Peter grinned beneath his mask as he shot from building to building, his web holding up much better after his recent modifications. The quick batch he'd made to fight the Chitauri (or whatever they were) had been crap at holding his weight for more than a few seconds. This new stuff was much sturdier. The new mask was too.

Damn Tony Stark, the smart fucker. The older man had busted into his schematics with almost no problem. He'd made a few adjustments, Peter had seen all the changes he'd tried to make and he couldn't help but agree with them. Thankfully he'd dropped a few hints in his plans to steer Spider-Man's real identity towards Harry or Flash (depending on how Stark interpreted the small bits of data). There was a slim chance Tony would figure out his identity but they'd only spoken once.

Who would this a tiny little book worm like him could be Spider-Man?

His spidey-sense went off. Peter slid onto one of the rooftops, boots skidding across the bits of gravel and dust. There was a figure across the way, someone standing just behind the ledge to look out upon the lights of the city. It was a sight to see. The masked hero crept over silently, pausing when he saw just who it was.

"Thought you'd find me out here, baby boy" Deadpool turned, full mask in place and mirroring his own in a few ways. He flushed beneath the cover of his own mask as he realized just how similar their costumes were. Maybe he'd used the man's influence but he'd say his was cooler by far.

"What are you doing out here? It's past midnight" Peter inquired, looking around a bit "Anything shady going on?"

"Not really, pretty quiet tonight" Deadpool whistled under his breath "And I've been waiting for you."\

Peter snickered, coming closer, "I'm in high demand."

"Just wanted to say good-bye."

The words were thrown out there so casually, so recklessly. Peter nearly tripped over his own feet, cadence faltering at the sudden verbal impact.

"What?" he snapped.

"I got another merc job lined up, I'm headed south" Wade stretched his arms high above his head, popping his shoulders "It's nothing but bikini babes and beaches for the next few months."

"You're seriously just going to leave?" Peter sneered "After all that – you're bolting?"

"I only wait around for the next job" the anti-hero replied with a shrug "It's what I do. It's my life, kid, I can't change it. I go with the money."

"Screw that" Peter cursed, swallowing his pride "I don't want you to leave."

He felt stupid saying it but it was the truth.

"You're a big boy, Pete, you don't need me hanging around anymore" Deadpool waved him off, leaning against the side "You're on your feet again, aren't you? The suit's almost completely done, your web needs some work, but you don't need me for that."

"Of course I need you" the words spilled out of him "W-We're friends, right? Well, friends stick together."

Wade just hung his head and sighed at that, turning and bracing himself on the edge of the roof. He readied himself to jump off but the younger hero made a sound of protest.

"What the hell are you doing?" Peter demanded "You can't walk away! After everything is that's happened...after you saved my life and my ass, after turning me into this vigilante-"

"I didn't turn you into anything!" Deadpool whipped around "It was what you were meant to be! People like us have to do this or we go crazy! I gave you a fucking purpose. So don't you dare act like this is such a hassle because without me you'd still be getting your face pounded in and your ribs broke by monsters who'd rather put you on your knees than get in a fair fight with you!"

"All the more reason why you can't just leave me alone in this God-forsaken city!" Peter protested vehemently, chest tight and face hot as an emotion he wasn't quite sure of seized his lungs and made him breathless "You can't just run off with this sorry good-bye like none of it meant anything! I wanted-"

"What?" Deadpool contended "What did you want?"

The venomous edge to the sniper's voice makes Peter draw back, arms crossed over his chest defensively.

"What did you think would happen?" Wade's mask pulled with his smirk "Fuckers like me don't get to stick around watch the flowers regrow and the towers go back up. We split before the tide turns on us. Banner had the right idea. I don't linger where I'm not wanted.

"I want you here" Peter admitted, voice cracking

Wade walked over, a firmness to his stride that only caused the younger man's anxiety to grow. That wasn't Wade talking, that was Deadpool. The killer. The monster. The undead fiend. He was definitely a fearsome and terrifying thing to behold when his gaze was dead like that.

Wade's hand shot out with deadly force, fingers curling into a fist at the back of his neck to rip off his mask. Peter flinched but he refused to yield, not even an inch, as his face was exposed to the chill of the night air. The sniper grabbed him hard by the chin, forcing his head further up to expose his face to the light. The bastard tipped his own head close, examining him, staring him down. Peter felt his eyes start to water as his mask was slipped into his own hand. The older man's gloved finger pressed just under the curve of his lower lip, far too intimate a touch.

"Bad guys don't get happy endings" Deadpool muttered in a hushed tone "You'll understand that one day, kid."

Peter clenched his fist in his mask. Heat pooled in his stomach as the other just barely grazed his lip, glove sliding easily over the warm skin. He hated it.

"I wanna remember that face" Wade confessed, patting the boy's cheek lightly before stepping away. Without another word he grabbed onto the cement and launched himself up, disappearing over the side with barely a sound.

Peter hesitated too long before grabbing the side and leaning over, peering into the shadows. Even with his enhanced he couldn't find him. He was gone. His fists slammed down, bits of rubble cracking up and scattering across rooftop. Ignoring the pain he yanked his mask back on, hiding his heartbroken expression from the world.

He didn't need him.

He didn't need anyone.

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