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It's Good to be the Queen

"You married the king. Which means you're the queen. I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, please don't tell the king," Braydon begged.

Emmett looked between the two and laughed. "You screwed a queen? Dude, that's so epic!"

"I lied, okay? I hit on her and she turned me down. She said I'm not her type." He kept his eyes on the crystal in Kate's hand. "Please, Your Majesty, I'm sorry."

Kate heard the fear in his voice and nodded. "Fine, but if you don't show us the proper respect I'll bog you myself. Am I being clear enough?" At his eager nod she grinned. "Good." She turned and walked away. She'd intended to offer the older set a space of their own, but she was no longer in a very giving mood. After a goodbye to the younger children and a promise to return tomorrow morning she headed for the library.

She explored the shelves, finally finding what she was after - the section devoted to the monarchy and politics. She selected a few books on the history of the kingdom and the surrounding realms and sat down to study. After a while she heard her stomach growl and decided to take a break. She thought for a moment and conjured a crystal, deciding what she wanted to eat. Once she'd settled on something she made herself focus, filling her mind with the taste and image of her desired meal. When she was sure she had it she threw the orb at a blank spot on the desk, surprised and a bit impressed with herself when a steaming plate of food appeared.

Kate picked up the fork and sliced into the roasted chicken, wondering if it would taste as good as it looked. She hesitated briefly, then took a bite, surprised by how moist and perfect it was. She tried some of the mashed potatoes next, then the asparagus. Everything tasted just like she remembered it from her mother's kitchen, and she ate until there were only scraps left. She was struck by a sudden pang of homesickness and realised it had been almost a year since she'd last visited home. She conjured a crystal, turning it so it showed her family.

Her parents were sitting in a police station. A detective was shaking his head, her mother was crying, and Kate knew without hearing a word that he was giving her parents bad news. She gave the crystal another turn, switching the view to her younger brother. Kellan was twenty-two and a cop himself. He was sitting in her bedroom, flipping through her photo albums. After a few minutes he reached into her jewellery box and secured her leather cuff around his wrist. As she watched she felt herself tear up.

She left her books where they were and made her way back to her new bedroom. She managed to get inside and close the door before breaking down. She made it to the bed and let go, crying out every tear she had. She eventually cried herself to sleep, one hand clutching her locket like it was a lifeline.

That was how Jareth found her when he returned to their bedroom. He brushed her hair out of her face, frowning at the tear tracks he saw. Something or someone had clearly upset her and he intended to find out exactly what or who that was. This was only her second wakeful day in the kingdom and already she'd endured so much. He'd threatened her into marriage. She'd been insulted by her new father-in-law. He'd forced her to go through a long and uncomfortable transition. And now something had upset her enough that she had cried herself to sleep. Jareth hoped she had at least some of Catherine's strength or she could end up broken beyond the fixing.

Jareth gently ran his fingers through her hair until she began waking up. "Well, good evening Sleeping Beauty. Did you enjoy your nap?" He brushed her hair out of her face. "You've obviously been weeping. What upset you so much?"

Kate stretched and sat up. "I guess so. I hadn't actually planned on falling asleep. I was studying actually, then lunch made me a little homesick. I used a crystal to check on my family, and I guess I got a little upset. I must have cried myself to sleep."

"Has something happened to them?" Jareth relaxed a bit, if there were something wrong he might be able to help, but even if he couldn't it was nothing too difficult to make her forget whatever it was. "Is one of them ill, or injured? Has there been a death in the family?"

"No, nothing like that. They're just so upset over my disappearance, and there's nothing I can do so help the situation. My mother's a wreck, the police aren't getting anywhere, and they probably never will." She looked at him. "Isn't there some way to give them closure?"

"There is, but it doesn't involve good news for anyone. I can't return you to them, but I can give them closure and an end to their uncertainty. They'll believe you to be dead, but they can begin rebuilding their lives." He conjured a crystal, turning it to show what might happen. Her parents were identifying her body and Rachel was being arrested for her murder. There was a trial and Rachel insisted on her innocence. Her barrister pled insanity and Rachel was committed to an asylum for continuing to insist that Jareth had taken Kate away.

Her family held a memorial and did their best to move on. Kellan kept a few of her things, as did her parents, but most was donated or sold. Her complete collection of Bowie films and music remained in the attic. Eventually Kellan married and started a family of his own. He named his first daughter after Kate. Every year her family left a wreath on her grave at Christmas, and flowers on her birthday.

Rachel continued to insist on her innocence for nearly a decade. After a while she changed her story, saying she had only been trying to get a little peace so she could do her schoolwork. She hadn't meant for anything to happen, but the film had worn down her last bit of patience and she'd snapped. She was eventually declared sane and released, but the stigma of the accusation and her time in the institution followed her. She returned home and did her best to become invisible, eventually succeeding.

When the images stopped Jareth looked at Kate. "I can make that happen. I can give them closure. You need only ask, and it'll be done."

Kate nodded. If she couldn't go back to them, the least she could do was allow them to move on. "Do it. Please."

He nodded and spun the crystal, setting it to hovering in the air. It spun faster and faster, then vanished. He pulled her onto his lap and held her gently. "There. All done. You can check on them anytime you like, watch over them. And they'll get to heal." He kissed her temple.

She nodded, surprised by this side of him. The Jareth from Labyrinth had been rather immature, proud, obsessive, and prone to mischief, and the Jareth who'd taken her had shown signs of immaturity and obsession as well. He'd also proven himself to be petty, and sweet, and considerate. While the film had hinted at a libido, their scene in the pool a week prior had proven that it was even more active than she'd thought.

A shiver went down her spine. If he could make her feel that good with just his hands, she could only imagine what it would be like when he actually shagged her tonight. Tonight… She looked up and kissed him, wrapping an arm around his neck. Forget waiting, she couldn't anymore.

Jareth took the hint and rolled, manoeuvring Kate underneath of him. He'd had something more romantic planned for tonight, but he wasn't about to complain about this change in plans. He conjured a crystal, tossing it up and letting it fall. Their clothes vanished, leaving Jareth stark naked and Kate in just her corset. When the kiss finally broke he smiled down at her. "I'm not going to ask what brought this on. At least not yet." He kissed her again, wasting no time in claiming her.

Kate gasped. She'd known he was big, but she hadn't expected him to be this big. She closed her eyes, pushing the pain aside. After a moment she relaxed, hips arching a little. Jareth noticed and began a slow, steady rhythm. When he was sure she was alright he let himself go, his hands wandering over her skin. Her hips moved in an effort to match his and she broke the kiss, moaning his name. "Jareth…" She didn't try to continue, and Jareth didn't let her. He trailed a line of kisses along her neck and down her chest, encouraged by the moans he earned in response.

Kate let herself get swept up in the sensation, holding tightly to Jareth as he drove her higher and higher. When she came she screamed his name, her nails digging into his back. He joined her a minute later, biting her shoulder as he held her close. After a moment he rolled again, pulling her so she was laying half on top of him. "So, what did you think precious? Worth the wait?"

Kate chuckled. "Well worth the wait. That was amazing. You're amazing." She kissed him. "But aren't you worried about getting me pregnant?"

Jareth laughed. "Kate, if all goes as planned, that's exactly what will happen. Surely you knew that producing heirs is part of being queen. But I promise you, you'll enjoy the process of conception at the very least, if not the actual births. But there's no need to discuss that now. For now, let's go eat. It's dinnertime and I for one am hungry." He conjured another crystal and used it to dress them. He stood and held out a hand to her. "Come precious."

Kate let him help her up, processing what he'd said. She'd never given any real thought to having a family of her own. She wanted children, but she always thought she'd be older when she got married, and she'd intended to do things in the proper order. And she supposed she had. She'd managed to save herself for marriage, even if everything was happening a little sooner than she'd expected it to. And even if she was expected to bear children, it was something she'd planned on doing eventually anyway.

But the difference was that she'd planned on having her children in a modern hospital, with drugs and doctors and all the latest equipment. From what she'd seen, the palace had none of that. The palace as a whole struck her as antiquated. Between that fact and Jareth's offhand comment earlier, she was starting to worry that the birthing process would be terrible. She hoped she was wrong.

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