TITLE: To Be Hers
AUTHOR: crazyevildru
TIMELINE: after To Be His (most of season 5, excluding the last few episodes)
POV: Eric/Sookie
SUMMARY: Continues after To Be His. Eric is now King of North America Area 2 and Chancellor to the Worldwide Vampire Authority. Sookie is exploring her powers while trying to solve a mystery in her heritage.
DISCLAIMER: I sadly do not own the characters, else there would be way more of Eric's body and many more sex scenes. True Blood belongs to Alan Ball and the characters belong to Charlaine Harris.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have not read the books. This is based solely on my interpretation of the True Blood characters, though I've had people telling me about the books, I understand there are different historical changes as to maker's and some slight personality changes. So this is a True Blood fanfic.

Please note: italicized words would be the thoughts from another's mind they hear. So when it's Sookie's POV, the italics represent things of Eric's she hears. And if it's Eric's POV, the italics are things of Sookie's he hears.

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And without further ado...

Chapter 1

My beautiful little girl.

"Are you ready? We must hurry, Sister. It's the only way."

"Yes." I nod but I cannot hardly imagine a world without her in my arms. Already, they feel empty.

"Now. Now." The echoes of screams fill my ears. "We must hurry."

"Yes, Brother," I say as I finish pouring the circle around her. "I pray this will work, Little One."

"Hurry! He's coming!" I hear my sister scream from a distance. "Hurry!"

She dives toward us and we three join hands and begin chanting, glowing together brightly. "By magic it was done and magic will thee protect. Bind thee magic to thyne core and fae she'll be no more."

Tears streak down my face as her light dies and she screams with the agony of it. "This is the only way, Darling," I whisper. "The only way to keep you safe. They must never know."

"Sister, you must go. You must go now," they urge me, the light show in the forest is getting closer and brighter. "NOW!" I dive into the circle and grab her so I can teleport her somewhere safe.

I turn with her tightly in my grasp and scream in horror as my sister's blood sprays across my face.

My eyes pop open and I look around as I sit up but see nothing but the darkness of the room. Another night, another dream. I'm surprised I'm not dreaming of Red Night, as I refer to it. I think about Red Night in my waking hours but I'm haunted by these… dreams at night. I wake up knowing there was some kind of battle, a fight, blood and screaming. I try to remember more, faces, names, places, but I simply wake up in fear from a battle in a forest.

I flip on the light and pull my phone out. It's one am and he hasn't even left me any messages. Of course he knows I'd be sleeping, but… he also knows I put it on silent if I don't wish to be woken up.

I pull up my contacts and hit Eric's name in my favorites and it starts connecting. Unfortunately, it goes to voicemail which means he's busy or in a meeting.

"You've reached Eric Northman. Leave a message so I can bite you."

I laugh. He changes that greeting constantly and I haven't heard that one.

"Hey," I say softly. "I just woke up. I- had another one. I- really wanted to hear your voice. I miss you. Hope everything is good and you're being all sexy and kingly. Call me when you can."

I hang up and rest back against the pillows with a sigh.

He's been gone six days this time to Europe for a huge WVA meeting because apparently, they found a pocket of sanguinistas and now they have to deal with those betrayers. He assured me it wasn't going to be dangerous and that there would be the most ancient, fast, powerful vampires in the world attending. And of course my vampire is on that list.

I put my slippers on and head out to the kitchen to heat up the half a cheeseburger that I started before bed. I can eat and eat and eat all day long if I want, no matter how many calories or how greasy and I haven't gained a pound. Not even half a pound in the last three weeks of eating six full meals a day. Holly is pissed and extremely jealous.

I carry my plate back to bed and since he's not here, I can eat in bed and not get growled at. Fucking vampires. I turn the TV on as I crawl back under the covers and flip channels. I do not wish to watch any more politics. I watch enough of that when he's here. I want something stupid and ridiculous and trashy.

Ooo… Breaking Dawn Part One. Perfect!

I settle back and munch on my fries and check my phone for any message. Then I text Pam and ask if she's heard from him. She'll know if he's in a meeting or not.

"Best man couldn't find a tux."

"Jacob!" Bella smiles happily.

Lame. So lame. You'd think I'd be Team Edward since I am living with and betrothed to a vampire, but Edward is not even a miniscule part of what my viking is. Bella made the wrong choice in my opinion.

My phone starts ringing and I glance at the caller ID and I'm disappointed it's not him, but-

"Hey, Jess."

"Hey, Sookie. I didn't think you'd pick up since Pam said you had had meetings today and figured you'd be sleeping."

"Granted, there is considerably less to do with Eric not at home, but I had a weird dream or something, so… I'm watching trashy vampire TV. What's up?"

"Well… I just wanted to check with you again before I painted."

"I told you that it's completely okay with me."

"It's just that it's your gran's house and I didn't want to cover up the wallpaper or-"

"Jessica," I say, interrupting her. "I told you that both she and I are completely okay with it. Lafayette said so. He said she was quite happy if someone could start having some good memories in her home. She was also quite happy that a vampire might add some excitement to the house."

"Alright, well… I'm going to start tonight. It's cool enough that the paint can dry. Will you come see it once I'm done?"

"Of course. I can't wait to see what you do to it and Eric said just let him know if you don't want any of the furniture because it can moved into storage."

"No. I love it. I love it all. I'm just sprucing colors. So… enjoy your trashy TV."

"Alright. Night." I hang up and eat the rest of my burger and fries. I doze on and off and eventually the room goes dark and I succumb to sleep.

When I wake, I'm staring at the nightstand and I grab my phone. Seven am and no messages from Eric. What the fuck? I worry a little as I roll onto my back and jump when I hit something hard and cold.

"Cheese and rice," I yelp. "Hey," I say and I don't care if he is sleeping. I shove him. "Wake the fuck up, Asshole." I shove him again and shake him.

"Mmm," he groans and rolls toward me. He must be really tired if he can't rouse himself. Sometimes he can, especially if he's had copious amounts of my blood.

"If you don't wake up right now, I'm going to use sharpies and draw on you," I threaten. "I'll put little hearts all over your face and write Eric loves Sookie on your cheek." I shove him again and don't get a response.

Hmm… I wonder if this might. I open my nightstand drawer and pull out a safety pin. I prick my finger and squeeze it until there's a drop of blood and then I wave it under his nose.

"Mmm" is the response again. I place my finger to his lips and jump when his mouth latches on, sucking on my finger like a baby on a bottle but it was only a little prick which stops bleeding pretty soon. I pull my finger out and sigh. If that didn't wake him up, nothing will.

"If you weren't a vampire who literally can't wake up right now, you'd be in serious trouble, Mister," I grumble. I get up and head to the bathroom, peeing and brushing my teeth before grabbing a thing of red lipstick. Must be Pam's because I know it's not mine. She's always trying to encourage me to wear more red.

I draw a couple drops of blood on his chin before drawing a giant heart on his chest. I write Eric & Sookie 4ever in the middle of it and laugh as I do. Then I snap a photo for myself to keep and text it to Pam as well. She'll think it's funny.

Why wouldn't he have woken me when he got home? Unless it was too close to dawn and he knew I'd wouldn't want only a minute with him. Still… it would have been to have a big Eric hug, or fuck him to sleep.

I hop in the single stall shower and think about my agenda for today. Things are going to be fairly crazy, especially since I've been handling everything for the past week with Eric away. I'm meeting Holly at ten for breakfast. Or… for my second breakfast. My first, I'll eat as soon as I'm out of the shower.

I also promised Jason lunch. I'll do my first lunch with Jase and my second lunch will be with the contractors. Hopefully, they'll have the final version of the plans because we want to break ground as soon as possible. Time has flown in the past few weeks just like my morning does because the next thing I know, I'm in Memphis, sitting in a diner with our contractors.

"So here are the blueprints for the existing structure and like we discussed, we're extending out in the back with three floors, basement and then the ground and second and third floors."

"Yes, exactly, only we want to make a statement. So I'd like to extend above the third story. Perhaps with an interesting roof of some kind. The building's existing structure needs to be redone because I don't want three different color bricks."

"Yes, that's included, Ms. Stackhouse. We brought samples to take so you can pick your color. We could even do a design in the color as well." They hand me a book to take and I slip that into my bag. "Now these are the mock ups of the remodeled area, creating the vaulted ceiling and tiled walls and pillars."

I examine everything carefully and make notes to them as to what exactly we want but overall, I think we're ready to start. They hand me the bill for the starting payment they'll need and I nearly choke. One million dollars? One MILLION dollars? Just to start?

"Okay, once I review these with my partners, we'll be in touch. I think we're almost ready to begin, Gentlemen." We all shake hands and they pay for my second lunch. I walk out and casually walk behind the building before teleporting home.

Finally! I laugh as I walk into our bedroom and see my heart on his chest.

I strip and put my clothes away before kissing his forehead and heading out to grab a bottle of water, a bowl of grapes and my book. I stretch out in one of the lounge chairs on the deck where the sun can seep into my skin.


I reach out to see where she is since I can sense her close but she's not awake. She's not in bed so there must only be one place she is. I stand and that's when I notice she's taken some… liberties during my sleeping state. Hmm… two can play, Lover.

I take the lipstick she left on the nightstand and head out to find my delicious fairy. She's predictably sleeping, backside up, on the lounge chair near the pool. Perfect. Her beautiful ass is bare and taunting me to do nasty things with it. I write Eric Northman's across it, careful not to wake her, before I snap a photo and text it to her.

I zip in to the kitchen to heat up a container of blood for myself and wait for her to hear the text go off. I stand and drain two glasses. I know our reunion will get bloody and I want to have enough to control to stop when I must.

Do you think that's funny?

I laugh softly but say nothing back to her. I walk out and she's standing up, trying to wipe it off with a towel while scowling at me.

"You should leave it," I request and sweep her into my arms before falling into a chair with her.

"Hey, I'm mad at you," she states but we both know she doesn't mean it. "How the fuck do you come home after six days and not wake me up, Eric?" She tries to sound angry but I know she's more upset.

"You were sleeping and I know you haven't gotten a lot of rest, so-"

"I needed you," she says quietly and I wrap my arms around her tighter. "This does not help," she protests as she curls up in me.

"Yes it does," I whisper. "And I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped. When you called, I was in flight. I didn't get your message until I got home."

"Why didn't you tell me you were on your way?"

"I didn't know until last minute. But everything is okay." I kiss her forehead and ask "want to tell me about it?"

She shakes her head softly and I run my fingers through her hair.

"Don't go away for so long again."

"I'll try not to, but politics doesn't wait."

We sit for a few minutes, enjoying the early evening as the sky grows darker. I didn't want to be away, that's for certain. There are more exciting things going on here like Sookie's fairy vagina, as Pam calls it, and the construction in Memphis. Oh, and of course my Sookie.

The entire time I was away, all I wanted to do was come home to her, to be with her, to kiss her and hold her and drink her and fuck her. She is definitely what ties me to the earth now. I never imagined I'd be so attached to a single creature, living or dead. But some days? All I want is to be hers.




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