Authors Note: I got this idea in my head and I can't seem to get it out. So doing what I normally do I put it on paper and came up with the following story. This is an OC that I thought would work well in Hawaii Five 0. As usual I don't own anything with the show and only the OC is my idea. If I've made any mistakes about accuracy of consistency with the show I apologize in advance. As always constructive criticism is always welcome. Hope you enjoy =)

Original Characters Background Info:

Senior Field Agent Gabriel "Boxer" Castillo


Gabriel Castillo is the son of Navy SEAL Sniper Roberto "Bobby" Castillo and Navy Nurse Joana Prado. Born in Little Creek Virginia where his father was stationed with seal teams 4 & 6 Gabe grew up around military bases most of his life. At the age of 16 his parents divorced and he and his mother moved to her former hometown of Miami, FL. Growing up, Gabe's father was his hero and he wanted to emulate him and join the navy. His mother however made him promise not to join saying that the military cost her her husband she didn't want to lose her son. Having been trained his whole life by his father Gabe has more training and skill than most military vets. By the time he was 12 he was a blackbelt in Judo and Jeet Kune Do as well as a Junior Olympic Judo Champion. Before his 16 birthday his father trained him to be able to hit a target at more the 1200 yard as well as flow through a shooting house and engage in CQB. Trying to live up to his legendary father Gabe pushed himself very hard. All throughout college he continued studying martial arts. After 9/11 in his junior year of college knowing that his father was out fighting for his country 21 year old Gabe felt he should do something with his skills and dropped out of college to become a Miami Firefighter/Paramedic wishing to honor his mothers wishes but at the same time live up to his fathers ideals. After three years with Fire Rescue and earning his degree he joined the FBI at age 25. At 27 he became a member of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team which is the premier Federal Counter Terrorist Unit outside of the military. At the academy in Quantico he earned the nickname Boxer because he was able to outfight everyone including his instructors.

Tie In to five 0:

Gabe's father was one of Steve and Sam's training officers on seal team six. Gabe left fire rescue when his friend in HRT Terrence Johnson was killed in a botched hostage rescue. Gabe is convinced there was a leak in the unit and that was why TJ was killed. He joined the FBI to find out who is responsible for his friends death. As of now he is on administrative leave for insubordination due to his investigation into TJ's death. He was ordered to let it drop but refused. Using his suspension as an opportunity to follow some leads he trails an informant to Hawaii.

Because of Gabe's skills he has been moved around to all aspects of HRT. First assigned to the Assault team, his marksmanship skills get him reassigned to the Sniper teams. After a year with sniper teams he was again reassigned to Maritime Operations.

His direct supervisors on HRT feel while he is headstrong, he is a reliable and extremely capable agent/operator. However SAC Martin Wheeler (Special Agent in Charge of HRT) Suspended him when he found out he had circumvented his chain of command and was using his off time to investigate TJs death.

This is how he comes across Five 0 in Hawaii. His CI (Confidential Informant) gave him a lead that a man named Eddie Yagin has info on the man who is responsible for TJ's death. Gabe tracks Eddie to Hawaii.