"….Ah….what the…what's this on my face?...AH!"

Raikruzer had just awakened from 10 hours of sleep. It was 2:00 AM, and Raikruzer was freaked out. Something was on his face and he didn't know what. Once he got up, he noticed that first of all, he was on the floor while he clearly remembered being in the bed. Next thing he found out was something he didn't want to see…

"Aile! Wake up! Aile!"

"..eh…Huh? What…what do you want?"

"Why are your clothes on my face!? Are you trying to seduce me or suffocate me!? Either way, I don't like it!"

"Calm down…it was an accident alright? Jeez…it's just clothing…it's not like it's my pan-"

Aile stopped when she saw that all of her clothing that she took off from her shower, including her underwear, was in the pile. She screamed and kicked Rai in the face, gathering up all her clothes and putting them in the hamper. She kicked Rai out of her room, as she sees that he's feeling much better. After she shut the door behind him, she sat on her bed and hugged her pillow tightly.

"Why do I feel this way around him…Do I…like him?"

Rai decided to go downstairs where Giro was finishing counting inventory for tomorrow's deliveries. Rai hopped up on top of one of the boxes and decided to talk with his brother for a bit.

"So, Girouette, how's it been? Haven't seen you in-"

"4 years…"

Giro put his clipboard and pen down to hop up next to Rai. He looked into his eyes because he needed his full concentration.

"I thought you were dead after you went Final Berserk…your augmentations would have made you go Maverick by that time…how are you still alive!?"

"Jeez, do you want me to be dead or something? Turns out that the syringes that I have are potent enough to bring me out of my Final Berserk state. The Maverick Hunters knew my power, and wanted me to join them. I almost did, but…"


Rai patted his brother's head and smiled. He hopped down and sat on Giro's bike, revving it up.

"I wanted to be with my bro!"

"Heh, you always were a good one, Raikruzer."

"Same to you, Girouette."

"Hm. Alright then. If you want to work at Giro Express, you need to get your uniform. I should have one in the back for you to wear, so wait right here."

While Giro went into storage to find another uniform, Rai just casually walked around the cargo area. He found a toolkit that is compatible with his augmentations, and decided to fix them up a little. He activated them, which changed his whole appearance. It formed a digital net around him and began to shape his armor, first starting with his helmet. The helmet had a blue full-face visor and a mouth/chin guard that covered the outside, making the visor appear to only cover the eyes. There was an antenna running from the ear of the helmet to allow communication from all channels, friendly or not. Once that materialized, he stopped the augmentation materialization and focused work on his helmet. While working on it, Giro finally came back with a blue vest like Vent's and Aile's. He already had everything else, so the last thing he needed was a motorbike, so Giro went to wake Vent to go to the bike shop, since they were open 24/7. Vent was happy, as he loved going into the shop in his spare time. The man that worked there was Brock, a short man that wore a bandana and bandages around his arms.

"Hello, guys. What can I do for ya!?"

"Sup Brock. Our friend here, Giro's brother Rai, needs a ride like we do to make deliveries."

"Ah, well we have models just like yours in stock. What would you like your bike to specialize in? Speed? Power? Fuel Efficiency!? Just name it."

"Hmm…Speed would be the way to go. But question…can you hook this bike up with an auxiliary port so I can plug my augmentations in with the bike?"

"Can I? Since this is your first time, I'll do it for half off, how does that sound?"

"Sounds fine by me! I don't know about Girouette, however, as he's paying for it!"

After the bike was finished, it was becoming morning time. All three rode on their own bikes back to the warehouse to prepare for their deliveries. Aile was just walking outside when the three rolled up to the cargo.

"Ah, so I see you got him a bike. No specializations?"

"Speed, and an auxiliary port for my helmet."

He materialized his helmet and plugged the cord into his bike, allowing him to have GPS, a fuel gauge, a speedometer, and his comms all in one. He also had a camera placed omnidirectionally so he could see all sides of his bike. Once they loaded up their gear, they split up and went to their respective delivery sites. Not long, however, were they working as they got a comm update from Giro.

"Guys, we have a problem. Rampant mechanaloid. Everyone rendezvous at my location."



"On my way!"