Chapter 2

Its the summer of 1959, Holly was walking down the street, going to the old treehouse when she saw gordie coming out of a store. "Hey Gordie!' "Hey, you heading to the tree house?" gordie said running his fingers through his dark brown hair. ( Just to say Gordie is one of my very best friends and i have a litttle crush on him...ok a huge crush! Its his eyes, those gorgeous eyes!) We walked to the treehouse and talked about the latest episode of wagon training. When we got to the treehouse me and gordie went up and he started playing cards with chris and teddy and I just sat down and started to read one of gordies detective magazines. a knock on the door came "thats not the secret knock!" " I forget the secret knock! Let me in!" "VERN" me, gordie, chris, and teddy all said. I laid back in the chair and read a story about a guy that got murdered and hese people had to find his body. When i heard shouting and looked up. Right when i did Vern said "Do you guys wanna go see a dead body?"