Can you keep a secret?

The morning had come at least. The fresh air entered by the open windows, carrying with it the smell of a brand new day… The soft wind whipped the curtains, making them dance and curl up. Creating the image of a transparent wave, that is hanging in the air. The sunshine lighted up the rooms; scaring all the monsters away for the children relieve.

D'Artagnan opened his eyes but was blinded by the bright light harming his face. He passed the night thinking about what Athos had told him. "Maybe I really need friends" – he thought. Although he had no desire of finding a new friendship with complete stranger. But he was certain if he didn't even try to look for someone nice, Athos and the others won't leave him alone for a second. "Oh and Porthos his gonna make fun of me again" – he buried his face deeper in the pillow. This was Porthos personality, he picked on the ones he loved.

After several minutes of wishing he could lie under the sheets forever, he finally stood up and chanced clothes.

The three musketeers were already down stairs eating breakfast. The boy was always the last one to wake up.

Athos was sitting in his favorite chair, with a glass of wine in his hand; wouldn't be the same Athos without wine in the morning. Aramis was sitting himself in the most comfortable chair reading a book; wouldn't be the same Aramis without a book. But there was one musketeer who wasn't being the same… Porthos had his arms crossed around his chest and his head back, quiet. Not speaking, or laughing. He was the only one with a good mood in the morning. Aramis enjoyed the peaceful silence for moments, but after a while he was hoping to hear D'Artagnan running down the stairs, at least the kid wasn't afraid to talk when there was an awkward silence.

To everybody's relieve they started to hear heavy footsteps and creeks. The young man appeared with a smile on his face.

"Thank god, D'Artagnan!" – The boy frowned but kept walking towards his companions. He picked an apple and sat next to Athos. They stayed in silence for a while. D'Artagnan looked around the room, finding the silence somehow out of the ordinary.

"So, when are we going to meet the musketeers?" – Porthos glanced at the boy.

"After lunch. They should be here shortly." – Athos answered, while finishing his drink.

Porthos shrugged and took a deep breath. – "Are you going to behave, Porthos?" – Aramis asked with a strange high voice.

"Perhaps…" - The bigger man mumbled. D'Artagnan was dying with curiosity. Athos seemed to be controlling a smile and Aramis was shacking in his chair.

"C'mon Porthos, you got to let them tell me! I promise I won't make fun of you" – The boy plead. Athos lined closer – "Bet you won't say that when you hear it"

"I said no! I swear if any of you tell the lad what happen I'll kill you both!" – Porthos stood up with his fists closed.


About 200 musketeers approached the palace. The people of France stopped to see outsiders. There was a certain twinkle in their eye that comforted the citizens. Making them realize there was still hope of a glorious victory. Maybe that small country wasn't so mean less after all.

They finally reached the big garden in front. The French musketeers were aligned, making a half circus around the visitors. The Portuguese brought all kinds of weapons and instruments in horses, some still unknown. Their uniforms were not anything standard, with the exception of the Portuguese flag hanging by the right shoulder of each musketeer.

D'Artagnan was amused with all the show that was happening right in front of him. He dragged his eyes around, watching every musketeer and detail. He stopped when he saw something unusual to some people, but so familiar to him.

There was a boy around his age, standing next to a taller, robust man. Also a musketeer. He had brown messy hair and black big eyes. D'Artagnan smirked, seeing how the cape made the boy so uncomfortable as he tried to balance it equal. Lying down next to him, was something D'Artagnan couldn't really understand, if it was a horse he wouldn't be so interested about it. But no… a dog lay on top of the boy's foot. It had long brownish fur, curled up in the end and its muzzle was all black.

The sound of the trumpets was heard; The king started to walk towards the Portuguese…


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