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You know how they say that whatever happens to you when your little sticks with you your entire life? That's happened to everyone I know. My best friend Isabelle is afraid of lama's because when she was six, one spat in her mouth. She shudders and dry wrenches every time she talks about it. My boyfriend Jace of eight months witnessed a bird explode when he was four, he can tell everyone everything about that day and now if he hears an explosion and sees blood at the same time, he freezes. Those events that happened in their lives left them scarred.

But what happened to me was way worse than anything you could ever imagine. Those things that happened to Izzy and Jace together cannot compare to what I experienced. I've only ever told Isabelle what happened to me and my family. Isabelle is sworn to secrecy about those memories and so far after 10 years. She doesn't even bring up the topic because she knows how fragile I still am, after a decade.

You all want to know what happened right? Ill tell you, but remember ive only told Isabelle and nobody else knows. Not even Jace.


I was six years old, we were on a family vacation. Just me, my mum Jocelyn and my dad Luke. We were on some sort of road trip type vacation where we found different motels and places to stop and rest. Right now we were passing through Michigan, the gas light started to flash and my dad quickly found a gas station and filled up. Mum had to use the bathroom and went into the store with dad while he paid. I snuggled up into the corner of the door against my seat and was on the verge of sleep when I heard shouts and screams.

I sat tall and saw my mum and dad standing in front of the car. A man in front of them, looking dark and mysterious. He had white short hair and was pointing something at them and shouting for their money. Dad tossed it onto the car hood while the man asked for the keys to the car. Mum looked at me and mouthed for me to stay low and quiet. I nodded and hid against the leather seats. I heard the door open and close and then screeching of tyres. I looked over the seat and saw white hair. The man was now driving the car, taking me away somewhere.

I looked out the windshield and saw mum and dad running after the car. Shouting for the man to stop but he didn't listen to them, just laughed loudly as he sped towards a bridge. I saw the shimmering of water and realized we were on a bridge. I saw a car ferry and thought the driver would stop to pay and get on but the boat started to chug away onto the river. The man cursed some bad words and sped up a little hill. I thought for a second he would make it onto the boat but then gravity took over and I felt my insides lurch up as the car missed the boat. I heard splashing and then loud cursing.

I looked out the window and saw brown water. That was it. Nothing but murky, muddy water. I heard the click of the door as the idiotic white haired man opened the door and swam out. Leaving me with the water. Gushing into the car.

It poured into where I was sitting and quickly covered me up to my hips. I started to cry as I realized I was now in a river, about to drown. I shot my hands down and struggled to find my seatbelt. I couldn't feel it anywhere. Then a hand thudded on the window as I was now fully underwater. My hair waved across my face like the mermaid Ariel and I looked out the window, my cheeks bloated with air.

I saw dad's face. It was red and bubbles shot up to the surface from his nose. He started to pull on the door handle and then it was open. I felt the strong current of the water as more gushed into the car. Daddy's hands felt around my hands and then squeezed it tightly. I looked at him as he pulled me out of the car into more of the muddy water. He held me close to his body as we both escaped into the open water. I felt dad jerk back and looked to see the door had closed onto his shirt. He reached down and tugged desperately on the door handle once again. But it wouldn't budge. His face was becoming more and more red, the vein in his neck sticking out.

His eyes were fluttering and then he pushed me upwards with as much strength as he could muster up. I floated up to the surface and looked back to see daddy, he was motionless, no longer struggling for air or to get his shirt free of the door. His arms were in front of him, swaying with the current. His face was pale and lips were blue. I didn't know what had happened to him but he disappeared as the muddy water caved in around my vision. I felt soft hands clutch around me and pull me up. My lungs burning and aching until I felt cold air on my face. I started to cough and splutter up brown water. I looked back to the water and tried scrambling to it and reaching out my hand, " Daddy!" I screamed.

The hands pulled me back and I looked up to see mum. She was crying and put her hand on my head and pushed it into her shoulder. Crying harder, she rocked me back and forth, stroking my hair and trying to calm me as I cried with her.

I learned that dad had saved me but died trying. He was gone and he wasn't coming back. All because of that man that tried to make it over the hill into the boat. My mum thought that because of the incident that I needed to know how to swim. So she took me to swimming lessons. On the first day, I was wearing my togs and swimming cap as she led me around a corner. I saw the shimmering of the water and I hesitated before mum coaxed me to a lady. She was my coach. She was soaking wet, her lips blue and her skin pale and shrivelled. Images of my dad flashed into my head and I started to cry.

Mum comforted me and told me it was okay. The wrinkly lady did too and told me there was nothing to worry about. But it was water and it had killed my dad and almost me. The lady lowered herself into the shimmering water slowly and spread her arms out around her. Mum sat me down on the edge and flicked the water at me, " See its fine"

I scrambled away, losing my shoe in the pool as it slid off, in my panic to escape from the wavy monster. It was mocking me, the waves lapping at the edges and looking all pretty. Inviting me in, but I knew it was only a disguise, it was deadly and ready to kill me. Or anybody else who didn't see its disguise. I watched in horror as the lady vanished under the surface and I felt my heart race in my chest but then return to normal as she resurfaced, holding my shoe. She held it out to me and I hurridly put it on my foot.

She smiled and held out her hands, coming close to me at the edge. I took them catiously and then she pulled me into the swirling mass of clear water. I felt it devour my legs and my waist, I screamed and began to kick and thrash wildly in the poor lady's arms. The water managed to splash my face and sting my eyes and it went up my nose. I coughed and choked and then I felt my chest tighten. I felt dizzy and my eyes rolled in my head. Mum jerked me out of the water onto the concrete as the lady who tried to kill me rushed away and came back with a bottle of water.

She poured the ice cold liquid down my throat and sat me up, allowing me to swallow it. After five minutes of dizziness and not being able to breathe easy, I returned to normal. I later discovered I was to have severe panic attacks when approached by large amounts of water. I also learned that I could never have baths without having them, only small showers. I could never go swimming in pools or in the ocean with friends that went surfing. I couldn't go on a boat without throwing up and having even bigger panic attacks. I could not ever go near water because of the severe panic attacks I had.

Flashback ended

That is what happened. My secret to everyone. Im kind of an introvert, I don't go to pool parties or beach parties with anyone so im no longer invited. People don't want me there. But that's how I met Jace.

He is one of three brothers to Isabelle. When Isabelle told her about her new friend she had befriended out of pity, Jace got a bit curious about me. He came to my house with Izzy one day and when I saw him I instantly fell for him. Tell me im stupid, but he was incredibly gorgeous. He was like an angel. He had tanned skin and curly blonde hair with shining golden eyes flecked with white. I lost myself in them all the time

The first thing he said to me was I looked like a little leprechaun in a sarcastic tone, so I knew he was kidding. After he left I felt deserted. Like the light from my head had been replaced by something else.

But a couple of days later he came back. Without Isabelle. His eyes were dark like he hadn't been sleeping well. He came into my house and sat down on the couch and told me he couldn't get me out of his head. I was distracting him from everything and he found himself dreaming about me and him together. He asked me out and I said yes. He sighed a sigh of relief when I answered that question, and then kissed me. We've been together since and I know everything about him. I keep my scarred memory to myself and Isabelle. I don't think I could ever tell him. It would be embarrassing.

He was a great boyfriend, all though he got a lot of crap from other girls for dating me he told them to get lost and go buy a cat. It made me laugh. Out of all the girls he had chasing his tail every single day and the amount of girls that flirted with him, he had still chosen me. Some flat chested, skinny, short, pale red headed girl with green eyes. I don't know why he even cared about me, but he did and that's all that matters. Right?

There was a knock on the door then, I answered It and Isabelle and Jace were standing there. Jace had a smile plastered on that handsome face of his, he took a step forward and hugged me tightly, lifting me off the ground in the process, and then kissing me. Beside us, Izzy made a gagging sound and spoke, "You know clary, I love seeing you so happy but I don't love seeing you two suck face when your together"

Jace smiled against my lips and pulled back, " Then don't watch, your just jealous"

Isabelle chuckled, " Am not, I got Simon to suck face with. Too bad he's in another country right now. I just replaced him with his pillow"

I laughed and Jace just smiled and shook his head, " She's a nutcase", he whispered to me. I nodded in agreement.

Then Isabelle piped up, " There was a reason to us coming here you know"

I turned to her, " Like what?"

" Well…. We were all going jetty jumping this weekend and we really want you to come, please? Jace will be there in his boardies and you can stare at him alll day long"

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