Thank you everyone for all your support and appreciation for my stories, this one in particular. I'm sad to say this is the end, to a story I have throughly enjoyed writing and what I hope you enjoyed reading.

Please enjoy.



With time, Ty and I rebuilt our relationship, working on smoothing over the edges and learning to trust again. For a while we acted like the abused horses, we were weary of each other, but both knew and felt our undying need to be together, so we worked at it and we worked hard. From now on, there was no such thing as secrets, we told each other every single thing, right down to the very last detail. With this, our trust re-grew and we became happy again, just like we used to be.

The letter was never mentioned again, Dylan popped up in various conversations, but we kept it to the minimum, for both of ours sake.

Four years on and we are, with a bit more work, back as we used to be. Over the past four years, we grew closer and closer, slowly building up our friendship again.

I love Ty, more than anything in the world. He had told me time and time again, that he loves me and to him I am his world.

Maybe one day, somewhere in our absent future, we will be together again. The proper together, like we used to be.

To this day I still have hope that will happen, but right now, this is what I hope to be a beginning of an end.

But for now, I am happy. And for now, that's all that matters to me.

To be happy again...


Well that was short. Undeniably short. But it was an epilogue, so...?

Please let me know if you enjoyed this story, and thankyou once again for all the kind reviews, and the ongoing support that you constantly supply me with throughout my stories.

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