpanned with obvious enthusiasm, luckily it seemed she had enough for the two of us and dragged, and I do mean quite literally, towards her friends, all twenty of them were waiting for her it seemed. I felt a tad awkward as they were all dressed quite girly and I had skinny jeans, converse and a shirt with a smiley face on it.

They didn't have any problem with the way I dressed and seemed pretty interested in getting to know me. I relaxed a lot and got into a few conversation and by the end my phone number was in everyones phone and we were apparently going shopping sometime this week.

Man these girls work fast, even the ones who weren't on the cheer team seemed to be involved in some sort of club and it wasn't long before they realised I was a prime recruit.

"So what are you interested in?" Ashley asked, popping her bubblegum before offering me a piece. I smiled and took one.

"Volleyball, basketball, tennis." I shrugged.

One of the girls who had been talking to Kacy straightened up and beamed at me. "Hi, Louise Parker, Captain of the Volleyball squad at your service." I smiled and shook the hand she'd offered me. She narrowed her eyes before doing what looked like an inventory of my body. She nodded, seemingly satisfied. "Tryouts are this Wednesday."

"Oh." I was shocked. "Okay, yeah. I'll be there." She beamed again before returning to her conversation with Kacy. That was easier than I thought. Actually this entire moving school was going a lot smoother than I thought it was going to.

"Hello ladies." A smooth voice sounded next to my ear. I almost groaned. Except one small problem which went by the name of Axl.

It seemed there was a God though as the bell rang, signaling the end of recess. I could have laughed at the disappointed look on Axl's face but I was soon pulled into the middle of the group with three of the girls sharing my next class with me. I was at in the middle of them, they seemed to have noticed the amount of attention I was receiving along with how uncomfortable I looked and had taken pity on me.

"You get used to it." One of the girls, Jessica said, patting me on the arm and offering a warm smile which I quickly returned.

"They'll get bored soon." Another, Sarah, reassured me. The last had yet to say anything to me but did give me a wave when I'd joined their table, I assumed she was either shy or just had nothing to contribute. I decided she could be a nice break from the chatterboxes I'd surrounded myself with and let Sarah and Jessica control the conversation while the teacher took role call.

I leant back in my chair not noticing anything and probably not making the best impression on my teacher which I'll admit I wasn't making much of an effort with, but math was born to kill us I swear. I shrugged my shoulder when something dragged along it, thinking it was my hair. When it happened a second time I titled my head to see who was sat behind me.

It was Axl, I rolled my eyes. I should have guessed. He noticed he had my attention and pretended he didn't do anything.

I guess it was back to pre school for some of us. I huffed and turned back around, determined to ignore him and attempt to pay attention. I shuffled forwards in my seat so that I was out of reach but this just prompted his to start tapping his foot on the back of my chair legs. I closed my eyes in frustration and dropped my head onto my desk, hearing his muffled chuckle behind me.

He did it again and I curled my hands into fists, ignoring the intense urge to turn and punch him. Thankfully he stopped as the teacher turned around and asked him a question.

"God, I turn up to class and this is what I get. It's like you want me to fail Mr Roberts, is that what you want?" Mr Robert's face went red and he started stuttering as the students started laughing. I couldn't believe this man was employed to be a teacher, any decent one would have given him detention by now.

"D-Detention, Mr Heck." I heard Axl groan behind me and complain loudly. "S-Shall we make it two?" Mr Robert's seemed to grow in confidence as Axl quieted and went back to his lesson. That was the only interesting thing that happened and I can safely say that I would not enjoy this class.

The rest of the day flew by and it was soon time for lunch. I lined up behind Kacy and before Ashley to get my food, wincing as when we finally got to the front there was something disgusting sitting in the tray that I was supposed to eat, I decided to at least try it as neither Kacy nor Ashley seemed to be grossed out. I'm not sure if they were just used to it or actually liked it but I wanted to not judge on how it looked. Being shepherded to a table I sat down quickly and dug in, amusing myself with listening to the different conversations that were going on.

A brown paper bag appeared on the table next to me, a body soon following it by collapsing on the bench. Ashley who'd been nudged down shot Axl a glare before continuing on her conversation.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, resting my head on my hand and just staring at my food almost too scared to poke it with a fork.

He took a sandwich out of the bag and motioned towards it. "I thought it was obvious." I sighed. It was like he was stalking me. He smirked as if he knew what I was thinking before taking a bit out of his food.

I took a bite of my own, regretting it almost immediately but swallowing all the same. I must have had a disgusted look on my face because Axl looked at me with pity.

"Want to swap?" He motioned to his bag, taking out a pretty standard lunch that looked like a five-star meal next to my tray full of crap.

I bit my lip. "You sure you want to do that? This stuff tastes nasty." He shrugged, pulling my tray towards him and in true teenage boy style didn't seem to taste or care what he was eating. Seeing as he didn't look horrified I took his lunch and took a bite out of the other sandwich, smiling to myself at the nice gesture.

I might have to re-evaluate him.