Potter Household

It was a beautiful, sunlit morning in Godric's Hollow. The phoenix was singing, the air was peacefully still and there wasn't a gnome in the garden. Yes, it was as picturesque as a post card, and nothing could shatter the calm atmosphere-


Except that. And cue the smoke alarm,


Albus Severus sighed. It seemed James was up.

Down in the kitchen, James Sirius was holding a smoking toaster at arms length.

"Maybe we can just chuck it?" he suggested, eyeing the the bin that hastily scurried out of the room.

"It's on bloody FIRE!" Arominta Grimmer cried with alarm. She was indeed correct, for the toaster had chosen that moment to give off a loud BANG then a shower of golden sparks and exert a tongue of flame.

"ARGH!" James yelled, dropping the toaster with a CRASH.

"SHIT!" a lock of Minty's violently red hair had caught alight and was burning up rapidly, like the fuse of a bomb. Before the small flame had managed to spread or reach her scalp, however, James had hurriedly thrown a cup of water over her.

There was a tense silence, only broken by the faint popping of the toaster as the metal on the outside blistered.

"Potter, die," said Minty in a deadly whisper. Then, with a battle cry she sprung from her seat and filled a cup of water, chasing him around the kitchen in an attempt to throw it over him. After a few minutes of intense and over-elaborate water fighting they were both drenched and gasping with giggles. James had slipped and was lying flat on the floor, and Minty was clutching a chair.

"How old are you, two?" Albus asked with a sigh from the doorway, surveying the scene. He prided himself on being the sensible one in the family. James, quite frankly, had the mental age of a toddler and Lily had too much of a temper for her own good. Albus on the other hand, always did his homework, was always on time, and could be counted upon to act his age.

That was more than could be said for the other two Potter children.

"Albie!" Minty beamed, slipping and sliding in an effort to get to the other side of the kitchen to give him a hug. A pink tinge came to Albus' cheeks, but he acted as if he were less than pleased.

"Mint, you're soaking," he groaned, pulling out of the hug and looking at a stain now on his top. "Is that… Jam?!" he asked in exasperation. He was wearing his best Puddlemere United top too! But Minty just laughed,

"Yeah, sorry Al. James' fault." She turned around and shot her friend a dark look. James just stuck his tongue out and smirked.

"Minty and Albie, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-" but James fell silent before he could finish his teasing. It was as if he'd lost his voice. All three teenagers turned to look at the doorway of the kitchen.

A formidable looking Ginny Potter was standing there, hands on hips, looking sternly into two guilty faces and one exasperated one. It was remarkable how much she looked like her Mother. Grandma Weasley's rages were legend, though they were few and far between, Uncle George in particular had a fair few stories of them. But Ginny's rages – if it were possible – were even more terrifying. Her wand was held loosely in her right hand, which hung carelessly by her side. She waved it and James found he could speak again.

"Care to explain?" she asked, gesturing at the mess of a kitchen. Minty and James exchanged looks.

"To be honest, not really."

Authors Note: This is my first fan fiction, and by mentioning that I don't mean you should sugar coat anything, but I know how first fan fic's are usually… Well, not great.

Constructive criticism is loved! Thanks for reading, in the very least, I know the summary wasn't particularly enticing, but hey-ho!

Thank you ever so much!