Starscream growled lowly to himself, glaring at the wall in front of him as he was restrained to a chair. The seeker had been captured by the accursed Autobots and now was currently chained to a chair; in a berth room all alone. Considering he was the only prisoner, it was easy for the Autobot scum to keep him all locked up tight. And this rather annoyed the seeker, but on the other hand this got him away from Megatron. But, still, he didn't exactly like it that much.

Skyfire sighed, his pedes clanking on the floor as he made his way towards the interrogation room. He had one hour to set things straight. One hour... That would have to be enough. Quietly, he pulled his hand up and knocked firmly on the door, waiting for an answer from his old friend. It was merely a formality; he was going to go in anyway. However, he wanted to be polite and make sure the seeker didn't catch wind of what he planned to do. "Starscream?" He called as he knocked.

Starscream jumped from his place on the floor, his crimson optics flashing as he snapped his helm towards the door. Skyfire. Great. Scowling, he answered quietly, "What do you want?" Starscream felt betrayal pierce his spark the like sharpest knife; but he tried to keep his emotions in check. Continuing to scowl at a nearby wall; it felt like it was the entire wall's fault.

Skyfire sighed, slowly opening the door and stepping in. "I want to talk." He replied, feeling disheartened that his old friend had come this far from the Starscream he once knew. "I have one hour, you can at least give me that." His sky blue optics gazed into Starscream's almost sternly and sat down at the chair beside him.

Starscream caught the stern look and almost shrunk back at the look, but instead looked the other way. "What is it you want to talk about?" He said scornfully, glaring at the wall again.

Skyfire leaned back in the chair, frowning at the tri-colored seeker. "You've changed Starscream." He began, crossing his arms. "The old friend I knew would never have harmed an innocent life form. He would have taken the chance to learn all he could. What happened to make you so destructive?" He asked, feeling a sense of betrayal as well.

Starscream snapped his helm around to glare viciously. "I am not your 'friend' any longer! Friends' don't betray one another, and that is exactly what YOU did!" He spat, his look intensifying. "Not only THAT, war broke out, and I chose my side!"

Skyfire's optic ridges shot up in shock and he cocked his head slightly in confusion. "Indulge me, Starscream. What did I do to earn such scorn?" He inquired, his optics narrowed slightly.

Starscream scowled even darker. "You should KNOW! GLITCHFACE..." He almost screeched, even more scorn crossing him.

Skyfire frowned, thinking. Then, it struck him. He closed his optics and shook his head in disbelief. "Is all this because I left during that storm without telling you?" He questioned, not believing what he was hearing.

Starscream looked away, scowling and glaring at the wall. He said nothing more, only fuming and continuously glaring holes into the poor wall.

Skyfire sighed, inwardly face palming. "Starscream, you can't possibly still be upset about that. When I left, you were asleep and the storm outside our shelter wasn't that bad! So I went out to go collect some last minute samples. Then the storm got out of control and I got buried in the ice. That was not betrayal, Starscream." He glared and frowned. "What is betrayal is turning your back on something you and me had worked for eons on to go on and try to destroy it. You used to be committed to learning new things about life, not destroying innocent life." That's when he stood, looming over the seeker with stern optics.

Starscream slowly turned his helm to look up at Skyfire, his optics slightly scared; with anger and pain mixed in. He took in everything the larger Mech said, and then returned it with a dark sneer. "I don't care about 'innocent life'! It's all stupid and pointless!" He spat, the same three emotions still running through him all the while. Maybe Skyfire had stood up to leave. Good.

This was Skyfire's final straw. He stepped closer, putting a hand on each arm rest of the chair. "Starscream, I don't supposed you recall the agreement we made back at the academy?" He inquired, his optics practically boiling with anger.

Starscream leaned closer as his restraints would allow; glowering right back into his optics. "No, Skyfire. I don't. What would that be?" He growled out, trying to swallow the fear plaguing him. Would he dare lay a hand on him?!

Skyfire sighed and shook his head. "You had gotten in some trouble and the headmaster wanted to expel you." He looked up, his gaze piercing. "Instead, I 'took care of it' so to speak. So, me, you, and the headmaster agreed that if you acted up that badly again, I would be responsible for correcting your behavior." He informed, his grip tightening on the chair.

Starscream's optics widened, realization overcoming him. He was getting spanked. The tri-colored seeker felt like he had been punched in the gut. He drew back, leaning against the chair. No more anger coursed within the blood that were his optics, only fear and pain moving him. "N-No! Stay away!" He almost whimpered, remembering how horrible it had been last time. Starscream didn't want it at all.

Skyfire shook his head and picked his friend up by the upper arm, hauling him up to his feet. "I'm afraid I must abide by our agreement." He stated bluntly. Then, he sat in his own chair and draped the young seeker over his knees, placing an arm over his back. "I'm sorry, but you very clearly deserve this."

Starscream's jaw dropped when he was pulled to his peds, his frame starting to tremble lightly. He couldn't react further when he was in that same dreaded position he hated so. "S-Skyfire! I-I'm sorry! I'll be good, I promise!" He whimpered in agony, his peds kicking slightly. Terror tingled in his frame.

Skyfire sighed and he steeled himself for the task at hand, ignoring the pleas and promises of good behavior. He knew how Starscream operated and he this was just a front to get himself out of trouble. Well, Skyfire couldn't let it affect him. So, with a heavy spark, he pulled his hand back into the air before letting it snap forward, delivering a sharp slap over Starscream's aft with a loud POP!

Starscream continued to struggle; his arm movements limited considering his wrist had a chain around it. When the sharp swat exploded pain across his tender aft, he grunted and kicked his peds. "S-Skyfire! Stop!" He snapped, but there was no ire in his voice. He was helpless and exposed.

Skyfire in fact, did not stop. He unleashed a rapid series of sharp swats to each side of Starscream's backside, the resulting pops resounding loudly throughout the room. Starscream kicked his legs, his teeth gritted as he glared back at him, having moved his helm to the side to were only one optic watched him. He was glaring back at him with hate and sure pain. "I-I said STOP!" He demanded, his only hand free balling up into a fist and beating against his lower leg.

Skyfire frowned disapprovingly and began swatting even harder, his steel palm cracking against the tender metal and leaving behind small scuffs and flushed handprints. "You're in no place to be giving me orders, Starscream."

Starscream let a growl rumble in his throat, out of anger and hidden pain. "I-I do what I want t-to! I don't n-need permission, no m-matter what position I-I am in! I e-even challenge my p-pathetic leader!" He growled out, his voice showing a small amount of pain. He continued to kick his legs, but ceased slamming his fist down.

Skyfire's narrowed and he ceased, but only briefly. He raised his knee slightly so Starscream's aft was even higher in the air, giving him aim at the more sensitive parts of the seeker's backside. "That only shows immaturity, not strength or power. Not being able to follow orders and only looking out for yourself shows that you are a selfish mech, just like the leader you are trying so hard to overthrow. Why would they accept you if you are no greater than the last?" He raised his hand into the air once more, preparing to deliver another onslaught of slaps.

Starscream felt the words pierce him like the sharpest knife. Skyfire's words brought coolant to the younger's optics, but the seeker pushed them down. He had turned his helm back forwards after he had spoken, and just hung his helm. His wings twitched slightly, but he said nothing. He remained quiet, for now, not realizing that Skyfire had changed his position to punish him harsher than he already was.

Skyfire's hand swing down again and again without warning, cracking soundly against the tender underside of the seeker's aft. The flat of his hand smacked all over, Starscream's backside making sure the sting was evenly spread out.

Starscream jerked forwards, a growl leaving him. As this continued, he spat out as best he could, "O-OW!" More pain made it to his spark, making the tears return to his optics. Starscream refused to let them fall, because of his dignity and pride.

Skyfire didn't cease or relent at the cry. If anything he swatted harder. Soon, he took the punishment farther; the slaps also falling over Starscream's tender sit spots and thighs, flushing them darkly with the stinging force.

Starscream let an agonized whimper leave him as he wiggled his hips, the tears now streaming down his flushed cheeks. Sucking in a breath, he let out a sob, but nothing more. The tears just streamed, but he wasn't sobbing.

Skyfire immediately stopped at the sob, inspecting his handy work. The seeker's aft seemed to be flushed darkly enough for the first part of the punishment. Now, he had to move on to the next step. Sighing, he reached down and began unhooking Starscream's aft armor.

Starscream immediately snapped his helm around to look back at Skyfire, his optics growing wider. "Skyf-fire! Please! NO!" He said, no longer sounding hostile. The young seeker had panic riding his spark on waves. He was not going to let this go through.

Skyfire paid no mind to the pleading and struggling, only moving the armor out of his way and onto the other chair before raising his hand high into the air.

Starscream gritted his teeth, moving his aft upwards and slamming back down to mess up his aim. "NO!" He repeated, kicking his legs even more. This was not happening to him.

Skyfire glared sharply at his old friend before once again slapping at Starscream's aft, harder and brisker than before. At the same moment he put a leg over Starscream's to keep him still until the punishment was over.

Starscream felt the glare on the back of his head, and cringed. When the swat was landed, he cried out, trying to kick his peds but finding them pinned. A loud whirl of pain left him; and the seeker felt more tears trailing down his face.

Skyfire wasn't going to stop at that. He was waiting for an apology. A TRUE apology. And he wouldn't stop spanking until he got it. His swats were only getting harder and faster, spreading the sting even farther and turning it into a fierce burn.

Starscream didn't comprehend that, which was the only thing he had to do to end this. He continued to wiggle his hips as he started to sob under the punishing hand. Another whine of pain left him, the tears dripping down out of his ruby optics.

Skyfire wanted to move things along, so he sped up the consistent strikes and asked one simple question. "Is there anything you have to say?" He inquired darkly while still smacking away.

Starscream practically was sobbing really hard, but he tried to hide his pain. But it was hopeless. "I-I'm... S-Sorry... S-Sky... F-Fire..." He cried out, his spar rate picking up as the pain hurt him greatly. He felt his systems starting to shut down from the pain and agony overriding his aft and spark.

Skyfire finally stopped as soon as the apology was spoken and he fell still, one hand resting comfortingly on his old friends back as he slipped Starscream's armor back on as carefully as he could.

Starscream's wings trembled as he was still limp over his lap. The tri - colored seeker was sobbing pretty hard. He sobbed harder when his armor was placed back on. The words that were spoken earlier still rang in his processor, and caused him to sob harder.

Skyfire stroked his friend's back in comfort. "Sh..." He murmured. "It's okay, you're forgiven."

Starscream still sobbed, his fists clenching and unclenching as he did so. He knew that he was forgiven, now, but it hurt like the pit. He felt the coolant continuously slip down his cheeks.

Skyfire sighed quietly, then silently picked up his friend and sat him up on his lap, wrapping one arm around Starscream.

Starscream leaned into the embrace, burying his face into the much larger mech's chest and sobbed there. He could not move his hands at all, so that was out of the question.

Skyfire sighed, letting Starscream sob against him. He absolutely hated having to punish the seeker so harshly. It was cruel and painful in Skyfire's optics. However, he had to do it. He had no other option. Starscream had to be punished.

The tricolored seeker's tears took a while to subside. He just wanted to cry and cry and cry. His pride felt shattered and his spark as well. Honestly though, he really had missed Skyfire somewhere very deep in his processor. Soon, his tears shifted to sniffles and he sat there quietly, wishing he had his hands free. But he didn't.

Skyfire felt satisfied when Starscream didn't snap insults at him the second he calmed down. He just sat like a well punished mechling, sniffling and wriggling around slightly on his uncomfortable and burning bottom. Then, the shuttle heard something he didn't expect to hear twice.

"I...I'm sorry." The seeker whispered. Skyfire smiled and rubbed Starscream's back once more being gentle because of the wings."You're forgiven." He murmured back.

The shuttle jet hoped he would never have to punish Starscream so cruely ever again, but he had a feeling this wouldn't be the seeker's last trip over his knee.

Starscream sighed brokenly before standing and gingerly sitting in the chair infront of Skyfire with a wince. "I hope you know that I can't switch sides." He began with a frown.

Skyfire looked down at the ground sadly, but knowingly. "Of course, yes." He replied politely.

Starscream nodded. "Though your cause is a noble one, it is not one I support. I'm sorry."

The shuttle jet nodded. "I understand completely." Slowly, his gaze drifted up to Starscream's. "I guess we are destined to remain apart."

The seeker frowned, but nodded. Then, he sighed. "I guess so."

I'm done making excuses. Instead, I'm just gonna give you guys this story me and Transformers4eva wrote together. It was requested by MissCHSparkle if I remember correctly. So, here you go girly! Hope you like it!