A Vacation Gone Bad

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summary: Lets just say you NEVER want to take a vacation on this island. My family thought it wouldn't be that bad...they where wrong and now their dead. But I'm not, somehow I have managed to survive three weeks in this hell hole.



Looking at the amazing sight before me as we passed by a massive island. We were looking for a beach to dock our boat at, we had found out there was no civilization on this island since people abandoned it after a storm. We could see from the time we had be looking for dock, that all the docking areas had washed away or where destroyed. Once we had found a suitable beach to dock at my brother and father went to look for fire wood.

The number of trees and plants were amazing, you couldn't see very well past the second set of trees and plants and the variety of them was amazing.

I probably should introduce myself; my name is Shade. I have black hair with red tips and red eyes, I was a decent height of 5.5ft I have navy blue jeans on and a white t-shirt plus a heavy soft leather jacket. Though I didn't think I would be needing it, I took it anyway since it was my favorite jacket. I am here with my mother, older brother and father.

You would think that I was excited to be here on the island, but I actually wasn't; I'd rather be on my computer reading and playing my games. But I had to come with my family on this vacation since I didn't go to the last one, which was to Canada's Wonderland I had gone there a couple times and the rides weren't that bad; but I had already went on them enough times to make going there boring for me, so I didn't end up going.

While I was waiting for my father and older brother to come back I decided to go and lie down on the boat and take a nap. Not long after I went to sleep I woke up to the sound of screaming and a monstrous roar, I got up and looked down at the beach and that's when I saw the worst thing I think anyone would ever see. My brother was running and he had blood all over his face.

"Get the FUCK onto the BOAT and get us the fuck out of here!" He literally screamed. I have NEVER seen my brother like this in my life, so I actually ended up starting the boat for everyone.

"Where is your father?" My mother asked, as she ran toward the boating seeing how scared my brother was.

"He's dead." My brother said. My mothers face went pale; and I am guessing I was looking the same.

"No...no he CAN'T be dead!" my mother cried. She had tears in her eyes; I on the other hand wasn't crying, I was wondering...yes I was sad, but only one thing came to my mind.

"How did he die and what the FUCK was that Roar?" I asked a bit calmly, apparently too calmly for my brother since he looked at me with surprise mixed with anger.

"Don't you care at all that our father is dead!" He almost screamed at me, I did but I wanted to know what happened.

"Yes I do care; but right now I would think that knowing how he died would help us survive and know what to hide from." I stated with a hint of anger in my voice. That's when all of a sudden another monstrous roar came out and my mother screamed, my brother yelled and I blacked out...