Chapter 7

(Carol's POV)

I saw Karen and what had just taken place all the Autobots did I felt bad for Karen she had been happy once and now she was just lost.

"I'll be right back." I said to Ironhide who simply nodded.

I followed Karen as she went to over to Wheelie; who looked at Karen oddly.

"Karen?" I said as she turned to me a sad expression on her face.

"I am leaving I don't belong here anymore; but I want you to stay okay I want you to be happy." she said as she hugged me and as tears hit her harder.

"Where are you going?" I asked her.

"I need to find the Seer and ask her to make me human again then we'll see from there." she said as she hugged me once more. "Be happy, dear friend." she said as she walked toward Wheelie as I just turned and slowly walked back to Ironhide knowing somehow down deep inside of me I'd never see her again because of this.

(Karen's POV)

I walked up to Wheelie and sat on the ground next to him while tears ran down my face.

"How can I find the Seer, Wheelie?" I asked him.

"I can show you; what do you want her for?" he asked.

"I want her to change me back into a human." I said.

He frowned.


"I want to be human again I made a terrible mistake wanting to be a Transformer I don't belong here." I said in a whispered.

"I thought true love never made mistakes?" Wheelie asked.

"Yeah, so did I, Wheelie so did I; guess we both have a lot to learn." I got to my feet. "Will you help me?" I asked.

"Yes, if I can come with you and stay with you I don't want to stay here with them." Wheelie asked as I smiled sadly and nodded as he hugged my leg. "Thank you..." was all he said.

I went to transform but stopped when Ironhide walked up; I felt him grab my servo.

"Where are you going?" he demanded.

"I am leaving like everyone wants Optimus doesn't need me he has Elita now; I can't stay here I love him too much. There isn't anything left for him and I to say except goodbye she'll take good care of him and don't worry Carol will stay with you." I said.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know, I just can't stay here he didn't really love me he obviously still had feelings for HER." I said as I saw Optimus walk up to the others he glanced up seeing me with Ironhide. "I play for keeps, Ironhide I can't and WON'T share him he means everything to me. Take care of Carol for me, goodbye, Hide." I said transforming as Hide put Wheelie into my vehicle form and then I raced off.

I saw Optimus walk up to Ironhide; while I drove off pain surging all through my circuits.

(Ironhide's POV)

"Where is she going?" Optimus asked me.

"She's leaving, Prime; she's had enough she won't be back." I said as I heard a strange sound come from Optimus.

"But she's a robot now; she can't have the same life as she did before." he said.

"She took Wheelie with her she said she couldn't and wouldn't share you." I said as Optimus nodded.

"Good, perhaps she will find some sort of happiness on her own." he said as he walked away as I growled to myself.


Ratchet joined me as Optimus left.

"Optimus made a good recovery but I am concerned about when the interfacing part comes into play. The new interface unit I put in was small much smaller and after all the abuse I doubt he will respond to Elita the way he used too. He would have to be extremely relaxed and comfortable with her in order to really do like he had done before." Ratchet said as he kept looking out. "What's the matter?" he finally asked.

"She's gone Karen Brown left with Wheelie she wasn't going to share him or stay and be humiliated anymore." this seemed to shock Ratchet.

"What?" Ratchet asked.

"You and Elita did this she didn't deserve this sure she was a little frustrating but we are Autobots not slagging Cons who hurt and deceive. Hope you're satisfied, Ratch; she's gone." I grumbled as I went off with Carol alone.

(Ratchet's POV)

I heard my intakes whirl as I heard someone approaching me it was Elita she had a frantic look on her face plates.

"He won't let me touch him I tried to touch his interface unit and he became so upset he started to tremble and cry, Ratchet." Elita said.

I sighed.

"Elita, you have to give him time he has been through slagging hell." I said as she put her servos on her hips.

"And another thing why in Primus's name would give him such a small interfacing unit; he is a Prime he should have a nice one not a pea shooter as humans would say." she said as we both him at the same time.

Optimus stood there his optics wide with fear, confusion and hurt.

"Optimus, I didn't mean it the way you think." she said as she went to him but he shook his head and backed away from Elita his processors obviously whirling in distress and confusion from all he'd been through and then now with both femmes.

The one whom was changing before his optics and one he was losing forever without the hope of ever getting her back.

Optimus walked away from everyone and sat down on the ground and let his memories from his database run showing him the past with not Elita but Karen. He saw her smile and could remember her touch everything about her.

(Optimus's POV)

I could feel my vents panting I was overheating what had I done in trying to revive a past love and ignoring what was right in front of me I lost the only femme I truly loved. I had to find her I had to try or I'd go mad; but reality soon crushed me. She'd never come back to me I made my choice and she made hers. I really couldn't think straight as I suddenly found myself falling into a welcoming darkness hoping it was a darkness that would swallow me up forever because quite frankly I deserved it.

(Wheelie's POV)

I didn't want Karen to make a bigger mistake she'd regret for the rest of her life. I had a feeling Optimus would change his mind and come after her; or at least I had hoped the slagger would anyway. I just had to stall her for awhile; because I knew he'd come to his senses. However as we drove farther and farther away she suddenly stopped pulled over and opened her door; so I'd get out so she could transform into robot form. She went into the field away from prying eyes and started to cry uncontrollable sobs I mean she just basically let loose with leakage from her optics. I never saw a femme leak so much lubricant in all my life. I went over to her and wanted to help her somehow I liked her; she was feisty and sarcastic. She deserved to have Optimus she was way better than Elita-1 well that was just my opinion naturally.

"I love him so much, Wheelie; what am I going to do?" she asked me as I stopped and heard familiar jet engines and helicopters as well as sirens of a police car.

Slag...There was nowhere to run not this time Megatron was with them; I was not big enough to even protect Karen; I was a slagging shrimp compared to them. Megatron and Starscream landed in front of Karen; while Blackout and Grindor landed and flanked the sides. Barricade transformed and he blocked any other possible escape exit. Karen looked scared but tried not to show it; but me yeah well Megatron scared me.

"So, you're one of the femmes who rescued the human maggot; now I can thank you more appropriately. Of course, you may wish I had simply killed you instead; but I am not the type of leader who cares what his victims think." Megatron said as he motioned to Blackout.

I could tell she wasn't going to go down without a fight and I had a feeling I wasn't going to like what she was planning and as always I was right. She grabbed me and flipped her metal body over Barricade and took off running.

"Wow, nice move." I said.

"Don't be too impressed I don't know how long this is going to keep us out of their grasp." she said as Megatron took after us and tackled Karen.

Unfortunately for me I went toppling out of her grasp and landed face first in the dirt. Slagger, I hated Megatron.

"Wheelie..." she cried. "Are you okay?" she asked me which confused me since she was now caught by Megatron himself.

"Come here, femme." he snarled as he yanked her up to her feet. "Your mine now and I have something special in store for YOU." he growled as his claw ran down her body.

"GET OFF ME, MEGATRON!" she ordered as Starscream approached Megatron slowly.

I knew what he wanted the slagger's were going to double team her; but to my horror she pulled a nasty stunt on Starscream when he had slowly approached.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Karen yelled as she managed to get her cannon out and she fired hitting Starscream's interface unit earning her a nasty punch in the face from Starscream.

"You miserable FEMME!" screeched Starscream. "I should offline you for that!" he threatened as Karen was still reeling from the punch.

"Let's get back to the lair I don't want any other Autobots showing up to interfere with us." Megatron said as he whirled on me as well. "You're coming too Wheelie; I haven't forgotten what you did by betraying me to side with those two human whelps. You will tell me where the two human females are and where they have hidden the creature known as Michael Bay." Megatron ordered as I realized they had no idea Karen and Carol were Transformers now.

I glanced at Karen Barricade had picked her up in his servos; she looked like one of them forced her offline by doing it manually. I was worried now the Autobots would have no way of knowing Karen and I were prisoners of the Decepticons now and probably they wouldn't care; except for Carol Bradford and Ironhide. This led me to only one utterly depressing conclusion we were both as good as dead now.

Back at the new Autobot base, Ratchet had found Optimus offline and was tending to him. Ratchet was beginning to think he had made a terrible mistake the way his leader and friend was now behaving. He was becoming sick all over again; he had been through so much and now he'd taken it upon himself to push Karen away. It never dawned on him that Optimus truly loved her he figured once he saw Elita again; he'd be so happy with her he'd just forget Karen Brown. But Elita was different now she had grown cold and thoughtless to Optimus's needs; he knew Karen would never make remarks about his size or about the fact he was scared about being touched so soon. He glanced down at Optimus and slowly put his hand onto Optimus's chest plates. Ratchet could feel Optimus's spark burning brighter in spark chamber.

"I know you love her I will help you get her back; you have my word, Optimus." Ratchet said feeling rather stupid and guilty for what he had pulled with Karen Brown.

"You do not feel it's too late?" Optimus's somnolent and fatigued voice said as Ratchet looked down at him.

"I thought you were still offline and no I don't think it's too late; I would think you would hold onto the fact she still does love you as you love her." Ratchet said.

"I love her yes; but I pushed her away I shot her and made her feel like some sort of cast off." he said as his intakes whirled heavily.

"I am truly sorry for meddling with your affairs, Optimus; if you feel a need for punishment I will accept it no questions asked." Ratchet said as Optimus merely shook his head.

"No, that is not necessary I was just as much to blame as you and Elita were I thought Elita and I could pick up where we left off. That is not an option any longer she has changed and not for the better she has grown cold and selfish not the same femme I fell in love with. My Karen is out there somewhere thinking I am the worst robot there ever was; I need to find her and if she will forgive me and come back with me." Optimus said as he heard a slight irritated huff and turned to find Elita with her arms crossed her optics spitting anger.

"You dare to spurn my affections for that...that half breed Transformer! She isn't even a true Cybertronian I should have killed her when I had the chance she will bring you down, Optimus mark my words. And you Ratchet you hated her you wanted her gone just as much as I did and now she's gone. And you want to bring her back here... NO, I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT I WILL KILL HER FIRST!" Elita shrieked as Optimus, Ratchet and Elita heard cannons warming.

Elita turned to see not just Carol but Ironhide with their cannons armed and pointed at her!

"What is the meaning of this?" Elita demanded. "How dare you point your cannons at me you poor excuse for an Autobot!" Elita exclaimed.

"You might have been Miss Queen Bee before but I will not tolerate you talking about my best friend like that. She has a heart err I mean spark of gold she never wanted this feud but you insisted on it. It's you who needs to bow out gracefully not her; so stand down." Carol said as Elita flipped up and came at Carol with both guns out.

Carol dodged Elita's wild unpredictable and inconsistent moves Elita transformed her cannon into a nasty blade and hit carol nearly catching her chest where her spark was hidden. Optimus had seen enough Elita had to be terminated he had no choice; if she were banished she'd still pose a threat to Karen and Carol. Optimus transformed his hand into his sword and with a heavy spark he did what he had no choice but to do. He rammed his sword into her chest facing her so she knew he had done it the look in her optics was sheer horror that Optimus would even attempt it much less succeed in killing her. Elita looked deep into his Optics as Optimus turned his sword extinguishing her spark. Everyone was speechless that Optimus would be able to kill Elita -1 after their powerful past but they all underestimated his love for Karen and the threat that Elita would pose to her.

"We need to find Karen." was all Optimus said as everyone was far too shocked to say anything else to him. "Autobots transform and roll out!" Optimus shouted as he transformed into the red and blue flamed cab. "Please dear Primus, let us find her; please." he whispered as his spark sped up like crazy needing to find her so badly now so he could tell her he loved her forever and always.


Megatron's optics was staring down holes at the feisty femme; he had chained to the wall. Starscream snarled as pain still shot through his circuits from her shooting his interface unit.

"Miserable femme, she should be destroyed, Lord Megatron and I would like that honor." Starscream said with a snarl.

"No Starscream, I wish to torture this little femme not grant her a quick death; she thought it wise to side with my brother. So we will let her see firsthand what real power the Decepticons have." Megatron snarled as he and Starscream both took great pleasure in having their way with Karen.

Once they had their fill of using her for their own cruel enjoyment; she was brought back to the cell where Wheelie waited for her. They tossed her into the cell as Wheelie quickly went to Karen who cried until she knocked herself into recharge; while Wheelie stayed by her side caressing her face.

"Karen, please be okay." Wheelie whispered as he saw how her ports were dented and banged up making him angry.

Optimus could feel every last bit of emotion that cursed through Karen's circuits; she was scared and in pain; but it was physical pain. She was hurt; but how? What had happened to her? Optimus's felt anger surge all through him; he would kill anyone who dared to hurt her.

: Ratchet, I can feel her she is scared and she is in pain physical pain:

: If she is scared and in physical pain; do you think:

: The Decepticons:

: More importantly...Megatron:

Wheelie was scared Karen had been recharging for quite a while now; he hated the silence. Wheelie managed to help her online; but all she did was cry. It wasn't until they both heard a male voice they turned to see him in the cell.

"Hey, who are you I didn't see you before?" Wheelie demanded as Karen just continued to cry.

"I am here to help you." he said as Wheelie just looked at him. "I am a friend of Optimus Prime; when he was captured by the scientists at Area 51 I helped him feel better the best I could. My name is Andy and you little Wheelie must get out and let Optimus know where she is." Andy said.

Wheelie looked at Karen lying on the floor of the cell and knew he had to do something they were being so rough with her.

"How do I get out of her without Megatron knowing?" Wheelie asked.

"Come here, Wheelie." Andy said as he moved some boxes that revealed a small area only someone small could get through. "You'll find the Autobots here on this road I programmed them into your system now go and hurry. She doesn't have much time; you must hurry with Optimus and the others." Andy said as Wheelie nodded and snuck out to freedom.

Andy moved the boxes back and went to Karen and sat by her as she stirred.


"My name is Andy I am a friend of Optimus's when he was held against his will by the scientists at Area51 I tried to take care of him as best as I could. So, you're his little spark mate, aren't you?" he asked as she nodded.

Karen heard metal footsteps and knew they were coming for her once more but she didn't want Andy to get caught.

"You have to run or they will see you." she whispered in weak tone.

"They can't see me only you and Wheelie could see me." Andy said as she looked confused by his words

"What, I don't understand."

Karen was rattled out of her thoughts by Starscream's hulking frame at the cell door; he looked angry beyond belief. He opened the cell door and went to her and grabbed her by her throat and snarled at her.

"Megatron and various other Decepticons have left for a bit and guess who gets to watch you?" Starscream snarled as he took her outside.

Starscream threw her around several times and then with extremely sharp instruments he proceeded to cut into her armor making her cry out. He ripped the covering over her chest plates off; which protected her spark. He proceeded to send magnetic pulses to her spark violently pulses which if done by a spark mate and done right are pleasurable. However what Starscream was doing was painful and she screamed out in pain.

"Scream all you want no one will hear you; you're dead you miserable femme." he growled as he squeezed her spark. "I am going to squeeze and squeeze until you are weakened and then I will rip your whole spark and chamber out of you." Starscream snarled as tears ran down her face plates as fear coiled around her spark like a snake and tightened itself making her gasp. "There is no one to save you either, little backstabbing femme!" Starscream snarled as he continued to torture her.

"Karen, try to hold on Optimus will be here soon; try to hold on." Andy said as he saw Starscream continue to torture her.

Wheelie saw the red and blue flamed Peterbilt followed by the black TopKick, search and rescue Hummer as well as the others. They all stopped when they saw Wheelie by himself; Optimus transformed first as he picked up Wheelie.

"Where is Karen?" Optimus demanded as he could feel the agony she was going through.

"Your friend helped me escape to find you and bring you back to her." Wheelie said as Optimus looked confused.

"My friend, who...?" Optimus asked.

"Andy, he said he helped you while you were captured by the other humans." Wheelie said as Optimus looked pained at the mention of Andy's name.

"Optimus...?" Ratchet said.

"Andy helped me when they tortured me he took care of me; but Megatron and Starscream killed him I saw them kill him. The one Dr ordered the others to take his body away I saw it how is this possible?" Optimus demanded as he shook his head. "No matter take us to where she is." he ordered as he transformed and waited for someone to put him inside his cab.

Starscream watched as Energon leaked from her wounds and from her mouth as she tried to talk. Starscream looked at his handy work the little femme would be dead soon; he had severed her main Energon line. Suddenly the walls exploded and when the dust cleared there stood Optimus Prime his soldiers flanking his sides were Ratchet and Ironhide and several other Autobots. It was Prime who frightened the seeker though the raw anger in his optics. He took one look at Karen and that was it; Starscream didn't have a chance in the world. Optimus was on him in a second nothing could stop the Prime all his rage and anger surfaced as he battled Starscream. Ratchet got down on his knees and scanned her and knew it was bad very bad.

"Come on, Karen; you need to fight!" Ratchet yelled.

"Karen...?" Starscream said as he never saw it coming Optimus snarled and rammed his fist into Starscream's chest and ripped his spark out of his chest crushing it in his hand; while Starscream fell to the ground...DEAD.

Optimus dropped to his knees by Karen's side as Carol watched in horror as Ironhide held her.

"Karen, please do not do this; please! I need you, please!" Optimus yelled.

Karen onlined her optics and looked at him.


"Karen, please you have to fight; please for me baby please." Optimus said as she tried to reach her hand out toward his face.

" that..." Karen whispered as her hand fell to ground and her optics went offline as her spark flickered one last time before it faded.

Optimus's pained yell could be heard from all over as Optimus realized he had nothing now, she was gone and soon he would follow. He leaned down and picked her up in his arms and walked with her outside not even caring if any Decepticons showed up. Carol was in tears as she looked at Ratchet and Ironhide.

"There is one small chance but we have to hurry and try to pinpoint the locations of the Allspark shards. It's the only way to save her now." Ratchet said as a shadow loomed in the darkness.

The Autobots all hurried outside as they did the shadow that was hidden in the darkness appeared and walked over toward Starscream's body.

"I am not reviving you my double-crossing second in command no I believe I have another use for this shard." Megatron said in a snarl as he suddenly transformed and took off into the air silently following the Autobots.

Once at the Autobot base Optimus was a mess he was losing his energy by the minute; he was going to fade soon. He knew that now his spark bond had perished and now he would follow he told sent Ironhide a private com link and asked him to come to him.

"What is it, Optimus?" Ironhide asked as everyone but Ratchet got ready to go find the shards that were left.

"If I perish before you succeed in your mission; you are to lead the Autobots." Optimus said weakly.

"Prime...I..." Ironhide stammered not liking to think his friend would die; but knowing the chances were very slim that he would survive.

The other Autobots went on a dire mission to find the remaining Allspark shards to save Karen and their leader as well. Ratchet watched his leader as he hovered over Karen's body; until finally Ratchet saw his energy just give out the Prime finally surrendered to the end. He collapsed and slowly rolled to his back as Ratchet rushed to his side.

"Prime, NO!" Ratchet roared.

(Ratchet's POV)

Prime's vitals were slowly going he was dying; there was nothing I could do now. It was their bond Karen has perished and now Optimus was following her. I opened his chest plates and watched as his spark was barely even lit; until finally it went out altogether. I shook my head in defeat I had never felt so helpless in all my life we lost both Karen and Optimus in the same day. Their only hope was if only the last remaining Allspark shards were found in time.

"Find them." I whispered sending a silent prayer to Primus that they'd locate the shards because without them Karen and Optimus were lost to us forever.

(Karen's POV)

Where was I it was so cold wherever I was...wait was I dead? I remember Starscream torturing me and then I remembered Optimus he was by my side. The pain was so awful I couldn't stand it, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Suddenly I was blinded by a white light the light itself was warm and nice. It was then that several beings stepped out of the light I wasn't sure who they were but I knew I wasn't afraid of them.

"Karen Brown, you truly love our last descendant; do you not?" one of the beings asked me.

"Yes, he meant the world to me; but I am dead now it doesn't matter about how I feel." I replied.

"Dear child, you wouldn't be here before us if we could not offer a you a plan to return to Optimus; however he too has died." the one being said.


"He followed after your death true spark mates that are bonded for life will die when one of the two dies. However a plan is already in motion to revive you both an unexpected twist if you will." the being said as he smiled at me.

I didn't realize what the plan was but I was about to find out the crazy truth very soon.

Ratchet got up he needed to think; he had gone outside and when he did someone slipped into the area where Karen and Optimus's bodies were lying. Megatron went in; he hovered over his brother's body he wasn't sure why he was doing this. He had hated Optimus and everything he stood for; but then he had seen the expression on his younger brother's face and something hit him. It was disgusting enough feeling bad for him but wanting to help him was worse ever. He opened his claw seeing the two Allspark shards and he frowned he could have used these for his own selfish needs. But here he was saving his brother and his spark mate will wonders never cease. He pointed the one shard at Karen and it slammed into her chest igniting her spark as abruptly her optics onlined. He then pointed the last remaining shard at his brother and watched as it ignited his spark as well causing him to groan slightly as he came back online. Megatron frowned and quickly slipped off not wanting Optimus to see him and know what he did. However Ratchet had witnessed the whole thing and caught him on the way out startling Megatron.

"That was rather out of character for you, wasn't it?" Ratchet said as Megatron snarled.

"Do not tell him it was me who saved him I will never hear the end of it if you do." Megatron said.

"Your secret stays with me." Ratchet said as Megatron nodded and transformed and took off.

Ratchet com linked the others to return back to base; when he went back to check on Karen and Prime he found them intertwined together and obviously feeling quite good.

(Optimus's POV)

I couldn't believe I had another chance with Karen and another chance at life I couldn't believe it I really couldn't. I kissed her lip plates and both our chest plates opening for each other our sparks wrapping around each other. She was working my spark over completely, and it wasn't that I couldn't keep up it was that I was burning up inside. My body was overheating. My fans were not cutting it and my intakes were whirling wildly she had me beside myself.

"I am overheating." I whispered as her hands slipped all over me I couldn't tell where they were it was like they were all over me at once.

"I am not through with you yet, Prime not by a long shot." she said as I shivered then in a good way.

Well by the time she was finished with me I was a VERY happy Autobot leader trust me. Ratchet came sneaking in as we laid in each other's servos she had a sweet smile on her lip plates as I smirked as well. I had to smile all this started from a few simple stories on the World Wide Web on a website; and if she hadn't written them we never would have found each other. And for now we made our home here on Earth at this abandoned studio from the human called Michael Bay, our new friends came to see us a lot which was quite nice. I never did find out how Karen and I were brought back Ratchet never told us but something told me it was better we didn't know for now anyway. It didn't matter all that did matter was that we were alive and together forever.

The End