the chances of that

charms, pancakes and kitty slippers.

Godric's Hollow was bathed in weak sunshine as the sun peeked out over the horizon. The little village slept peacefully on as the birds started twittering in the trees. The woods at the back of Godric's Hollow burst into life with diverse birds serenading the sun's rise. In the woods where the birds trilled so sweetly a house stood alone. A small winding, gravel path meandered it's way through the forest connecting the house to the rest of the world. The house itself was made up of mismatching stones and large glass windows. Honeysuckle and other climbing plants were wrapped around the house giving it a much more natural appearance so it fitted in well with the landscape. The interior of the house didn't have any discernable theme instead a compilation of different people with very different tastes. The house gave of a very homey feel none the less as all the various colours and furniture somehow complimented each other, even the pink poster of a cat and framed quidditch robes somehow worked together. The back windows of the house faced out onto a large expanse of grass with six separate huge rings high above the ground supported by six massive poles. The rings were split into two equal groups; three up the top of the garden and three at the bottom. Trees surrounded the stretch of grass – they were almost as high as the poles. A few of the trees had tyre swings attached to them and there was even a tree house up one of them. They looked careworn from overuse. Hallows house always managed to emit a friendly glow. But perhaps it wasn't the house, maybe it was just the Potters.

James Sirius Potter was snoring loudly in his bed, his Chudley Cannons quilt draped over him haphazardly. His arm hanging off the bed with a quidditch magazine splayed open inches away from his fingertips. The magazine was one of the many objects cluttering up the floor. The biggest of which was a large trunk with a crest emblazoned on the side followed by the word Potter. The lid of the trunk was hanging open displaying the appealing contents such as James' old socks and mangy underwear that surely hadn't seen daylight for at least a year. James grunted in his sleep rolling away from his half packed case. At the opposite end of the room to James and his bed, a collage of quidditch posters dominated his wall with a few moving photos of people dressed in robes laughed and mucked about. Just underneath the posters lay a small wooden desk cluttered with summer homework that was had been stewing there for the six weeks, only to be attended too the previous day in a half hearted attempt to avoid yet another detention. Early September sunlight poured through the gap in his stripy curtains; bleaching his bedside cabinet further. The cabinet was ordinary in every single way from the light shade to the unread book, except from what appeared to the common eye to be an unremarkable drumstick lying on top of it. However things are sometimes not all that they seem, as this particular 'drumstick' was not used to hit snares, it was used for something else entirely. Magic. James' 'drumstick' was actually a wand from Ollivander's that was made out of 11 inches of sycamore wood with a dragon heartstring core. James had produced much magical mischief with this wand so as imaginable he had grown immensely attached to his partner in crime. Above James' head a scarlet and gold scarf hung with the word 'GRYFFINDOR' written in bold letters, two lions roar incessantly from both ends of the scarf. But apart from another quidditch poster near his door the walls were bare as more pictures and more poster were in a chaotic pile on the floor, with various empty wrappers for things like Bertie Bots every flavoured beans and chocolate frog cards strewn on top of the pile while the rest of the litter converged on the floor, miles away from the bin. The floor happened to be the area where his clothes congregated as well it appeared as a large bundle of crumpled fabric lay near his trunk. A tawny owl gave a quiet hoot from where he stood in his cage on top of James' drawers. Cecil's large amber eyes scanned the room before falling on his master. The owl seemingly rolled his eyes in exasperation at his master's sleeping antics before slowly letting his eyelids drop over his amber orbs as he dropped off to sleep as well. But none of the bothered James as he was still snoring contentedly; blissfully unaware of the storm his brother was cooking up for him at that precise moment.

Albus Severus Potter was literally bouncing off the kitchen walls. The milk from his coco pops splashing everywhere as he jiggled around in his seat; to elated to stay still. Al wasn't normally over excited and bubbly – he left that to his cousin Rose – but today was no normal day for any eleven-year-old wizard or witch. No today was the first of September and it had taken long enough to get here. Years of yearning had made the time go stupidly slowly, so slowly in fact Al – he forcefully reminded anyone that he was called Al instead of Albus as he hated his name with a passion (even if Dumbledore was awesome his name really didn't suit Al!) - had read through all his brother's text books already multiple times and packed a week in advanced. As you can tell he was incredibly excited for today, so Harry Potter - being the world renowned brilliant dark lord defeater - decided to charm his eleven-year-old son to bounce of the walls while Al was bouncing around on his chair at breakfast. Unable to keep still as he was overflowing with anticipation. So Al found himself ricocheting of hiss kitchen walls and eventually the hallways. It was great except he really had no idea of how the hell to stop. Unfortunately for Harry his magnificent idea of charming his son to bounce around the three-storey house in Godric's Hollow continually did come with certain drawbacks for him. One of these was Ginny's wrath which was a sure fire thing every time Harry did something stupid like that. After repeatedly calling for her son to check over his all ready neat and pristine luggage to triple check everything was there Ginny went out in search for him. Search she did and she couldn't find him anywhere, it wasn't until he floated past her face that she was able to convince herself he hadn't been kidnapped and forced to eat James' socks or something equally as terrible. After grabbing Al's ankle and leading him down the hall as he glided after her. She entered the kitchen to spy her husband and daughter quietly chortling to themselves. Ginny cleared her throat loudly to grab their attention.

"Now would you like to explain WHY I found Al drifting around the house in his jammies?" she raised one eyebrow at Harry who was now wearing a very sheepish expression.

"Dad didn't do much mum," Lily interrupted the glare Ginny was giving Harry so she could look quizzically at her daughter. "Al was already bouncing off the walls so dad just made it a bit more … literal," her daughter explained, finding it hard to keep the smirk from spreading across her face as she saw her dad's shoulders begin to shake with silent laughter. Ginny had a hard time stopping a tiny smile that was threatening to make an appearance at the edges of her mouth as the nine-year-old finished off with the most innocent expression she could muster. Al however was growing tired of floating there like an oversized balloon coughed to get everyone's attention.

"I think it would be nice if I could, you know, feel the floor again," Al said pointedly. Harry waved his wand with suspicious familiarity and Al was plonked down on the ground. Al smiled at him gratefully as he felt his feet land firmly on the ground.

"the next time I'm up in the air I'll be on a broomstick if you don't mind," he grinned at his dad.

"Okay Al, now that your not floating round the house go and wake your brother up if we miss the train I will not be happy a happy bunny," Ginny hurried Al out of the room. "Lily you need to get changed out of your jammies you don't want to turn up in King's Cross station in them," Lily nodded sagely at her mother's words as she slipped off her chair and into her kitty slippers before she padded out of the kitchen to get changed.

"And you," Ginny said pointing her finger at Harry who visibly swallowed. "Don't even think about doing that again mister! He could've drifted out a window for all you know! Did you even think about what could've happened? I had nearly convinced myself he had been abducted and forced to eat socks! I was worried, you never know if some freak will kidnap our kids for revenge or some other warped reason," she ranted. Harry looked confusedly at his wife at the socks part but thought it was probably wiser not to question the ways of his wife's mind so decided to go for the safe option. He caught her eye and did his best puppy-dog look on her, yep he was pulling out the big guns on this one, it was best to stop her before she really started. He inwardly thanked the twins for that advice about the Weasley women, even if thinking of Fred still caused Harry to feel sad and guilty after nineteen years after it had happened the pain was still there even if it wasn't nearly as ferocious as it was before.

Crap.Ginny thought to herself as she broke eye contact with Harry, He knows I always fall for that. Come on Ginny be strong, be strong. Don't let his big cute eyes fool you or that adorable pout take you in, he was levitating our son! Come on you can do this Ginny. Just stay angry for a little while longer. Shit probably shouldn't have looked into his eyes. Damn why does he have to look so sweet eurgh!

Harry watched Ginny's internal struggle as he marvelled at the affects this one expression had on her

"Fine I wont rant anymore," Ginny conceded, she really couldn't do anything the power of the puppy eyes. Harry grinned at her, amusement sparkling in his green eyes as he walked over and enveloped Ginny in a hug.

"I knew you couldn't resist me and my charm, no matter how hard you try," Harry smirked slightly as Ginny sighed in defeat.

"I really wish you didn't know about that face, it makes it so much harder to tell you off," she pouted. Harry merely chuckled at this. After fourteen years of marriage Harry had never lost any of his feelings for Ginny and her humour. He kissed the top of her head as she nestled in closer to his chest. "Yet I still love you," Ginny finished; her words were slightly quieter as she spoke them into Harry's shirt. Harry smiled down at her.

"I love you too," he whispered in her ear. They smiled gently at each other and Harry bent down and brushed her lips with his.

"But you have to help James pack his trunk," Ginny grinned at him, ecstatic to avoid that mess. Harry groaned – James was as bad as him at packing, James might've even been worse than Harry! This was definitely another hitch in his master plan.

"Really do I have to Ginny? You know it will be faster if you do it," he pleaded to her. She just grinned back wickedly.

"This is what you get for making our son bounce of the walls, and don't you even try the look on me again. Speaking of our son how long does it take to wake up James?" she asked rhetorically

"In months or years?" Harry asked with mock seriousness. She lightly smacked him on the arm.

"I'll check what's happening," Harry said as he walked out of the kitchen to try and find his sons. As he walked through the door way he quickly turned around to Ginny. "Don't worry so much. I'm sure the boys will be fine," Harry looked into her eyes so she knew he was serious. "There aren't any death eaters left nothing will happen like it did back then," he smiled sadly at her as he turned back to leave.

"Telling me not to worry is like telling you not to have a bloody hero complex," Ginny called after him. Harry chuckled as he bounded up the stairs to search for Al. Ginny moved around the kitchen collecting a frying and the ingredients to make pancakes for James when he got his butt out of bed, however a small sad smile pulled at her features as she thought of those she had lost, the grief and the heavy load of guilt Harry bore on his shoulders. He still thought it was his fault after all these years. She sigh slightly, why does Harry always feel guilty when it's not his fault? She thought to herself. She continued to brood as she made a stack of pancakes, until James' yell and foul language reached her ears from what she suspected was James' room. She rolled her eyes assuming Al had come up with an inventive way to get his older brother out of bed … again.

Al crept into James' room and tried to step over the mess of broken quills and dirty clothes that covered the floor, but it was an impossible task as there wasn't any carpet to be seen – just a sea of litter.

"Oi James," Al shouted at his brother. James stirred in his sleep slightly but continued his resonating snores. "James get your fat ass out of bed, we're going to be late," Al had made it safely to his brothers bed so prodded him in the arm as an incentive to wake up. Much to Al's disappointment his prodding techniques didn't cause anything to happen, so Al being the optimistic person he was started slapping his brother in the head – because surely his brother would wake up to this so he had an excuse to 'rough and tumble' with his brother. Al's logic must've been wrong as all that happened was James pulled his duvet over his head and continued his peaceful slumber. Suddenly an idea hit Al. Water. He grabbed a glass from James' desk and hurried off to the nearest bathroom and filled it with water. Al dashed back to James' room and waded through the mess until he reached his brother. He grabbed the sheet and pulled it off the bed causing James curled up in a small ball to battle the cold air. Grinning Al held the glass directly above his brother's head and slowly began to tilt it. It started out as just a few drops dotting James' forehead as he twitched, but it developed into a light stream. Now James may have been a heavy sleeper but there was no way he could sleep through that. He awoke with a yell at the harsh wake up, unfortunately for James, Al got such a fright from his roar he swiftly dumped the whole glass of water on his face in reaction. James not being a morning person at all was already more then a little peeved to have been woken up so early was now in murderous rampage mode after being violently awakened and now soaked before nine o'clock in the morning to add insult to injury! He gradually rose out of bed with a death glare already inscribed onto his face. He saw his brother and let out a menacing snarl that had Al quivering in terror.

"Al you little shit, what the fuck were you doing?" James growled at his brother, giving him the full ferocity of his lethal glare.

"Emmmm. I was, ahem, trying to get you up but you weren't waking up so I thought you might need, erm, a bigger push there," Al stutter before finishing off with his most winning smile. James just narrowed his eyes even further and reached for his wand, taking this as a signal to get the hell out before he was hexed to smithereens he scuttled out. It may have been illegal to use magic outside of school but James was never one to follow orders. Swearing loudly to himself James fell out of the bed and stumbled over to his drawers. Cecil opened his eyes once again as James approached, to used to Al's techniques to get really worked up when James started yelling. He rummaged through them until he found a t-shirt and some jeans and threw them on and quickly dropped a few owl treats into Cecil's cage before staggering blurry eyed to the door. He tugged it open to reveal his dad leaning against the wall opposite to his door, a distinctly entertained expression on his face.

"Well don't you look like you've seen the wonders of spring," Harry laughed. James on the other hand just gave him the I-am-not-amused-so-go-away-before-I-do-something-you'll-regret look. He'd managed to perfect this look specifically over the years though he used it mostly in the mornings. The look just made Harry laugh harder.

"Come on, your mum's making pancakes downstairs and I wouldn't want to let them go to waste," James grudgingly turned off his IANASGABIDSYR look – he always thought it looked cooler in initials. James turned to tread the very familiar path to the kitchens.

"James, do you by any chance know where that handy household spell book is?" Harry called after him.

"Bookcase in the study," James called back smiling. His dad would do anything to cheat on packing, even reading that tedious book.

"Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello," Ginny cheerily sang to him as she put the final pancake on his tower and placed it in front of him. James just raised an eyebrow and tucked into his breakfast, too used to his mother's abnormally happy moods in the morning.

"So how did your dear brother wake you up, I should start taking tips from him," Ginny grinned at James. He swallowed his mouthful before explain with a stony look,

"He poured water all over my head," James grimaced at the memory of his abrupt wake up.

"Ah and here I was hoping you'd actually had a shower," Ginny teased him.

"Yeah,I wouldn't keep hoping for that, but then again miracles do happen," James replied with a wink as he demolished another pancake. He finished the last of his breakfast and hurried upstairs – Al wasn't lying when he said they were going to be late. He burst into his bedroom to find Harry standing there with his wand out reading a book. Harry drew a figure of eight in the air while saying "Stipant luculentam". The clothes from the floor rode up and neatly folded themselves into the open trunk and the posters, textbooks, homework and even a cauldron that burst out of a cupboard followed the clothes in to form an impeccably tidy and unrecognisable trunk.

"I love magic," Harry murmured to himself as he looked down on his handy work.

"Well I have to say this is a definite improvement to your normal packing dad," James declared as he bent down to examine his trunk. Harry chuckled.

"I really need to remember that, it would make the last day of term so much easier can you write it down please dad, pretty please," James begged his dad. Harry grinned and summoned a piece of parchment and a quill and scribbled it down. James grinned and forced the parchment into his jean pockets.

"Come on! We're going to be late!" Al's voice called up the stairs. Harry levitated James' trunk down the stairs while James grabbed his wand and Cecil then followed his dad. The whole Potter family were waiting next to the door for James as he trudged down the remaining steps to join them.

"All right everyone got everything? Pets, wands and trunks all present? Okay lets go," Ginny commanded. The family strolled over to the car and piled in, clicking in seat belts and moving Cecil and Al's owl Saba into more comfortable positions while Harry jammed the trunks into the boot immensely thankful for the undetectable extension charm. Harry climbed in and started the engine before driving down their solitary road.

"So Al what house do you want to be sorted into?" James asked his brother, sensing an opportunity to get his revenge for the wake up call.

"Gryffindor obviously," Al answered his brother looking confused. Everyone knew all the potters and Weasleys wanted to be in Gryffindor.

"Well what about Slytherin?" James asked innocently, well aware of the havoc he was about to play with his brother.

"What why would I want to go there? There's no way I'll be in Slytherin."

"Ah, ah, ah. Never say never - you could be sorted into Slytherin for all you know," James teased. Al was starting to look worried by this point.

"But I'm not evil," he protested.

"Al Slytherins aren't inherently evil," Harry butted in. he was still trying to fight prejudices on both sides. It seemed the 'evil' side was much more receptive than the 'good' side but then again they hadn't had their families ripped apart by others stupid bigotry.

"Exactly Al, whose to say you won't be in Slytherin which is now a perfectly normal house now?" James put in innocently, grinning at his younger brother.

"But I'm a Gryffindor. Not a Slytherin, I can't be a Slytherin if I'm a Gryffindor," Al reassured himself.

"But you haven't tried on the sorting hat yet have you?" Al blanched at this.

"I won't be a Slytherin, I won't be a Slytherin, I won't be a Slytherin," he repeated his mantra continually to himself. James was having a hard time stopping himself from laughing at Al's discomfort.

"How do you know that Al?" James interrupted Al's mutterings. The car journey continued like that - James teasing Al, while Al either tried to convince himself he was a Gryffindor or argue back heatedly until they reached King's Cross. Everyone (except James) annoyed by the argument.

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