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In a whirlwind of blur the girl leapt from the bushes, darting her way down the hill away from her chasers. Above the drumming sound of her heart, all else that could be heard were curses and yells from the men trailed after her. She stopped as the gritty ground ended at a steep drop. The girl then leaned forward carefully on her tip toes and peered down and over the cliff. A clear fifty foot drop greeted her. She backed off whilst muttering curses under her breath. She turned her head around sharply and sighed. The sounds of the men grew louder as they hammered closer and closer to her. Accepting her fate she jogged back then ran full throttle at the edge and jumped off it into the depths of the dark night.

Darren sat solemnly in his room, contemplating on the recent events that had surrounded him. He had now been a prince for some time, but he had to admit he found it utterly boring. Harkat suddenly wondered into their room and sat a bowl of bat broth on the table on the other side of the room. He turned and sighed as he watched Darren stare into the ground as if it would crack under his intense gaze. Harkat then slowly shuffled over to the other coffin across from Darren and sat down on it.

"Darren ... I'm ... sure ... everything ... will ... lighten ... up" huffed Harkat as he tried to cheer his moody half-vampire friend.

Darren glanced up at him and then nodded thoughtfully. He stretched out his arms from position behind his head and got up. He then paced the floor a few times before he groaned in frustration.

"Come on Harkat let's go do something constructive, maybe a walk outside or something like that" suggested Darren.

Harkat smiled revealing his jagged toothed filled mouth and they left the room in a hurry for some actual fresh air. Darren had managed to slip past the guards as he led Harkat through the winding tunnels of Vampire Mountain. Eventually they found light as the tunnel opened up onto the steep mountainside. The moment they were outside Darren raised his arm to his face to shield his eyes from the glare of the hot sun. He hadn't been outdoors in ages and the darkness of the mountain had his eyes adapted to it.

It was mid-summer so it practically felt like it was melting even though it was dusk and the sun was already beginning to set over the horizon. Darren had been thankful that Harkat had convinced him to do something other than mope about in his room or attend meetings with Paris and the grumpy Mika Ver Leth.

Suddenly a horrible smell filled Darren's nose. He quickly pinched his nose and screwed his face up in disgust. Harkat looked at him worryingly and then tugged on Darren's sleeve to get his attention.

"What ... is ... it ... Darren?" asked Harkat.

Darren scanned the area in front of him calculatingly then turned his head and gazed down at the little person. He shrugged then looked over the landscape again. High-pitched screams then filled the air, screams which sounded like somebody being killed. Darren - then without thinking, broke into a run as Harkat's protests screeched from behind him. He bolted it in the directions of the terror filled shrieks and made his way quickly down the mountain. As he grew nearer he heard them grow louder and closer. He then climbed up a large rocky surface covered with slippery green moss and a familiar substance. He bent down sharply and touched the offending liquid and raised his fingertips to his nose.

Blood. Without a moment to lose he sprinted into action again, this time ducking and diving through trees and over rocks to get to the person who was emitting the screams before it was too late. Finally he came to a small clearing which was heavily surrounded by large trees which blocked the light from the area. Darren remembered this place. He Mr. Crepsley and Gavner Purl had camped here once before. He hid behind a tree and peered round it watching the person who was
screaming. A young girl was cornered, backed up against a tree with nowhere to run as three odd looking men advanced on her.

They were wearing black cloaks with hoods which were pulled up and over their eyes leaving only they're menacing snarls and long gleaming fangs on show. Their nails were sharp and almost black in colour and the aura they projected was dreadful, it almost made you wish you were dead. The girl shrieked again. Darren
looked at her closely as he watched her tuck a loose strand on soft dark chocolate hair behind her ear. Darren back tracked. Her ear looked even weirder. It was sharpened at the tips. He raised an eyebrow as a man stepped forward.

This man was different from the others. He seemed less threatening in a way, but still as evil and was typically in charge of the three hooded men. The man had a shaved head and was wearing dark blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. The man's cackles pierced the air as the girl screamed in fear.

"Well Lupei tell me where you're little friend is and I'll make your death quick and painless" hissed the man.

The girl stopped screaming as the man sauntered up and stopped right up at her face. She growled a little then opened her mouth, but not to speak. She spat in the man's face and hissed under her breath.

"Never Rickshaw!" barked the girl.

Rickshaw wiped his face clean with the back of his hand then snarled loudly. He gripped the girl's neck and began squeezing the life out of her as she tried to pull his fingers away. Darren had, had enough and jumped out from his hiding place making the men and the girl all turn to gaze and glare at him.

"Leave her alone!" shouted Darren.

Rickshaw and other men froze for a split second then burst out laughing at him. The girl then, seizing her chance, kicked her keg forward and booted Rickshaw in the privates. He then immediately let her go, dropping her to the ground. She smirked and scampered up from the ground and ran behind Darren for protection. Rickshaw picked up what was left of his pride and turned, snarling at the girl.

"You're dead you little twerp!" yelled Rickshaw,"get 'em!"

Darren shoved the girl behind his back and glared at the man as he stood defensively. The three hooded men began to close in on Darren and the girl. They stumbled backwards trying to escape from them, but only got caught at a tree again. Darren cursed under his breath. Rickshaw smirked and raised his hand ready to claw out their eyes. Until something fell from the trees above and kicked him in the face sending him flying through the air and into the darkness. It landed on the ground gracefully in a crouch then gently stood up, facing the three men. It was a person. They put their arm out and beckoned with its hand for the men to engage with it in a fight.

The men did exactly this and lunged at the person who dodged the first ones attack and then proceeded to kick them repeatedly in the stomach until they went limp.
The next one attacked from the side, barreling into the person and shoving them into a tree. Then, as the hooded man wrestled the figure at an unusual speed - which Darren had now determined as flitting - the person shoved them off and punched them in the face. All Darren could hear was the sound on crunching as
the person's fist broke the hooded man's nose.

The person then got up and stalked towards Darren and the girl. However, the last man behind them had other ideas and began to run at them from behind. The person. However had the upper hand and quickly drew a stake from their belt and threw it over their shoulder and right into the last man's heart. The man dropped to his knees clutching the stake as he tried - in vain, to yank it out. He then stopped breathing, wide-eyed and fell backwards onto the ground dead. Darren hissed at
the person that approached until they came into the light and raised their hand.

"Nu te voi face rău" hummed the person. (I will not harm you)

Darren raised an eyebrow and shook his head rapidly in confusion. The person then sighed in annoyance and removed the cow boy hat that they were wearing. Darren squinted his eyes and looked at the person. This person in fact was a woman.

"I said, I will not harm you sir, now in the interests of keeping our heads I suggest we move or backsides out of here before more of the scummy gits swarm here" barked the woman.

Darren nodded and let the woman brush past him and lead on. The girl trailed behind her like a lost puppy and Darren shoved his hands in his pockets and followed. She was leading them further down the mountain than he would have liked and it had already grew dark. Darren could estimate that it was around about seven o'clock. Suddenly another hooded man jumped in front of them. The woman tried to tackle it, but the man had her pinned to the ground before she could even land a punch. Then, before Darren could lose faith, help arrived in the form of Larten Crepsley, Harkat and Gavner Purl.

Darren sighed with relief as Gavner kicked the man off the woman, cursing in triumph as he scampered away into the darkness down the mountain. Darren then turned to Mr. Crepsley who was glaring at him in obvious fury. Darren moaned inside his head as he waited for the oncoming lecture.