Chapter 1

"Hey Parkinson! Get your skinny white ass out of bed!" an overly excited voice screamed into my ear. Natalie, I thought. I groaned and rolled over, throwing a pillow over my head in the process.

"Come on Ri! Up!" my best friend shouted, jumping onto my bed.

"Nattie shut up or I will lobotomize you!" I hissed.

"Whoa Nurse Ratched, you're rather violent this morning. Come on get up!" she yelled, jumping on my bed. I pulled myself into a sitting position and tossed a glare at my best friend.

"What time is it?" I yawned.

"Eight o'clock on the dot."

"Why the hell did you wake me up then?" I hissed, laying down again.

"Your brother got the email." I sat up immediately.

"Holy hell. Please tell me you're serious. I'm not joking, if you're kidding I will seriously scalp you."

"I'm serious as the plague. Steve got the email Ri." I grinned broadly and threw myself out of bed. I grabbed onto Natalie's hand and ran out of my room.

"Epic Fairytale members wake up!" I yelled, running down the hall with Natalie in tow. We both came to a stop when we reached to the living room. Steve was sitting on the couch with his laptop in his lap. His black hair fell into his face.

"Is it necessary to run down the hall like a child and wake everyone up?" he asked casually.

"Shut up Steve, you're only eleven minutes older than me. You can't tell me what to do," I snapped back, tossing my waist length, black hair out of my face. "Besides, the whole band should be here to find out who we're touring with." The rest of our band members came strolling into the living room, yawning.

"What the hell Ri? It's only eight." Karma yawned, running a hand through her blonde tresses.

"Steve got the email."

"You're kidding!" Oliver shouted, smiling in excitement.

"Whoa No Soul, take it easy," Cody laughed.

"Shut up you stupid Brit, I'm not even ginger!" Cody laughed and Oliver flipped him off.

"If everyone would be quiet, I'd open the email."

"Shut up whores!" Nattie shouted, sitting cross-legged on the carpet. We all sat down in front of the couch, shaking with excitement. Steve clicked on the email and stared at his laptop for several seconds.

"Holy shit Steve! Get on with it!" Nattie hissed.

"Okay, okay. Just trying to add a dramatic flair. We'll be touring with The Wanted and One Direction." Nattie, Karma, and I jumped up, screaming in excitement. We hugged each other laughing hysterically.

"Oh my God this is unbelievable! When are they getting here?"

"One Direction is supposed to arrive here this afternoon and The Wanted will be here in three weeks 'cause they have a couple gigs on the way."

"Holy shit! We need to get ready!" Nattie yelled. "Go you guys! This is not a drill!" Nattie ran down the hall to her room, shortly followed by Karma. I laughed and rolled my eyes, walking to my room. I walked into my bathroom and switched on the shower. I stripped and climbed in, sighing happily when the warm water hit my bare body. After washing, I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my wet body and walked into my room. I threw on my bathrobe and opened the blinds. Nattie came barreling into my room a couple seconds later.

"Let's get ready together! We have to look our best for them!"

"Um Nattie, you do realize that three out of the five have girlfriends right?"

"Yeah, but two out of the five don't."

"Well, I see your hormones are raging today."

"Let me live in my blissful state of ignorance!" I laughed and walked over to my closet.

"What're you going to wear?" I asked, scanning through my closet.

"This," Nattie replied, holding up a red dress.

"Your homecoming dress from sophomore year?"

"Yeah. It's sophisticated. What are you wearing Ri?'

"No idea. I haven't really figured it out yet." Nattie walked over to my closet and lightly shoved me to the side.

"Wear this," she replied, holding up my orange homecoming dress from freshman year.

"Eck no way! Orange does not do wonders for my pale skin!"

"Yeah, you're probably right. How about this?" she held up a black cocktail dress that I wore for her sweet sixteen.

"Nah. How about just jeans and a nice shirt?" Nattie looked at me like I had suddenly grown another head.

"Riley, this is One Direction we're talking about. Don't you want to look your best?"

"Of course I do. But we don't need to overdo it. They are just guys you know."

"That's why we need to look hot! They're guys! Straight, beautiful, sent from the Lord above guys!"

"Who sprinkled libido in your cereal this morning? 'Cause your sex drive is present more than usual this morning."

"Think about it Ri, when are we ever going to have the chance to meet One Direction again? Don't you want to make a lasting first impression?" I sighed. She wasn't going to give up, that much was clear.

"Alright fine. But I'm choosing my own outfit." A wide grin spread across Nattie's face.


"We're going to go through this again when The Wanted get here aren't we." Nattie just looked at me with a smirk and nodded.

After about three hours, Nattie and I were both ready. Nattie stepped back and took a look at herself in the full length mirror. Her red cocktail dress hugged her slim figure in all the right places and accentuated her long legs. Her brown hair was loosely curled and tumbled down to her mid back. Her eye makeup was dark and smoky, making her light colored eyes pop.

"Do I look okay?" she asked, running a hand down the front of her dress to get rid of any wrinkles.

"Nattie, you look really pretty. You look fine." Nattie grinned and stepped away from the mirror.

"Thanks Ri. You look beautiful as well." I made a face and looked at myself in the mirror.

"I guess I look okay." I replied, taking in my appearance. I had decided to wear a dark blue strapless sundress. The dress hugged my waist tightly and made my slender figure more prominent. I ended up curling my black hair and using a natural eye shadow with thin black eye liner.

"Are you kidding Ri? You look gorgeous! That dress makes you look hot! It really brings out the crystal blue color of your eyes. Plus, I've always told you I'm jealous of your hair, and this is why. Why are you blessed with natural ringlets?" I grimaced and stepped away from the mirror.

"Thanks." Nattie and I stepped out of my room and walked to the living room. Cody let out a wolf whistle when we entered.

"Shut up stupid Brit," Nattie hissed, tossing Cody a playful smirk.

"Is it too much?" I asked. "I feel like it's too much."

"Well, I think it's a bit much with the dresses. But I'm a guy, what do I know?" Nattie looked at me and sighed.

"Should we just wear jeans?" she asked. I sighed in relief when she realized how awkward I felt.

"Yes please." We went back into our rooms. I grabbed my coral colored jeans and pulled them on after taking off my dress. I threw on a stripped crop top that exposed my midriff and walked back into the living room. Nattie was already out there, dressed in a pair of dark wash jeans and a loose black shirt. Steve, Cody, and Oliver sat on the floor, playing a video game.

"What time are the guys going to get here?" Nattie asked, while painting her toe nails.

"They're supposed to be here at noon I think," Steve answered, his eyes not leaving the television screen.

"Shit that's in thirty minutes!"

"So?" Oliver asked carelessly.

"The house is a mess! The dishes aren't done and the living room is a mess!"

"It's fine Riley," Steve said, his brows furrowed in concentration. I walked over to the television and unplugged it.

"What the hell?"

'We can't have people over with an unclean house, now everyone get up and help clean." Everyone got up, mumbling angerly under their breath. After thirty minutes of frantic cleaning, the house was finally presentable.

"Satisfied Ri?" Steve asked.

"Yes, thank you," I replied, sitting on the couch. Then, the doorbell rang. They were here.

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