Hello everyone :) I have a story request from Kylelover101. It's yet another Naruto story (I'm addicted to writing these :3) and it's another What if Naruto was sent back in time blah, blah, blah story. But this will be totally different from those other stories! I promise. Also, this story is non-beta'd But I will have spell check. Also, Minato is (or will be) alive and some, not all, characters are a bit OOC. Speaking of characters, I own nothing...sadly.

Title: Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

Summary: I'm happy my parents are alive, don't get me wrong. But playdates, nap-tim and pacifiers are something I don't want! I'm twelve years old! Yet, they treat me as if I were three! NarutoxSakura for later piercings. NarutoxSasuke friendship only. Fluff!

Rating: T


"What a day." a voice mumbled. That voice belonged to Naruto, our favorite ninja of all times. At the moment he was unlocking his apartment door, and his feet dragged on the ground as he slowly made his way inside. Yawning, today had been a long day. He had three hard-labored missions. All D-ranked. First he had to clean out the frog pond, (which wasn't too bad, considering the chibi frogs had helped him clean) then he had to help repair the bridge that was missing a few planks a few miles south of the village, and lastly he was forced to help find that damn cat!

Naruto wanted nothing more than to go to sleep.

He jumped three feet to his bed. Landing on his covers and mattress with a "PLUMP!" Waking Kyuubi who was startled by the sudden movement.

Damn you, brat! What was that for?!

"Sorry." Naruto mumbled, not feeling sorry at all. Ansted, this just gave him a better idea. Hopping out of his bed and running to his fridge he grinned at the large bottle of hot-sauce and guzzle it down, hearing Kyuubi scream at the hot substance inside of him. Naruto laughed.

Aw! You damn, brat! I'll get you for that!

"I'd like to see you try" Naruto laughed, putting on his yellow frog Pj's and practically jumping to his bed. Turning on his frog night-light and closing his curtains. He yawned and closed his eyes. Already fast asleep. Meanwhile Kyuubi paced back and forth in his cell. Thinking of a way to get back at Naruto. This had been the last straw! Kyuubi was already fed up with being stuck in this jail, if that wasn't bad enough but the pre-teen would drink hot sauce! That brat knew Kyuubi would burn if he had hot-sause!

Alright, Naruto...if I can't torture you, maybe someone else can. He snickered. All of his nine-tails were not pointed straight up as he closed his eyes. Getting ready to perform the "alternate-life" justu. Naruto, fast asleep mumbled nonsense as he tossed and turned.

"N-no...I couldn't...eat any more Ramen, Mr. Frog." He mumbled. Red Chakra started to leak from his body and pretty soon, Naruto was covered with it. Then Naruto smiled in his dream.

"M-maybe one more..." Naruto rolled deeper in his blankets. The red chakra started to glow and Naruto began to disappear, unbeknownst to Naruto himself! Kyuubi chuckled.

Good luck, brat you'll need it! Kyuubi laughed. Naruto had disappeared from his apartment, still in his sleeping form.

Ok that's the prologue! The first chapter will be up soon :)

-The Un-Wanted Angel