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Rated T for wiggle room and torture scenes

Summary: A young girl learns all too fast you do not anger a certain Autobot commander

Too smart for her own good


Optimus stared at the computer screen anger was boiling in his circuits, he had never been more angry about anything in all his life. He was alerted to the problem recently and as a result had been trying to deal with it. He sighed angrily, as he stared at the blatant and unashamed words on a reply; he received from an irritating human female. Bumblebee had alerted him about something humans called fan fiction, and to his dismay there were many stories written about them. However it was one certain story, which caught his attention. It was written by someone calling themselves SexyAutobotPrincess12, the detail in this story was disturbing to the Optimus. So, he made his own account trying to discourage the human by writing bad reviews. However this little human proved to be very exasperating and Optimus was losing his patience with her very quickly. He had even hacked her account and deleted the stubborn human's account numerous times but she would reopen them once more; after many failed attempts at asking politely to take the stories down. There had been many stories to his dislike about them and their race; but this one human knew the inner workings of Cybertronians right down to minor details; this had troubled him greatly. However what troubled him along side of this human female's stories was a human male of the species. He was what human's called a movie director and he made two movies about them and was aiming to make a third. All this disturbed and concerned the great Autobot leader how humans learned of their existence like this.

(Optimus's POV)

I saw Ironhide approaching and he had that expression on his face, which was unreadable.

"Is it working?" Ironhide asked me gruffly.

"No, she continues to infuriate me, with her illogical replies about being able to write what she wants, and how I should remove my snooty booty away from her stories. I never thought I would ever find a sentient being that could cause me to want to..." I stop suddenly realizing what must be done. "We have no choice she knows too much about us; we must find her and learn how." I finally say, as Ironhide smirks. "What?" I demanded.

"What if she refuses?" Ironhide asked me.

"I will not tolerate her disrespecting me to my face." was all I said. "Besides we have to go to Earth anyway and try and find out where the Decepticons are hiding. I have sent Bumblebee to find any leads on them; unfortunately he hasn't had any luck." I said. "Besides, there is another issue we must learn about too." I added.

"And the human female, what of her...?" Ironhide asked.

"Bumblebee is trying to locate her, we found her Identity Karen Brown. She lives in New Jersey and apparently lives with her best friend Carol Bradford. We can use our holoform's to interrogate Karen Brown at her dwelling as long as the roommate doesn't interfere with our plans." Optimus said.

"She doesn't seem like the type of human to obey orders, Optimus." Ironhide said to me I merely growled in anger.

"Primus help her, if she starts angering me slagging little human." I grumbled as I heard Ratchet's unmistakable laughter.

"You fragger, you just don't know how to handle human femmes." Ratchet said with a smirk.

"I want answers as to why this little human knows our secrets; she knows how to take our life force. She knows about the war and knows the intricate workings of our bodies and I do not like this at all. So, as I said one way or the other Ms Karen Brown will tell me what I want to know one way or the other." I snarled, as we headed for Earth on a mission, and I was planning never to let anything stand in our way.