This is the SEQUEL to 'Only Hope Will Survive'

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Okay this is set 2 months after "Only Hope Will Survive" ends, and Amy and Ty are still together.

Amy's Point Of View

I walked into the barn, smiling as Spartan poked his big head in my pockets, searching hopefully for something edible. I kissed his wide forehead laughing as: Ty popped up behind me, scooping me up in his arms, "Hey, nooo!" I cried as he started to tiggle my sides, laughing as I begged him to stop, "Ty stop!" I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck, "You better watch it Mr..." I smiled kissing him, before screaming again;

"Oh I will..." He promised, laughing as he tiggled my sides once again, "Just after I've done this!", and "This..." he smirked, kissing me again.

Malory walked in, feeding Copper a treat, before looking up,"Oh my god Jack has like no taste! Oh god get a room!"

"Get out!" I cried me and Ty, laughing at her face,

"I'm sorry but this is the barn, and I half own a horse that borders here..."

I sighed, "Whatever Malory,", knowing that we had already been beaten,

"Okay, I've got to get going," Ty said planting a kiss on my nose, "see in 20 mins!" he promised before heading out the barn door and swinging into his truck. I waved smiling, before glaring at Malory, "I told you your perfect, you can thank me later..." Malory said, smiling proudly,

"I won't forget Cupid!", I promised, watching her face turn to a full on glare. Grabbing Spartan's halter, before swinging my legs over his back I trotted out the barn. "Come on boy let's go," kicking him gently into a collected canter, gripping loosely on his mane as I rode bareback across the grassy plains, my hair flying in the wind.

"Hey boy, lets stop here," pulling up, at the old jumping circuit, swinging of his back. I unclipped his halter, I slung it on the floor."Okay let's go boy," kissing his nose, I ran of, hurling myself over the little jumps laughing as Spartan literally stepped over them, "show of!" I cried, smiling to myself. "Okay let's try something different," I walked towards a clearing with just a couple of trees in the middle, "ready boy?" I queried before swerving round each little tree creating a Salem with the trees, with Spartan by my side. I stopped out of breath, giggling as he nudged me, his nose nuzzling under my arm finding its way into my pocket, "Oh okay!" giving in to his puppy dog eyes. "Come on lets go!" bending down grabbing his halter, "You don't need this boy? Hey do yah?" I asked , swinging the halter over my shoulder and before lifting myself over his back, kicking him gently; "Lets go find Ty!"

"Hey! Ty!" I called smiling, as he peered out of the shed,

"Hey you okay?"

"Yeah! Better now your here!" hopping of Spartan, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"How's Spartan doing?" he queried turning to Spartan, "Have you been good for Miss Bossy Boots here? Owwww!" I laughed, playfully punching his side, "Hey look what I got" I scrunched my brow, confused completly unaware of what he was talking about, I gasped as he pulled out a large brown envelope,

"Oh my gosh Ty! University of Calgary!Vet School!" Ty nodded, nervously,

"I wanted to wait for you..." he said fiddling with the envelope, "Okay, let's do this," he said taking a deep breath before tearing into the envelope, diving his hand clasping the papers, pulling them slowly as a frenzy of questions swarmed around in his mind... This was it, he had to look, he had to...

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