Chapter 1

Platform 9 3/4

After much bickering and many tempers running high, the whole of the Potter/Weasley/Longbottom/Lovegood-Scamander Clan had arrived on Platform 9 3/4 and were catching up quite happily, dressed in inconspicuous (and in some cases not so much) Muggle clothing.

"Oh Teddy! You and Victiore? When did you prepose?"

"Dominique! I see you got Head Girl! Very impressive. I was Head Boy in my day. A great honor to be able to serve your school-"

"James, honestly! Does your hair ever lie flat?"

"If you've put anything into my case, Fred Weasley, anything that might harm me in any way, I will kill you."

"Hugo! Come back here! I'm warning you!"

"So, Ly, what are the 'in' colours this season?"

When the whistle blew to signal that the Hogwarts Express would be leaving shortly there was a great scramble to get cases and children and cats and ferrets and even more children onto the shiny scarlet steam train. Just about everyone managed to get on alright, with poor little Hugo having to be hauled in by Fred and James at the very last minute.

The great party of extended family and family friends trundled down the train until they found an empty carriage and all squeezed in there, some sitting on each other's laps, some on the floor. It was tradition for them all to go to one carriage at the beginning of the journey, and then gradually disperse as it went on. After a minute or two of excited chatting, the door slid ope and the pale but mischievous figure of Scorpius Malfoy stood in the doorway.

"Well, if it isn't my favourite band of misfits." he laughed, before stepping over numerous people to reach Albus, who was somehow his best friend, even though the two were as different as chalk and cheese.

"Move over, Al." he said, sitting between the dark haired boy and Rose Weasley. Rose blushed a violent and very noticeable red and moved over immediately.

"Alright, Weasley?" Scorpius asked her with a grin and a wink, with earned him several glares from the family. Although none of them really discriminated against Scorpius for being a Malfoy, they all knew full well that he was quite a womanizer and wouldn't think it at all inappropriate to seduce his best friend's cousin for a night.

A while after Scorpius came in, Dominique saw the passing figures of her infamous friends and stood up and, without a word's notice to anyone, left to join them. No one dared question Dom, she and her friend's were so feared around Hogwarts that most students were scared to look them directly in the eye, let alone question where they were going.

And slowly the family left until it was just Al and Scorpius and some other friends they had invited in planning mischief and playing Gobstones.

Jut some shout outs to MirDeeDee, Jo Gurtrude and gingerxxlovley - thanks to you all!