The Schizo.

A/N: I should be working on my other fanfic Long Lost Brother but this idea came rather suddenly. Barney Ross has schizophrenia and his other self/s are/is John Rambo. Haven't decided if I should include other Stallone characters. I prefer the fighter characters such as Rocky who may be included later. Rambo's past is AU so it fits with Barney's. And Rambo may seem ooc because I haven't actually watched Rambo before. His personality and actions wrote by me are just assumptions from things I've read.

Chapter 1. Part 1: Rambo:

Barney rarely slept. He did not like the nightmares or consequences it could bring. But when he did sleep it was for short periods of time to not only be alert when needed but to make sure his teams saftey is insured. When no one was near Barney would doze off by himself. That kept the danger on a low. He was always afraid of what he could end up doing.

The Expendables had no jobs to do yet. So the others had decided that they had nothing better to do but stay at Tools Tattoo Parlour. They were in another room bickering lightly as usual, it was oddly calming and Barney found himself faling asleep. The nightmares descended. Nightmares of a soldier gone rogue. The killing he had done yet he'd had no control of. It was horrid to watch himself kill yet knowing that it wasn't him.

John Rambo woke up. His eyes snapped open. He knew this place, he also knew the man who owned the parlour, Tool. Tool had no real name to speak off so Rambo hadn't asked for more details and he had seemed an ok guy, he had never annoyed or attempted to hurt him or his other. Rambo knew he wasn't completely him. Not always anyway.

But he did know that there were others in the parlour. The sound of bickering reached his ears. It didn't sund hostile but neither did he until he decided if you were a threat or not. He didn't use to kill enemies only harm them so he could get way. But he learned not everyone is as merciful so he toughened up. He stated to kill his enemies especially if they seemed determined to hurt or capture him. He did not like being trapped. But he also protected those who helped him, it was only fair after all.

So he went to investigate,slowly he creeped up to the door where the talking was the loudest. Slowly he pushed the door wide enough to get a look at the men. There was a man in his direct line of sight,he was only slightly smaller then Rambo but he had a shaven head and was spinning a knife round his finger. Another man to the left was way over six foot. Rather thin for someone so muscular with blonde hair blue eyes. Next to him was a small Asian man sat cross legged on a desk. He couldn't see anymore. But someone could see him.

"Hey Barney, how are ya' doin'?" A tall black guy asked opening the door.

Rambo jumped slightly and said;

"I ain't Barney"

Skin head laughed. "Come on Barney we know it's you" The skin head sounded British.

"I ain't Barney" He growled, " I'm John Rambo"

"Don't be daft, come on why don't we go talk to Tool" The skin head suggested sounding slightly annoyed. The blonde giant nodded. The black guy looked at him strangely. Then Rambo noticed the other guy with the funny ears. It looked like cauliflower ears (not sure about what they are called) that wrestlers sometimes was the guy was very bulky with muscle but not as much as the black giant.

"Barney this is no good, do not lie to us" The Asian man said.

"I ain't Barney" he growled yet again. "Tool will tell you that"

"Err... guys, what should we do?" asked Blondie.

"Barney what the hell are you-" skin head was cut off.

"Barney you idiot stop joking about it's annoying, I mean we all know you-" Blondie stated but he was cut off as well.

"I am not Barney, I am John Rambo and if you do not stop bugging me whether Tool knows you or not I will hurt you" Rambo threatened a tone of finality creeping into his words. They ignored the warning.

The black guy stepped closer, too close. Rambo turned to him and hit him hard in the shoulder, following it with a right hook to the face. Then he leapt away as the black man grunted in pain.

"Oi!" shouted the skin head leaping up, so did the Asian man but a loud voice interupted.

"Aye! Guys wha's going on?" Tool shouted.

"Barney thinks he's Rambo" Blondie snickered, "He hit Ceasar"

"Don't take the mick, Hey Rambo, long time no see" Tool greeted Rambo.

"Hey Tool, how ya' doing?"

"Pretty good, you?"

"Yeah I'm good"

Tool glared at the others until they backed away to the other side of the room. Not quite what he had wanted but it would have to do.

"Hey Rambo, why don't you go back to sleep?"

"I do not want to sleep, I have just been asleep" Rambo explained.

"Alright why don't we go for a bike ride?"

"Yeah sure, try and have some fun" Rambo agreed.

Tool and Barney/Rambo left the parlour on thier motorbikes.

Part 2. What just happened?;

"What in the name of all thats bloody holy was that!" Lee exclaimed once the two men were gone.

"I agree" said Yin. He looked absolutely perplexed.

"Whatever it was, it was weird as weird gets" said Gunner. Toll Road just nodded.

"Yeah and he hits harder than barney usually does when sparring, hurts a lot more too" Ceasar stated.

"Well duh, if he hits harder it's obviously gonna hurt more" Lee deadpanned.

"No it was more powerful but it was strategically done so it inflicted more pain than usual" Yin stated. "I've seen many soldiers use them techniques"

They all shook thier heads at the oddness of the situation. Barney was really weird and they had no idea if it was a joke or not. They also didn't know if Tool was in on the joke. There were many questions to ask.

Unfortunately Tool and Barney stayed out all day. They all headed off home.

So the next day they went back to Tool's to ask thier questions.

Tool was indeed there, so was Barney. In fact Barney had his shirt off getting a new tattoo. It was a raven and a wolf. Both black with silver grey highlighting the form and details of the animals. It was one of Tools best that was for sure. And it was finished.

"Hullo, guys" Tool said

"Hi Tool, hey...Rambo" returned Ceasar.

"Hey" Rambo said easily.

"I'm Ceasar and this is Toll Road, Gunnar Jensen, Yin Yang and Lee Christmas" Ceasar pointed to each man in turn.

Some waved, others smiled uncertainly.

"Hey Rambo go get some sleep brother" Tool said cajolingly.

"Don't cajole me, but yeah I will" Rambo said leaving the room.

Part 3. Answers;

Tool turned to face the guys and answer thier questions that were no doubt coming.

"What the hell?" they asked simultaneously.

Tool sighed.

"Barney has schizophrenia, it's a mental condition where he's sorta more than one person in one body, I really don't know how to explain it more" Tool said.

"Right and this other person is John Rambo?" Lee asked.

"Yeah as far as I know he's only two people, but there has been times he hasn't responded to either one of his names" Tool concluded.

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