Deatheater's Regrets

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Authors Note: Hello Folks! So this is a songfic (I wrote the song myself) about Regulus Archulus Black's thoughts the day that he goes after the horcrux. Now, if there are any other one-shot ideas you have for me, don't be afraid to ask. Also, tell me which one of my stories you want me to update and I'd be glad to. Please review!

Don't know why it's happening

But you wouldn't understand.

Can't believe I came here

This is not who I am

I, Regulus Archulus Black wondered why. Why I was at a Deatheater meeting. Why I wasn't by my brother's side. Why I was bowing before a maniac. Why I forswore the only one who cared.

Told you that I hate you

Told you I didn't care

But you gotta help me

Get out while I can

Sirius, why'd you give up on me! I wish you would've kept trying to help me, trying to get me on the light side. Maybe then things would be different.

I hate the way you look at me

With loathing in your eyes

Like what you see is hopeless

Something you can't stand

Big brother. I looked up to you all my life. You were my idol. I should've went to Gryffindor like the hat wanted me to. Instead, I begged for Slytherin. But by then, I was poisoned by our parents views. I was a lost cause.

I wish that I could take back

These past couple years

I would've changed everything

I wouldn't be here

I returned home and made up my mind. Sirius! I will stop him! I will make the Dark Lord mortal! I will destroy his horcrux so you stand a chance! So I wrote the note and signed it R.A.B.

Don't know why it's happening

But you wouldn't understand

Can't believe I came here

This is not who I am…

Regulus Archulus Black died that cold, fall day. It was September 2, 1979. He was only 18, but he defied Lord Voldemort, the one he once called Master. His house elf, Kreacher, was present at his death and remembered his last words, 'Sirius, forgive me…'

Sometimes a true hero is really a villain in disguise.