This is my new one tell me what you think it's short and confusing but i promise it will get better

February 22/2013 that's the date today and it's been four months and one day past the supposed end of the world but I guess you could call it that because the world has gone to shit. When October 21 arrived people started killing and stealing trying to find a way to survive. But it only brought mayhem. The world didn't end but something did happen. The governments fell and there were no longer anyone to tell us what to do. Great right? Freedom from the man? Yeah right because of if people died and food was stolen and in these few months my town was deserted and I lost my whole family and friends. Now I walk the streets alone or that's what I thought would happen until two months ago. These people came while I was hiding but they didn't seem human. Sure they looked it but they acted different in all they just seemed different. If they ever saw you they would take you away and you would never come back. People do come and go, I watch from the roof tops but they never stay leaving me forever alone.

The sound of a computer shutting off and the sound of a chair moving back could be heard in the quiet room. Everything was quiet it always was. The faint glow of the street lamp shone on my face as I leaned but to look out the window. I sighed before going down the stairs to my kitchen. No one has come by for a couple of weeks now not that I mind or anything. I stopped at the bottom of the staircase and looked at my family picture. My mother and I never seemed to fit in because we both had orange hair but then again my father had black and my twin sisters had black and brown hair. People thought we adopted Yuzu because of her brown hair but I thought it was a mixture of orange and black. The way my family and friends died was tragic or so says the reporter. We were getting together in case something happen but we needed more food so I went to get some more only to come back in time to see my house be blown up. They said a suicide bomber ran in the house.

Well so far I have been by myself I mean there's no one in my town other than me, even those people left. But they do come back to search the place and just so I stop confusing you I'll call them hybrids. I finished my walk and opened the fridge to pull a can of beer out. Yes I have a fridge full of beer and not food it's better to have canned food so that it doesn't go bad and yes somehow the world still has things like power and running water.

I started humming a song to kill the silence. I never used my T.V or the radio in case the hybrids are hiding some were and because there's nothing on. One of the great things I found in my town was that the military came through and used it as a base after theirs was blown up it just shows how great we are but anyway after they came here the hybrids showed up and took them out again and now I have free access to their guns. Now back upstairs I turned on the computer again let me explain.

February 22/2013 it seems as if I had confused some people before. On October 21/2012 people started stealing and killing. Then as of November 24/2012 the military base got blown up by an unknown reason it was then in the beginning of December that the military came to use my town as base then near the end of the month the hybrids made themselves known and they come back every now the then to check the place out. I also document everything that happens just in case I find how to kill the hybrids but I die in process then I hope that someone will find these blogs.

I pushed back my chair again running a hand through my hair the sun was coming up but that's not what caught my eye. I watched as a group of people ran heading to the hospital probably for medical supplies. When I looked away then looked back I saw a flash of blue and could have sworn the man had seen me.