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They were at the beach, somewhere in Florida. The group had been heading to Tallahassee, upon Tallahassee's insistence of course, when Little Rock asked if they could go to the beach. The twelve year old had never been to one before, so Wichita was immediately all for it.

Despite the wide open spaces, if Wichita was for it, Columbus was, too. The ex-college student was even more head over heels for the cunning girl then before seeing as after Pacific Playland they had been going steady. Or as steady as you could go in a virus ravaged landscape where you had to defend yourself from mindless beings that you might once have been friends with. They still managed to have their moments, little kisses shared or cuddled up in the backseat together while Little Rock tried to teach Tallahassee about Hannah Montana and Tallahassee tried to teach Little Rock about John Wayne.

Wichita had soon found out that when compared to the guys she had previously dated; Columbus could only be called a prude. She had raided the sea side store with Little Rock and came out in a bikini. She'd never seen someone's face go so red before as his did, and then when Tallahassee jokingly wolf whistled at her Columbus took off his shirt and asked her to put it on, mumbling something about a rule that said the more layers the harder it was for infected teeth to reach your skin. It would explain his constant use of hoodies and jeans even in the sweltering heat, but Wichita was aiming to have a little fun, not cover up.

When Little Rock came out of the sea side store ten minutes later in a nearly matching bikini, Columbus had nearly lost it, sputtering at the preteen who was more teen then pre. Little Rock had merely smirked at him, fingering at one of the ties holding her top together, knowing it would set him off. And set him off it did, Columbus immediately giving chase after the girl and demanding she don his hoodie, the two disappearing off in the distance as Little Rock cackled and ran.

Neither Wichita or Tallahassee were too worried about the two hitting any trouble, Columbus always had his gun on him and a Ziploc baggie full of bullets to go with it, the ex-college student forever paranoid about the infected even if they had cleaned out a house and barricaded it so well that the Koolaid man himself couldn't have come through the wall. That and the two could run really fast. Columbus' first rule: cardio.

"I really don' get what you see in tha' spitfuck," Tallahassee commented, shaking his head.

"It's nice being with someone who likes me better for my brains then my looks," Wichita shrugged, taking off Columbus' shirt, grabbing one of the water bottles they had and making herself comfortable in the sand.

She was actually surprised that Tallahassee had waited this long before making some comment about Columbus, everyday a 'fuck with the spitfuck' day as far as the Floridian was concerned. Up until now he'd been perfectly behaved towards Columbus, something she was slightly happy and mostly disappointed at because even she could admit it was funny, but it made her wonder how the two had ever managed to stick together as long as they had. Tallahassee was the kind of guy who would have bullied Columbus had they been in high school together, their surprisingly strong friendship a mystery to her and Little Rock.

"Even the zombies would like you better for your looks then your brains, girl."

Wichita rolled her eyes, "Don't be overdramatic."

Tallahassee hunched over slightly, raising his arms and putting a desolate expression on his face. It was nothing like the infected, much closer to the zombies in the movies then what he really meant by the word. He shuffled towards her slowly, letting out a long moan.

"Braiiiins… Braiiins… Braiiiiiiiiins…" Tallahassee kept shuffling forward, looking down at her until he got so close he was practically right on top of her. Wichita watched him warily, Tallahassee sniffing at her a moment before turning around and shuffling off in the opposite direction. "Nooo braiiins…"

Wichita threw her wattle bottle at his head, knocking his cowboy hat off and making him growl at her. She gave him a toothy smile in return, challenging him with her eyes to even think about doing something. Tallahassee looked ready to say something when Little Rock's laughter reached them again, both turning to look as Columbus trudged toward them in a slightly defeated manner, Little Rock wearing his hoodie, leaving him shirtless, but the girl having gotten a piggy back ride out of him.

Wichita smirked, leaning back on her hands and watching her sister direct Columbus to stand in front of her by tugging on his hair, the curls beginning to get a bit wild, but Columbus refused to have her cut them for whatever reason. Little Rock hopped off his back, going and flopping down beside her sister.

"The store had speedos, right? We should totally get Collie in…"

Wichita snorted at the mental image of Columbus in a speedo, half expecting Tallahassee to make some comment about Columbus being so pale that if he wore a speedo they'd all be blinded, but no comment was forthcoming. She looked around for the Floridian, half tuning her sister out even as she nodded at whatever Little Rock was droning on about, spotting Tallahassee coming up behind Columbus. Only he'd adopted the same hunched over and arms raised position, the only difference being the smirk on his face as he came closer to the unsuspecting ex-college student.


Wichita tried to warn him, eyes widening, but Tallahassee was a lot faster than her. He grabbed Columbus by his shoulders, drawing the boy close to him and biting down on his neck. The resulting shriek, sounding higher pitched then even Little Rock's best go, had Little Rock so shocked she bolted upright quickly, only to start laughing when she saw who it was. Besides the shriek Columbus elbowed his attacker in the face hard, already on the verge of a panic attack because the poor guy thought it was one of the infected, grabbing his gun and whirling around to aim.

"God damn, Spitfuck! I think you broke my nose!"

"Ohgodohgodohgodohgod-" Columbus was shoving a bullet in when the words sunk in, looking up in shock. "Tallahassee?"

Wichita sighed and stood up, trying desperately not to laugh as Tallahassee cursed up a storm, trying to stem the blood flowing from his nose. Little Rock was too busy laughing her ass off, and Columbus looked like he was still trying to process that he wasn't bitten and Tallahassee was just being his normal self.

"And what have we learned today?" She asked, going over and swatting the older man's hands away from his nose to make sure it wasn't actually broken.

"No'ta bi' Spi'fuck…" Tallahassee said begrudgingly, letting her look at it.

Later on that night the group would raid a small store just a few miles off from the beach for marshmallows so they could have a bonfire, ignoring Columbus' protests against it. Little Rock managed to find a single box of Twinkies, still having time before their expiration date, and gave them to Tallahassee, the Floridian pretending to look near tears.

He didn't need to pretend to look near tears when Columbus shot the box right out of his hand, then making sure to double tap it so if Tallahassee would need to find a straw if he wanted to eat them anymore, taking his odd brand of revenge. Wichita and Little Rock both covered their mouths in shock, watching with wide eyes as Tallahassee and Columbus stared each other down, Columbus' anger fueling him into not shaking like a little bitch. After about a minute Tallahassee snorted, surprising both the girls by being the first to technically back down.

"I realize I crossed a line… So I'll only give you about 60% power for that."


Wichita rolled her eyes, Little Rock laughing at her side as Tallahassee punched Columbus in the chest hard. She realized she'd probably never understand how Tallahassee and Columbus could work together like they did, and decided she never wanted to, either.