I was very nervous. I was meeting my girlfriend's son for the first time today.

I was crazy about Sally, but I was worried about her son, from what I understand he is trouble. The last NINE schools he has attended, he has been expelled.

Most of the incidents involved acts of violence. But for Sally I was willing and able to accept Percy.

I walked into Sally's apartment. It was unlocked which was strange. I smelled cookies.

"Hi Sally" she looked at me and smiled. "Hi there Paul have a seat."

I nodded. That's when I saw him.

He stormed through the door. He had black hair and stormy sea green eyes. He was wearing ripped jeans, if I didn't think it was a fashion statement I would have said they were cut up by a knife. He had a leather jacket on but what surprised me was his orange t-shirt it had blood on it.

"Hey mom, are there cookies? I'm starving." He then did a double take. "Hey man, are you Paul?"

I just nodded. Waiting for Sally to say something.

"Percy" she scolded. I was curious to hear what she would say. "What have I told you about cookies you have to be what?"

"Clean... O' sorry mom all change, be back in a sec."

She laughed.

"Is that normal Sally?"

She nodded "You know kids always getting messy." Huh, if I wasn't mistaken there was blood on that shirt. The women I was falling for did not like violence so why would she let her son get away with it.

Percy came back into the room. "So Paul what's up?"

"UM nothing really. Are you alright?" Maybe the blood wasn't his that's why Sally wasn't worried. But still it was blood.

"Yah why?" he looked confused.

"There was blood on your shirt."

He looked a little worried, but then he said "It was a friend's, he cut himself in the park jumping of things, I helped him out."

It was a reasonable explanation, I would have believed it if I hadn't seen the look pass between Percy and Sally; as if there was something I was missing out on something, but I let it go. I wanted to be on good terms with him.

As the night continued without an incident I realized I had misjudged Percy. He was a funny guy, unlike half my students he was polite and it was obvious he cared about his mother very much. There bond was so obvious, I had never seen a teenager show such affection towards their parent.

As I was leaving Percy showed me to the door and said; "I like you Paul, you make my mom happy, but if you ever hurt her you will deal with me."

I looked at him and said "I will never hurt your mom and out of curiosity what would you do?" this I had to hear what threat would he have.

He smiled and said "You will disappear forever" he said it so casually as if it was completely possible.

Note to self never get on his bad side.

I know there are a lot of these stories out there but i wanted to take a shot at it i love Paul's characters

i hope u enjoy :)