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Sword and Blade stood on the roof, the place where Galacta Knight and Meta Knight went fighting, the place where Meta Knight disappeared.

'Blade, you remembered what Sir said about 'the space visitor?' said Sword facing green armored knight.

'Yeah one night he wanted to share that story with us, huh?' said Blade, as the memory began to replay in both of knight's head.

'Sword and Blade, I need to talk with you about something.' Meta Knight stood on his favorite place; the balcony, the perfect place to watch stars.

'What is it sir?' said Sword. 'Is something wrong, my lord?' said Blade.

Meta knight gazed at the sea of Dreamland, which was a stunning sight . 'One day, a unwelcomed visitor will arrive on this planet. I'm sure of that.'

'Who is it then, my lord?'

'Someone I need to settle with, someone who.. Meta knight voice trailed off, he hold his cape more firmer 'did the unforgivable things..'

Sword and Blade looked at each other.

'If I ever disappear from here, please take remain here, take care of everyone. Don't go after me.' even that sound harsh, his voice was still soft and calm.

'But sir, we won't leave your side!'

'Like I said, it's something I need to settle and its none of your concern.' Meta knight raised his voice 'You guys stay here, it's an order, Sword and Blade.'

'Sir said it was none of our concern, but hell of course it is!' Blade looked at her twin, Sword. 'We don't help if we don't do anything! I won't let him die, I want to fight alongside with him!'

'I agree with you, Blade' nodded Sword. 'You already said the words from my mouth.'

- somewhere in castle

Kirby ran to Meta Knight's room. Even it's not what someone should do but in this situation Kirby has no choice.

He ran to Meta Knight's writing desk, searching wildly in la's, bookcase, below his candy pot, nope not here. Finally he found something in a box something that he needed, perfect!

Now how does this thing work…?

- Lab

Galacta Knight looked at Meta Knight. It won't take long anymore. Soon everything will be his. He glanced over Galactia, the sword of Meta Knight, Galacta Knight smile grew wide. Useless sword, however.. maybe he could make fun of it. Galacta Knight was very well aware what his sword could do, maybe even more then Meta Knight does.

''Let's play a game , habitants of Popstar.'' hissed Galacta Knight. He took his lance and use his powers to cut in the air leaving some pinkish glow behind, and some second later a small lanky portal opened. He took Galactia from unconscious navy-blue knight through the portal, and the sword flew toward Dreamland.

-Outside of Dedede's castle.

Fumu who was deep in thought, but frustrated because she couldn't find any way or possibilities to find Meta Knight. Fumu sighed, she never felt this unhappy. Unable to help Kirby who was gloomy all the time and everyone else. Kirby really saw Meta Knight as his mentor, his father-figure, she couldn't help but wonder. Perhaps they are really related after all…

'Sis!' said Bun 'Fumu-sama' and so twins Lololo and Lalala were also here. Fumu looked at Bun and the twins, as she felt some hope sparkle deep inside of her. Maybe Bun and two half-demons found something helpful. 'Sis! Come with us to the castle!' shouted Bun.

'I'm coming!'

-Meta Knight's Room.

Kirby found a device, with this device he might be able to connect with Joe and Silica. He tried but no avail, then he remembered something. Meta Knight used to show him some time ago how to use this thing. It wasn't that hard but you need to push some buttons and codes. Kirby smiled and silently thank Meta Knight for teaching him that. It might be useful for later.

Poyo, we'll definitely save you Meda Kni!'


~DUNDUNDUN…? What is Galacta Knight planning?