Just a quick little piece of fluff.

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The moment he sees him he knows what he must do.

Crowley appears beneath the archway of his door, troubled and furious. Bobby beckons him and leads him upstairs by the hand. He leaves him at the foot of the bed, climbs onto it and settles himself before calling the demon to him. It takes only seconds for him to find his place.

The soft fluff of Crowley's head brushes Bobby's throat as the demon, curled against his chest, nuzzles into his neck. Bobby wraps his arms around his little black fuming ball of hate and holds him close. One palm spread wide against his back, a weight both comforting and safe. The other scrubs soothingly through brown tufts, massaging his scalp. Crowley thrums against his chest. His eyes, once blazing, soften to glowing warm embers as the fight leaves him.

He's curled himself into the foetal position against his lovers' chest and as he tilts his face up to nose into the hollow of his throat he lets the gentle thump of the human heart ease away the tenseness of the past week. Bobby can feel his deepening breath against his neck as he soothes gentle circles against his scalp, his eyes drop closed and his eyelashes tickle against Bobby's skin.

Crowley snores a little. He'll sleep for hours, the first good sleep he'll have gotten for months. Bobby of course won't, but it's little price to pay and a sacrifice well worth making.