The sound of a computer was heard once again in the small house.

May 23/ 2013. It`s been nearly two months since our family got bigger with Renji, Rukia, Kenpachi, Yachiru, Shinji, Shiro and Urahara. Nnoitra had taken a liking to Shinji and I was creepy seeing the two of them smile. Luppi learnt really fast not to mess with any of them (he had tried to boss them around). Rukia was small but she knew how to help out and keep things in order mainly Renji. He loved to pick fights and we all fought back. He backed down after a nasty fight with Gin. Kenpachi had taken to looking after Nel as if she was one of his own. Grimmjow didn't mind but he did have a talk with him. None of us wanted to see her hurt. Yachiru was a sweet girl and didn't mean any harm but she did get into quite a bit of trouble. Urahara and Nel were able to contact a few others while Grimmjow and I were gone and past on the information we told them. Whenever we had the chance we fought against the hybrids and took them down. There was only a few left maybe only two or three. We had gotten reports back that it was working and slowly we got things back to normal. So I guess my wish/dream will come true in time. If you notice I never said anything about Shiro and that's because he died while in a fight with a hybrid. Luppi stepped out of line again…..Just kidding :) Actually both Grimmjow and I had taken a liking towards him after we found out from Szayel that he wasn't sick but in fact an albino. With really cool eyes. He said he hated his red ones so he got eye tattoos (which are actually possible). So now he has joined us in our play time and outings. Things are getting better though none of us had heard from any family but I don't think we really want to. I mean we made a new one though it is messed up but I for one wouldn't change it for the world.

I leaned back and read over my blog. This might be the last one I ever wrote or that's what I thought. Grimmjow and Shiro read over my other ones and told me to keep goingso I decided I would. We did end up changing spots again and we brought the radio with us. We keep in contact with a few groups around us. Word had spread fast about how to kill the hybrids. We even killed our last one when I finished typing my blog.

"Hey come up to the roof quickly!"

I closed my laptop and followed everyone else up to the roof to see what Starrk was yelling about. Once up there standing beside my family I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Vehicles after vehicles pulled up to the building and people rushed out. They all stood together and looked up at us as if we were some type of hero's.

"Who are these people?" Nnoitra looked over the edge as more people came forth.

"These are the people who we kept in contact with. The hybrids have fallen and there are groups out there finishing the last few off. We won" Urahara patted our backs.

"We won?" it had taken a few moments for things to sink in before we started cheering.

"Calm down" Urahara laughed, "Everyone can hear me right?"

"Yes!" the crowd below us shouted.

"Good. Right now as you stand there you are looking at the ones who saved us. If Ichigo hadn't been captured then saved but his family they we wouldn't be here right now. His family could have left him like many others but they didn't. It is thanks to their courage that we found out a way to defeat our enemy. Though many had fallen I must say that I am proud. We get to live another day and watch as humans prevail once more in the fight we call life" Urahara waved his hand out to us and everyone cheered.

He was right though if it hadn't been for us the world as we know it would have been gone. Right now I felt as if I was standing on a tall rock after a great battle that we won….and my pride and ego had risen as well.

Shiro pulled me in for a kiss then hugged me. If my family was out there alive still I hope that they find happiness as much as I did. We waved with big grins on our faces. We had won.

(This was my option of the human race if something like this did ever happen. I believe that we can fight and win because Earth is our planet and we know it better than some alien and I hope that you guys agree:))