Nick loves jess. That was obvious to anyone that ever met him, obvious to everyone but Jess. They had a very close friendship and had been mistaken for a couple countless times before. Nick caught on to this as them being flirty and always having a hand on the other body, Jess however was still as innocent and clueless as ever. Thus the predicament he was in, being in love with his roommate/ best friend.

Everyday nick would go to work and get hit on by girl after girl. Little did jess know that he lied about being in a relationship to get out of these situations. Nick didn't want anyone but Jess so when a girl would come up and ask, "What do you have a girlfriend or something?" , he would simply reply, "yes, and I'm in love with her.", or something similar. One evening a particularly nosy, and may I say drunk, woman came up to nick and started to hit on him….

"Hello." she said in a low voice.

"Hey, what can I get you." nick said no very amused.

"How about your phone number." the very drunk woman suggested.

"Sorry, I have a girlfriend."

"Oh, what's her name."

Nick wasn't expecting that so he replied, " Jess."

"Jess. That's a pretty name I bet you love her."

"I do."

"I bet she loves you."

Nick did not reply. After a while the woman left. Nicks eyes were still big and bulging out of his head. That was the most honest and dishonest he had ever been with a costumer. That night nick laid in bed a realized he did want to be able to tell costumers, and other people proudly that jess was his girlfriend. And he realized he was going to have to man up and tell her how he felt…. Soon.