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Ianto strained against his restraints, but couldn't get free. Letting out a sigh of frustration, he leant back against the chair he was strapped to and eyed the laser warily. Ephimis told him if he moved to far or stood up, the laser would train on him and kill him. Brilliant.


Gwen sat with Tosh in the back of the SUV. Tosh had filled her in (addressing her in a tone that Gwen found inappropriate; she was after all, second in command) and now she was mulling over everything.

Jack was lost in thought. When he had taken the ambulance, he had assumed it had just been left. Now he wondered if the Chulas driving it had probably just taken a quick break, maybe for repairs? No wait, it was in too good a condition, and surely they wouldn't leave a much needed ambulance, in fact, they probably wouldn't have stopped.

And he didn't understand was Ephimis' comment about the back-up generators. At the time, he was too worried about Ianto to think about that, but now he could think more clearly. The ambulance was empty, with the exception of the nanogenes. No, something wasn't right, but first he needed to get Ianto, everything else could wait.


Ephimis sent the clue to Tosh's mobile. He couldn't believe they were stupid enough to believe he would set a treasure hunt to win back their team member. No, what he had actually set up was much better. This way he could truly avenge his brother, wife and child.

Ephimis closed his eyes, letting the memories wash over him. Playing with his brother, and their first visit to a different planet. The look on his little chulette's face as she first stepped on different ground. And his son, helping out his mother and sister put on little shows for when he got home.

Gone. All gone. All that was left was his son, sold to a different planet 200 years ago. Ephimis didn't even know which planet. No, his son was lost to him forever. Just like the rest of his family. Gone. Forever.


Tosh mobile starting ringing, making everyone turn to look. Tosh whipped out her phone, and looked at the text. 'What does it say?' Owen asked impatiently. Tosh was frowning to herself. 'It's a riddle.

Feed me and I shall survive. Give me a drink and I shall die.

What do you suppose that means?' The all shook their heads, lost in thought. Eventually Gwen said, feeling quite smug 'I know!' They all turned to stare impatiently at her. 'Well?' asked Jack.

Gwen smiled at them. They truly didn't get it. 'Ianto's being held in a spaceship!' Owen frowned. 'How did you work that one out?'

'Well' Gwen began. 'Aliens need sustenance, but they can't have water, or else they'll catch a disease that our immune system protects us from, and die! Therefore a spaceship!' Tosh, Jack and Owen stared at her, stunned. I've managed to impress them so much they're speechless, Gwen thought smugly.

Owen was the first one to recover. 'Are you completely stupid? Of course they can have water you dumbass!' Tosh was shaking her head at Gwen. 'No Gwen, you're thinking of War of the Worlds. That's not real you know.' Jack rolled his eyes; he couldn't believe they'd just wasted precious time listening to that crap.

Tosh suddenly jumped in her seat. She was so excited she could barely speak. 'Of course! That's it!' Owen looked at her surprised. 'What, a spaceship?' Tosh rolled her eyes. 'No, it's fire! Wood feeds it, and water puts it out. There's a fire station just twenty minutes away.'

Seeing Owen open his mouth to contradict her, Tosh said 'No, I know there's one around the corner, but this one had health and safety issues, and was closed down. It'll be empty.' Jack slammed down on the accelerator, and the SUV sped off.


Two streets away from the fire station there was a sound of white noise, and, to an ordinary eye, a biker appeared. Checking his wrist strap, the man swore and began to run towards the fire station, praying he wasn't too late.

Ianto closed his eyes. He hoped Jack would be here soon, he needed him. Suddenly the door behind opened and Ianto felt someone standing directly behind him. He couldn't see who it was, but a hand reached over the top of his head, and pointed a kind of gun at the laser.

Instead of firing bullets however, it gave off an eerie blue light, and the laser's light went off. The man began to untie Ianto's restraints. 'Quickly now, it's only temporarily turned it off.'

Pulling Ianto the other end of the room, safely out the way, the man pulled his helmet off. Giving Ianto an apologetic smile, he began to explain who he was.


The SUV skidded to a stop outside the fire station, and the team ran across the path. Suddenly Jack noticed a silver pin between the doors. It's a bomb. Grabbing the door, and ignoring Jacks cries of 'Gwen, no!' Gwen pushed it open, and the room inside exploded.

Owen and Tosh leapt forward and grabbed Jack, just about managing to keep him from entering the room. Jack cried out in anger and sorrow, eventually going limp in Tosh and Owen's arms. God no, please no. Not his Welshman, his beautiful Ianto. He would never see his face again, never hear Ianto say his name.

'Jack….' He could hear Ianto in his head. 'Jack.' He could hear him so clearly. 'JACK!' Jacks eyes snapped open and he turned to Ianto, his Ianto, looking frail and tired, but certainly not looking like he had been consumed by a ball of fire.

Ripping out of Owen and Tosh's grasp, Jack leapt forwards and grabbed Ianto kissing him and hugging him tightly. 'Never – kiss – leave –kiss – me – kiss – again!' Ianto was laughing, his arms wrapped tightly around Jacks waist. 'Never Cariad. I'm going to chain myself to you.'

Ianto looked round Jack to see Tosh crying and smiling, Owens arm wrapped tightly around her. Ianto quickly stepped forward, Jack following him like a lost puppy, and engulfed Tosh and Owen into a big group hug, which Jack quickly joined.

Pulling away, Ianto noticed that Gwen had her gun out and aimed at someone. Turning around, he spotting who Gwen was targeting, his rescuer. 'No Gwen' Ianto began. 'It's okay–'

There was a flash nearby, and Ephimis appeared, looking happy, but grim. As soon as he saw Ianto, safe and alive, his pupils dilated in anger, and he pulled his gun out aiming it at the group. He no longer cared who he got.

'I'll kill you!' cried Ephimis. 'I'm going to rip you all to pieces, you murde-' He broke off as the biker man stepped in front the team, facing Ephimis. Ephimis' face had gone white, and his hand shook as he realised who was standing in front of him. The stranger smiled. 'Hello dad. Long time no see.'


Ephimis' mind was blank. He couldn't believe it. His son, here in front of him. 'Z-Z-Zyrion? How – how are you here?'

Zyrion smiled at his father, taking a step forward. 'I was sold to a rich family in Bygon 2. There I remained for 150 years, until a man came and liberated us.' Zyrion frowned. 'He was a strange man. Really messy hair with a blonde human. I think he was called – the Doctor? Anyway, I went on a search to find you. When I reached the majority of our people they had told me you escaped, a little while before the planet was liberated.'

Zyrion glared at his father. 'Then I followed your wild goose chase and found out your plans. Dad, I know you're sad about mum and Yoon. But you need to find out all the facts, and not let your anger rule. This man,' Zyrion turned and pointed at Jack. 'He is not the man your after. He merely found the stripped ambulance. The drivers had already been killed, the generators taken.'

Ephimis froze. Jack Harkness was innocent. He was suddenly horribly aware of his actions, and the deaths he'd caused. Zyrion was not finished. 'It was taken by the enemy. And before you ask me specifically who, he's already dead. He's the guard you killed to escape.'

Ephimis felt his whole body go cold. He stared at his son, who looked at him with a mixture of anger and love. His eyes then travelled up to the humans. Jack Harkness looked angry, as did the others. But the child he had taken, Ianto looked long and hard at him. Then he gave Ephimis a forgiving smile.

Resolved, Ephimis reached forwards and held his son for a moment, drawing him close and holding him tightly. Leaning to whisper in Zyrions ear, he said 'son, I'm so sorry. Always remember that I love you, and that your mother and sister, and hopefully me, will always be smiling down on you.'

Ignoring Zyrions confusion, Ephimis addressed Ianto. 'Human, I'm so sorry for the pain I caused you. I was blinded by my hate and anger, but that is no excuse.' Jack opened his mouth to tell Ephimis where to stick his apology, when Ianto spoke. 'It's okay. I forgive you.'

Ephimis looked surprised, and smiled softly at him. 'This is my promise child. I will always watch over you and my son.' Zyrion suddenly understood what his father was about to do. 'Father! NO!' Ephimis pressed his gun against his head, and shot rang out.

Then, deafening silence.

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